As a result of the survey I made on Instagram, I wanted to share the applications that will allow me to change my life. Since we can not think of a life without a phone, it will be much more beneficial for us to shape our lives with these applications.

Considering what I care about in my life, I can also say that I chose these practices. But if you want to be more aware of similar applications, I am happy to share it.


I downloaded it in 2014, and if I had to tell the truth, it took a long time to understand how it works. We all forget the face of the books we read, the number of pages and even the author after a while. In the age of technology, we have become unable to remember what we liked the most in that book.

To solve this problem, they have developed an application that works completely free of charge. This application, which solves my problem of remembering books, makes me feel like I have a library on my phone. I can easily remember the book I read in 2014.

You can download it from Play Store and Apple Store. Another plus of the application is that you can log in from the website if you do not want to create an account from your phone. In this way, you can create your username and password and access the books you read on your phone or tablet.

The other things I love about this application are that you can see the books you are aiming to read and how many books you aim to read in the year. If you fill out the form asking you how many books you want to read when you open the application without entering the new year, you can remember that you should read the book with ongoing notifications.

Before reading a book, you can also see how many points the book got out of 5 and what comments were made, which is the part that interests me the most.

When you come to My Books section, you will see three categories. The first of these is the books you intend to read, the second is the books you are reading now and the last one is the books you read. When you enter another friend’s profile, you can see the same categories and examine them.

With the new version, the thing that makes your job the most easy will be by scanning the barcode of your books and adding them to your library. So instead of trying to remember the books you read, you can bring them all together in the application.

The combination of the habit of reading books with technology makes me very excited. I invite everyone who spends time reading and remembering books during this period to download this application. Let it be in our phone that it will be in our head.


If you are having trouble sleeping at night or want to start meditation, you will enjoy this application. As the name suggests, the app is designed for those who want to meditate. I can also guarantee that it will not force you to become a permanent mercenary.

I have been using the application for 80 days. The reason it is so important to me is that it helps me to meditate regularly. If you want to make meditation a routine, you can start meditation by choosing the nature sound you want at 5-10-20 minutes intervals.

In the main menu, I suggest you try audio contents that will direct you to meditation with words. I was using Calm 5 months ago and I was giving 9.99 TL every month. But I liked the nature sounds of the Meditation app more because I do not like someone directing me.

Another thing that will motivate you is that Apple seems to be taking your time in the health app. Apart from the Apple Store, you can also find the app on the Play Store. If you are using a smart watch, you can keep track of your daily meditation watch soon with this application.

I want to touch on a little subject here. That is how starting meditation changed my lifeā€¦ When meditation was done regularly, it started to be the same thing as breathing for me. I will focus on this topic in another article. I hope this application suggestion opens a new door for you until you write that article


I will talk about another application that shapes my life. If you care about your weight, calorie account, daily exercise, I recommend this application. StepsApp is a health app that calculates your daily steps, the number of steps you go. What I like the most is that it works simultaneously with Apple’s health app and sends information to it.

You can use the application for free. It is also not possible to come across notifications that constantly disturb you to download your mercenaries. It has a design that does not require you to wear smartwatches.

The biggest difference for me from the smartwatches that will constantly count and make you feel bad is that they do not make meaningful notifications. You can share your daily walk through Facebook and WhatsApp from the top right of the app. If you have motivation groups, you can throw them how many steps you take. The app is available in Apple Store and Play Store.

After I told you, you may think that the application does not promise much. But if you love to walk and wonder how many steps you take, you will like this simple design app. Combine your walks with technology and enjoy daily activities!

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