5 Advantages of Using Mobile Proxies

5 Advantages of Using Mobile Proxies

These days, when everyone is connected to the internet, cyber security is one of the biggest concerns for every user. Surfing the internet may seem safe, but the reality is that criminals always come up with new ways of stealing sensitive information.

All they need is a few tools, and they can find out everything they want about a user. If you’re a business owner or if you use your mobile device to connect to the internet, getting a mobile proxy can help you ensure that you stay safe at all times.

Proxy: A nifty little tool

Proxies are becoming hugely popular because they allow users to connect to the internet safely. They work as a filter between your device and the internet. Every time you send a connection request, proxies switch your original IP with another one, providing full anonymity, and making it impossible for cybercriminals to track your online activity.

Proxy services have massive pools of real IP addresses from all over the world. You are assigned one every time you connect, and you will appear as a random user located far away from your real location. That way, if a criminal is tracking you, they won’t know who you really are. Furthermore, proxies are very useful for finding malware, protecting emails, and so on.

Types of proxies

There are over 14 different types of proxies, each one providing similar benefits, but they are all used for specific tasks. Here’s a quick overview of all the types:

  • Transparent proxy

  • Anonymous proxy

  • Distorting proxy

  • Residential proxy

  • Data center proxy

  • Public proxy

  • Private proxy

  • Dedicated proxy

  • SSL proxy

  • Reverse proxy

  • Mobile proxy

There are a few other types of proxies you can get, and they are all designed to keep your online connection private every time you connect. The idea behind proxies is to ensure that your devices and your private information stay anonymous.

By hiding your IP address and filtering all data that comes back to your device, you can surf the internet safely without worrying about hackers and cybercriminals.

Why are mobile proxies different?

Mobile proxies provide the same benefits as other proxies, but only for mobile phone users. When you normally connect online, you are assigned one IP address that never changes. You get the address from your provider, and it acts like a personal ID number for every single user.

However, by using mobile proxies, the IP address you are recognized by changes every time you connect. In other words, it makes it impossible for website owners, hackers, and anyone else to pinpoint your exact location. Over time, you will gather hundreds of IP addresses, appearing as a different user every time you go online.

You can use mobile proxies for all kinds of activities while staying safe from cybercriminals. Since your IP is changed every time you go online, you won’t have to leave any cookies on websites.

If you are interested in mobile proxies, you can read more to understand these proxies’ benefits in the other chapter.

Benefits of mobile proxies for personal and business use

Mobile proxies provide users with all kinds of benefits. Let’s take a quick look at what you can expect to get from using proxies.

Ad Verification – If you own a business and place ads online, you can use proxies to verify your ads and make sure no one is stealing your traffic.

Price comparison – You must have noticed that prices for certain products are not the same on all websites. Proxies can help you compare prices and find the best one in minutes.

Access restricted content – Some content is blocked in specific regions, and proxies can help you battle censorship. By masking your original IP with another one, you will appear as a user from a different country, allowing you to browse otherwise restricted websites.

Keeps every connection anonymous – Cyber Criminals track and monitor their victims, but proxies can help you stay anonymous every time you connect. You will appear as a random user from another country, and your real identity, location, and information will stay hidden from prying eyes.

Faster connection – By using a fast cache storage system, proxies can help you improve your connection by blocking direct download to the cache. You will only load the information you want.


Proxies are the answer to most methods currently used to monitor users and steal valuable information. They protect the user from giving away their original location and information about every connection, making it almost impossible for hackers to track them down.

Even though internet safety features keep improving every year, criminals always find a way to get their hands on the data they can use to steal valuable information or access bank accounts, and so on. Proxies can help you stay safe at all times and make every connection invisible.

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