If you notice Activation Error Code 0x8007232B when using your Windows 10 Enterprise client, your PC cannot locate the KMS server.
The error message contains a description of the fault – the DNS name does not exist.

This is a Volume Activation Error that occurs for two causes.

  • The first instance occurs when the KMS host does not exist on the network, necessitating the installation of MAK by the administrator Error Code 0x8007232B
  • The second is when the KMS client, i.e., your computer, cannot find the KMS SRV RRs in DNS. KMS alerts everyone of its existence on the DNS server by automatically establishing service (SRV) resource records (RRs) Error Code 0x8007232B

Conduct a complete system scan

  • Restore is an excellent utility for repairing damaged registry entries and optimizing your system’s performance Error Code 0x8007232B
  • To conduct a thorough scan using Restore, follow these steps.
  • This program must be downloaded and installed from the official website.
  • After the installation is complete, you must launch Restore to do a comprehensive system scan.
  • After the scan is complete, click the Start Repair option.
  • Error Code 0x8007232B

What Is Windows Error Code 0x8007232B

The error 0x8007232B might arise after installing a new update on a machine running Windows 10. 

Typically, the problem occurs when Windows Update attempts to download or install updates in the background. 

The following are some of the messages associated with error 0x8007232B

Pro Tip: Use a specialized PC optimization application to eliminate incorrect settings, unwanted files, malicious software, and security risks that might cause system errors or poor performance error 0x8007232B

What Is the Reason for Error Code 0x8007232B?

According to the error notice, this  Error error 0x8007232B is due to DNS server problems.
Windows cannot connect to Microsoft’s servers due to the servers’ refusal to accept the connection.
As a result, Windows Update cannot access and download update files from the server.

Additionally, this mistake might be caused by another circumstance, such as:

  • Infection with a virus or malware
  • System files that are corrupted or missing
  • Deleted files
  • Identifying the origin of the mistake is critical for establishing the best technique for resolving it.
  • error 0x8007232B

What to Do If Windows Update Fails with Error 0x8007232B

Although the primary cause of this issue is a DNS problem, doing some basic troubleshooting will aid in guaranteeing the effectiveness of the remedies performed 0x8007232B
Additionally, it aids in excluding other possible causes of the condition.

The first step is to unplug from the internet and then run your antivirus software to check for probable infection.
Then, using Outbyte PC Repair, delete unwanted files from your computer.
This will destroy any infected files you removed using your antivirus program 0x8007232B

After cleaning and optimizing your system, you may attempt the below methods to resolve Windows problem  0x8007232B.

Solved 0x8007232b Error for windows 2022

DNS troubleshooting

Often, the problem is a simple network issue, and rather than doing difficult chores or contacting your administrator, perform some network troubleshooting on your end 0x8007232B.

Remove all files from the Software Distribution Folder.

The data are placed in a temporary folder named Software Distribution when you download Windows updates.
It is conceivable that outdated downloads interfere with the update process, resulting in the 0x8007232B error code.

Ascertain that a KMS

Ascertain that a KMS server has been deployed and DNS publishing has been enabled (default).
If DNS is unavailable, use slmgr.VBS /skms kms host name> to direct the KMS client to the KMS host 0x8007232B error code.


MAK should be installed 

Additionally, you may install MAK to resolve the Windows 10 problem number 0x8007232b. 

This property enables you to activate your current operating system without a pass-through. 

Step 1: Navigate to the Microsoft VLSC website. 

Step 2: After clicking on the Sign-in button, go to the Downloads and Keys tab. 

Step 3: Then, follow the prompts to complete the installation. 

Activation Keys in Multiple Locations (MAC)

If the above steps do not fix Activation Error 0x8007232b on Windows 10, you should install several activation keys. Microsoft added this property to enable the current OS to be activated without a pass-through.

Windows Update Service should be reset.

If deleting previous downloads does not resolve the issue, try restarting Windows Update by pausing all components and then resuming them Error 0x8007232b

Manually update.

If the preceding methods do not work, the next step is to update manually Error 0x8007232b
This may be accomplished via the Windows Update Assistant or by producing an ISO file.


Windows Update simplifies the process of obtaining and installing updates.
Follow the abovementioned procedures if you get error code 0x8007232B during the Windows update process.
This article should assist you in resolving problem number 0x8007232B and restoring regular operations to Windows Update.

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