Most of the people spend their free time to watch their desired movies in theaters. But still, many people do not know where to explore the movies for free on the internet. At present, there are many free movie streaming sites available on the internet. The streaming site is more helpful for people who do not wish to keep the films and fill up their storage space on their devices. However, these movie streaming sites are not only providing movies but also able to stream the television series along with hosting a wide range of content.

Top 10 Best Movie Streaming Services to Watch Movies Online:

Below listed web sites are the 2020’s top online movie streaming services over the world, few services are free and few are paid.

Amazon Prime Video:

The Amazon Prime Video always provides you access too many famous films and TV shows as well as much different content. You can even watch out the television shows and movies in top quality without any ads. The prime service packages of Amazon Prime Video have a few amazing features that are similar to Kindle. When it comes to children’s program or comedy content, it has an upper hand; because it deals with Viacom that controls the main television channel of the children. In addition, this movie site includes the service for new movies.


Netflix is the most popular movie streaming site. This site provides several shows, movies, and television series to watch for free of cost. The whole service is built around the user so that they can obtain personalized service more easily. Along with this, they also provide them access to each available content. Its service is for a meager cost for a month and even you obtain to enjoy it on many devices and ensure the best quality based on the plan, which you pick.


Hulu is one of the topmost selections for people who wish to access the entire cable programs and they do not even need to shell out the amount for a cable connection. The Hulu streaming service also provides many real contents and the selection of offbeat movies. However, these movies are fully unique and will offer you a different experience. You can also even discover much classic Anime series here.


CONtv is a free movie streaming site with a huge collection of movies to watch and this collection is accomplished by many television series too. In this movie streaming site, there is a vast range of movies available that you have heard of some that may not be more popular, but the rest of the collections are guaranteed that you will have more entertainment while watching them. At sometimes, there are some advertisements during the playback, but it is to hold the service for free. Overall, this movie streaming service provides a mobile app and a website as well.


It is also one of the top streaming sites to watch television shows for free of cost. There are many TV shows and movies available, so you can watch here. This site has so many genres to discover the best movies for yourself and also a unique type of categories available such as Trending.


Solarmovie is one of the greatest movie streaming sites for free that do not even need to sign up. This movie streaming site has the best content in different categories and satisfied users worldwide. You can access and make use of this movie streaming service whenever you like to get 100% entertainment. Movie enthusiasts visit and recommend this website as they find a massive collection of movies and a convenient method to use the movie streaming facilities based on their wishes about the enhanced entertainment.


If you are searching for the best free streaming television series and movie sites in HD Quality, of course, the Vumoo is a perfect option for you. It has a well-designed user interface and also streams the third-party website contents. In addition, this site includes well-organized categories, simple to use navigation, and search button creates easy to explore and watch your favorite TV shows and films as well.

Sony Crackle:

Of course, last but not least, the Sony Crackle is one of the excellent free movie streaming sites on the internet and it has companionship with Sony pictures to fetch some of the best Hollywood movies to you. Its service is completely free of cost for the users, which means that they have some commercial breaks while the movie is playing. The users no need to feel much, because they are smaller in the count. The movies provided by Sony Crackle will be in amazing quality and also they appear even great on the big screens. You can type your desired movie titles on the site and have a great time with your family.

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