Grammar checkers are software that is originally developed to spot grammatical mistakes in content. Grammar Checker generally scans for incorrect word practice, improper punctuation, and sentence structure along with other vague errors.

Grammar Checker is beneficial in different ways. The tool lets its user maintain a strong grip over their content and all it requires is just a simple procedure to be followed. The grammar checkers are extremely efficient tools that can help the user enhance the quality of their content.

Apart from being useful for writers, the tool can also provide other people to improve their knowledge of English by marking the mistakes in their piece of work.

It is also time-saving because manual proofreading can take quite a while. So it can be a very convenient tool for people that remain tangled up with a lot of work. Grammar Checkers are generally installed to the Word Processor that additionally improves the programming of the prevailing program.

Best and Free Online Grammar Checking Tool:

#1 Grammarly:

Grammarly provides a very resourceful grammar checker tool. The tool can be used by any writer to polish its writing skills. Despite having a premium version that gives access to a desktop version of the software, it can be used completely free online.

The tool is designed to detect more errors than others along with improved accuracy. It can be used by students for checking grammar or plagiarism of a research paper for teachers. It also provides benefits to other categories of writers like bloggers, article writers, etc.

When it comes to using the online tool, anyone can use it to the best of its capabilities. The user simply has to copy the document and paste it into the tool. After that, all you have to do is click on the search button to begin the search.

After the scan is successfully carried out, different types of mistakes are highlighted in separate colors to make it easy to distinguish.

Red color shows a Spelling Check fault, Dark Green color indicates a grammatical mistake, Light Green color emphasizes a Style Check inaccuracy, and Purple color specifies a Punctuation error.

2# Prepostseo:

The Prepostseo provides one of the best tools of grammar checker online. It can be accessed without any cost. The tool can detect mistakes, punctuation errors, or any imprecision in a text conferring to the rules of English grammar. It is developed to help bloggers, freelancers, and even teachers to verify their work.

Prepostseo online Grammer Checker tool
Paste your text and select Check Grammar.

Some of the most common grammatical errors that can arise in the content are Active/Passive voice errors, Spelling Slipups, Outmoded Expressions, Accurate verb form and Tenses, Sentence structure, invalid reference of pronouns.

Choosing the Pre Post SEO grammar checker tool comes with a lot of benefits. It is equipped with a Modern dictionary that uses all the rules; it can be used for free and it does not require some complex computing knowledge. It can be used several times if required. It consists of comprehensible software, which can be used by anyone.

The tool scans the sentence in great detail; the results are displayed instantly and accurately.

Uploading the document in Pre Post SEO grammar checker is a stress-free task. It provides the user with a choice to either copy the text on it or simply upload the entire file. The user has the choice to upload the file in several formats.

The results are marked in different colors. The different colors show the types of mistakes that arise in your content.

#3 Language Tool:

The language tool is a good choice for proofreading your content and searches for grammatical mistakes. It can perform the task is up to 20 different languages.

Language Checker Tool

It scans several times to detect numerous kinds of errors. The scan can include searching for standard typing mistakes and spelling inaccuracies along with radical errors such as inappropriate gender however it is available for German only.

Since it is software with an open-source and an API, it permits the developers to modify the tool according to their requirements. Extensions of the software for different browsers are also available.

It is extremely easy to use, just copy and paste the text and begin the scan to get the results.


Noun plus Grammar checker provides relief to writers who are tired of proofreading and still leave some mistakes in their content.

The simple interface allows the software to be by anyone. Children can use it as well, it can benefit in two ways, firstly it can be used to check for grammatical and punctuation mistakes moreover it can also be used for learning the English Language.

NounPlus smart grammar checker online tool for free

To begin the scan, the user simply has to copy the text and paste it onto the search engine. The Grammar checker is compatible with 3 different languages; this includes Chinese, Korean, and English.

There are several mistakes that the tool is capable of detecting. It includes grammar checks, checking sentence structures, and punctuation corrections.

The tool is an excellent choice to improve your writing. It also checks the complete paragraph for the rational structure according to the framework and distinct rules.

#5 OnlineCorrection:

The Grammar Checker by OnlineCorrection is a simple tool that can help the user in detecting grammatical mistakes along with other style imprecisions.

The tool provided by online correction might not be as efficient as the Pre Post SEO grammar checker however; it is a great tool for a simple use like your children’s homework.

OnlineCorrection best free Grammar CHecking tool

For entering the text in the tool, you will have to copy it from your file and paste it on the tool. Once you have pasted the text you then need to scan it. The results after the scan are highlighted in many different colors.

The green color shows grammatical mistakes, the light pink shows punctuation mistakes, and the darker shade of pink is used to display typing errors. These are marks on the text and they are an excellent way of directing the user to its mistake so that he can correct it accordingly.

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