3 Reliable PDFBear Features: Split, Protect, and Convert Your Files For Free!

With the technology that we have today, it is easier to receive and send data. With that, PDF files are the most commonly used file format to achieve that process. PDF files can make things easy for you because they can be edited easily and provide a high-quality document. If you want to split, convert, or even protect your files quickly, this article will give you the best tools for doing that.

Split PDF

The split PDF free function from PDFBear will enable its users to extract pages separately, split their PDF files, and turn them into new PDF documents. You can easily create brand new PDF separate documents from the source file, and the process will only take you a couple of minutes.


When you use this tool, you should be aware of two things. You can split a PDF document into different and individual pages or extract particular pages from a document. If you want to break a file with ease, here’ how to do it:


  1. Choose the document that you want to split and bring it to the split area.
  2. Select the pages that you want to extract.
  3. After choosing the PDF pages, start the splitting process.
  4. Download the documents to your computer.

Protect PDF

The PDF protection feature of PDFBear is the latest technology in placing passwords to your PDF files. Users can upload files in formats like PPT, JPG, Excel, or Word, and then the system will automatically convert those PDFs and set their passwords. 


Some people might not have the right tools in establishing a password to their PDFs, but PDFBear has made it easy, simple, and fast when it comes to securing your PDFs. This software’s service is the quickest and most convenient way to maintain your data private and confidential. Follow these steps to protect your PDF files:


  1. Choose the files and upload them to the website.
  2. Place the password of your choice.
  3. Select “Encrypt PDF” so that the process will begin immediately.
  4. You can now download the encrypted PDF data.

Word to PDF

If you are frequently handling Word files and you want to convert them to PDF documents quickly, you might want to check out this handy PDFBear function. If you lack the tools to do a conversion process, you don’t have to worry anymore because PDFBear will offer its service to anyone for free. This software’s online functions can easily manage a DOCX or DOC into a PDF document conversion process.


The technology that PDFBear uses is so advanced that after converting your PDFs, or other documents to the file format that you want, those files’ quality stays the same and won’t get compromised. This simple software has made everything simple and straightforward to convert your files in less than 20 seconds. 


With this most straightforward method of converting your PDFs, it will only take you four steps to finish it. With this PDF function, things will be more relaxed and smooth for its users. Here’s how to use the Word to PDF conversion tool:


  1. Select and upload the Word file to the conversion bar to make things ready.
  2. This PDF converting tool will start scanning, reading, uploading, and transforming your documents.
  3. With that, you can wait for the conversion process to be done.
  4. After the three steps, you can now start sharing or downloading the newly converted document to your computer or other devices.


PDFBear is an online-based free PDF tool that anyone can use anytime around the globe. It can help you handle your PDFs without any problems. Besides the convenience, you can safely use this software because, after one hour, the server will immediately delete your documents after you upload them. Besides the mentioned functions, users can also use its other features like the compressor, split, rotate, repair, unlock, add watermark, and more PDFBear tools.

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