4 GogoPDF Web-Based Tools You Should Start Using for Your Electronic Files

The use of electronic files has been popular for many people worldwide. It’s easier to use, view, and share than those printed ones. However, if you do have tons of them saved in your device’s file storage, that will somehow give you a challenging task to handle them most efficiently. 


Nothing to worry about it! Today, the internet can provide you with many websites that will give you access to various online tools you can use to properly manage and organize your electronic files. One of these sought-after platforms that most electronic file users worldwide have been accessing and using for a long time is GogoPDF. 


It’s a popular website that also comes with free services and file tools for absolutely free. Here are a few of those online tools of GogoPDF below. Check each one and see the potential of this online platform in helping you manage and organize your electronic files most effectively and conveniently. 

File Conversion Tool

The first on the row is the file conversion tool of GogoPDF. It allows you to have another format of your existing files. For example, if you want to have a fixed and reliable copy of your Word documents, you can quickly convert Word to PDF on this platform. The same thing goes for your PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets. You can also transform them into PDF in no time. 


If you have HTML and JPG files, converting these files to PDF is also available on GogoPDF online. Besides that, if you have some PDF files that you want to keep in your device’s file storage for many years, you can go ahead and convert PDF to PDF/A format so the quality will be preserved. The overall aesthetic quality will stay the same after long-term safekeeping. You can visit the actual website of GogoPDF to see other file formats available for conversion that you might need in your future tasks or projects. 

PDF Merge Tool

One effective way of organizing your PDF files properly is by merging them into one PDF file. GogoPDF has this one specialized tool you can use for entirely free that you can find on its official website. It’s the PDF merge tool that will process combining multiple PDFs and make them one PDF file. 


Using this online tool, you can classify your PDFs and put them in a category accordingly. For example, the PDF files that you use at work can be merged together. The same thing goes for the files you usually use for business or school. If you’re also fond of reading eBooks, you can also merge them based on their genre. 


The purpose of using this PDF merge tool of GogoPDF is to help you keep your computer file folders in an orderly manner. By doing this, you can avoid your PDFs being scattered all over the screen of the device you’re using. Hence, it’ll be much easier for you to locate and retrieve a particular PDF file whenever you need one in the future. 

PDF Password Protect Tool

Keeping your PDF files safe at all times is one of your responsibilities as the PDF owner. Thus, GogoPDF wants to help you out to perform your duty. You can use its PDF password-protect tool on its website for absolutely free. You only have to provide a secure and personalized password. You can combine small and capital letters, numerals, and some symbols you want that to add. 


After the online tool of GogoPDF has successfully set up a password in your PDF files, always keep the password safely. Just share it with other people you know personally or to those you’re giving permission to access and use your PDF files. Hence, your PDF files now are always safe with the use of a strong and secure password moving forward. 

Unlock PDF Tool

Setting up a secure password will make your PDF files safe by using the previous tool discussed above. However, if your PDFs don’t have any confidential content and only have the basic and general information, encrypting your files may not be necessary. Besides that, it’ll be a hassle for you when you frequently forget the password every time you access these files. 


In this case, removing the password in your PDF files will give you so much convenience, and GogoPDF has this unlock PDF tool online you can use for free to process decrypting your files. After that, you can easily open any PDF file you want without worrying about what password to provide. 


The list of online tools discussed above is only a few of those available on the official website of GogoPDF. Hence, if you have different struggles when it comes to electronic file management and organization, always make GogoPDF your guide and a reliable file assistance provider. 


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