4 Features to Look For in An OTT Platform

After deciding to create your video streaming platform, you will look for an OTT solution to help you launch it. You will likely want software that will help you manage your video streaming platform and take the most out of it. You will be able to monetize your video content and grow the platform in the future. 

Let’s observe what features you should look for when choosing an OTT platform for video streaming.

Four features that can help you attract users

#1 OTT analytics

Analytics is what some companies often postpone and make a huge mistake by doing that. Analytics is a way to grow your business and enhance your service. When tracking analytics, you obtain valuable data about your customers, their behavior, preferences, and interests. It is even more important if you are the owner of a local streaming service such as NimiTV for example (Albanian TV).

You can understand your viewers better and reveal your own strengths and weaknesses. Also, analytics helps you control your marketing campaigns. You can understand what actions bring you the most revenue and from where people come to your service. 

For sure, analytics tracking can help you grow and expand step-by-step.

#2 Monetization

Of course, the first thing that will define your revenue is the monetization capabilities of an OTT solution you are going to obtain. There are three main monetization models:

  • An advertising-based video platform generates revenue by allowing third-party companies to show their ads to users of the platform. In this case, content is usually free of charge, but viewers watch ad videos during the video. 
  • A subscription-based video platform offers people to purchase a monthly or yearly subscription and get unlimited access to video content. 
  • A transactional-based video platform is when people pay only for a video they want to watch now, and the rest of the content remains inaccessible. The platform can allow users to purchase access for a limited or unlimited period of time.  

Not all OTT solutions offer their customers to use all three monetization models. Some focus on one or two. But you can obtain a solution like Setplex one and test all of them. 

#3 CMS

You will definitely need a content management system (CMS) to manage your videos. It is better to have your content categorized and subcategorized to simplify the search for your consumers. They should be able to quickly find what they want to watch – you will ensure user satisfaction if you let them discover a video to enjoy.

Also, you would probably like to set geographical limitations and define who can access your content. If you are interested in such an option, also do not forget to check OTT CDN for your service. 

#4 Customization

You will probably want to use your own logo, colors, and fonts so that your platform makes an impression on viewers. Also, your own design elements can help you stand out from the competition. 

Moreover, the platform should be able to integrate with other applications so that you add additional features to your service and enhance the viewers’ experience. 

That’s why check if the solution you want to purchase allows you to introduce your own elements. 

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of OTT solutions on the market. All of them offer different features and functionalities. You should clearly understand what solution you are looking for so as not to get distracted. Check if the features can help you enhance the service and grow.

We recommend you contact Setplex. They can offer a solution that will help you earn the most revenue. Also, they will help you launch your video streaming service. 

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