Remote work was considered as a customer service job at a minimum wage several years ago, but now it becomes a full-time profession. The technology helps us to do the same work anywhere in the world. People worldwide seek to adapt to this technology. Businesses seek to do so to satisfy their workers’ evolving needs and to adapt to talent from various parts of the world.

There are many benefits of having the organization to work remotely, but you need to look at best practices for remote team management. Here we are going to discuss 10 best remote working tools that simplify the process of managing remote workers, keeping them safe and efficient.

1. Instagantt:

Instagantt is a versatile project management program to schedule, track, and organize the projects visually. It is much more than a maker of a Gantt line. When you try, you will soon see that you are dealing with a beautifully designed, super intuitive program that helps you to create a detailed picture of your projects.

Instagantt is also an enormous area of communication. You can simplify your entire workflow and work with team members by using this software, making it also ideal for remote work purposes. Instagantt also provides a variety of useful features, including the ability to build tasks and subtasks, templates for different project styles, instructions, deadlines, reminders, baselines, vital paths, and automated project planning, which all encourage a 100% confident sense of what is happening with your projects.


2. ProofHub:

10 best remote working tools to improve productivity ProofhubProofHub is an online project management platform trusted to put everything into a single location by hundreds of remote teams. Team leaders will communicate easily with colleagues and customers. ProofHub comes with a range of features including online training, forums, input sharing, and remote project management at a central location only. ProofHub is a remote project management platform for all-in-one teams needing improved management skills.


3. Basecamp:

For its simple functionality, clean design, and elegant usability, Basecamp is a common option among managers, groups, freelancers, and agencies. It is a software application for project management and team coordination that facilitates the management of projects and productive contact with clients. It provides a variety of features and tools to exchange ideas, to coordinate conversations, and to keep all of them on the same page.

10 best remote working tools to improve productivity Basecamp for Work From Home

Also, it is difficult to monitor time, to store themes, no subtasks, no team technical structure, etc at the same time. The key explanation for these limitations is that companies and teams are searching for the best solutions from Basecamp.

Yeah, there’s no perfect tool. In the end, you must determine whether or not an instrument is suitable for your company. It is your particular requirements. So, if you think Basecamp is a fair choice, try it.


4. Troop Messenger:

Troop Messenger is a small, medium-sized, and large companies’ portable remote operating device. This low-complexity method tackles specific domain characteristics. The development of unlimited ongoing groups enables team members to communicate through instant messaging, audio and video calling and sharing, location.

10 best remote working tools to improve productivity Troop Messenger Work From Home Remote Workers

Troop Messenger can be integrated into important applications, such as Dropbox and Google Drive. You can transfer files, documents and do much more than text with Troop Messenger. It is the best work of your team’s home contact devices to ensure continuity of business during COVID-19.


5. Blink:

Blink is a complete program that enables communication with remote teams and increases productivity. It was developed as a mobile and collaborative communication network to transform employee expertise.

10 best remote working tools to improve productivity Remote Workers Blink

To create a working digital environment that facilitates collaboration and cooperation in teams, Blink offers a variety of functions such as schedule management, discussion boards, an employee directory, and the news feed.

It also provides tools for the development of micro-applications within the Blink platform. Your company can, therefore, develop its communication and collaboration solutions for employees without needing technical knowledge.


6. Kickidler:

Kickidler is a workplace monitoring program. This has a broad selection of tools to boost the team members’ commitment. Kickidler apps include time monitoring, an overview of employee productivity, performance patterns as well as infinite numbers of real-time photographs, and the ability to capture machine history.

Kickidler For IT Professionals 10 best remote working tools to improve productivity

In 2020, the software developers launched Autokick, which aims to improve democracy in workers monitoring. Automatic notifications and self-monitoring interfaces are provided in this update. The software would now warn staff automatically if, for instance, they have read the news too long. Their productivity figures will also be shown.


7. Dropbox:

10 best remote working tools to improve productivity Dropbox Work From HomeThere’s no way to exchange massive files over email, which means that Dropbox is a contemporary workplace that provides specific functionality for remote management. Remote workers can sync, exchange, and work with documents easily. API is used by remote workers on this cloud computing network. You can share big files – PowerPoint, photoshop, sketch with anyone.


8. Slack:

Slack is a remote job tool for messaging that everyone loves. A digital environment that allows teammates to connect, exchange thoughts, and comment on issues in real-time and move quickly.

10 best remote working tools to improve productivity Slack For BusinessEverywhere you go with a remote collaboration device you can get all the contact in a team. Once the teams are remote, Slack can be used to connect and collaborate instantly. This will make it easier to manage remote workers with all your team contact in one location. Slack offers fully-fledged applications for iOS and Android.


9. LiveAgent:

LiveAgent is a versatile multi-channel desk app, which was also considered the first SMB live chat program in 2020. With tailored customer service, it helps a growing company surpass customer expectations. This provides a customizable inbox, video chat, a built-in contact center, social media integrations, customer channels, and a knowledge base. It has over 180 help desk apps. In addition to the above, LiveAgent can also be used for gamification, Spam and fraud protection, comprehensive analytics, various filters, SLAs, and the possibility of using LiveAgent in 39 different languages.

Live Agent Team Management Tools Project Management Tools for Remote Workers


LiveAgent allows you to connect with your customers over the phone, which also facilitates PC to PC calls via the call center. You can follow keywords, respond to posts, and react to Facebook and other social media networks on comments and messages right from your LiveAgent dashboard when your company has a social media profile. The use of this desk program increases the effectiveness and performance of the employee and improves customer service.

10. WooBoard:

10 best remote working tools to improve productivity Team Management Project Management ToolsWooboard is an online forum that acknowledges the good work of an employee. To submit and receive unlimited recognition, you can create incentive programs. Employees will share their achievements and launch discussions with WooBoards through their social commitment.


With all these remote work tools in your pocket, remote workers will hopefully stay successful and ensure productivity for employers. Thanks for reading, keep sharing. Follow us on Facebook and  for more updates from techlurn. Let us know your opinions in the comments section.

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