5 Features of Web Conferencing software that influences your communication

Web conferencing has become a part of our lives, especially since the pandemic. It has made communication easier, better and more importantly, personalized. 


Even, it increases your Return On Investment to several folds on a professional level  CRM software.  


Here are the necessary features if you are curious about the communication features on the web conferencing solutions



  • VoIP Audio & Video Conferencing


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows you to make voice calls through the internet instead of the traditional telephone lines. 

This revolutionary benefit has cut down the costs per call drastically. Particularly, when you are making a long-distance and international calls, this web conferencing solution is a saviour.

For effective face-to-face conversations, video conferencing is equally essential. It is a great medium to facilitate virtual presentations and brainstorming ideas but with the location freedom. 

By installing an inexpensive webcam, you can accomplish it. Though it might not be crystal clear sometimes due to network connection, it is still worth the personal touch. 

Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting, Zoom and BlueJeans are web conference software with VoIP Audio & Video Conferencing option.



  • Screen & File Sharing


When you have to explain using illustrations, a screen sharing feature helps you in achieving it.

In this case, you need to ensure other users enable their shared screen option to view your screen as exactly as it is in front of you.

Block diagrams, visual aids can be shown to your team members using this feature. 

For example, You want to explain to your team members about a specific topic they are unaware of.  

In such a case, you could share web pages, online streaming videos, and HTML slideshow presentations or any document formats to make things clear.



  • Polls and surveys


When you’re dealing with a large number of participants-say 100-200, you can’t decide by asking each one of them.

It is time-consuming. This is where polls and surveys help you interpret the opinions from the mass. This feature is epic and unbeatable. 

Plus, it helps you take the professional meeting in an engaged and collaborative manner. 

Even many web conferencing solutions integrate with CRM software to a more unified workplace. 

Some of these under-the-hood collaboration features make the users note and highlight the meeting’s key lessons.



  • Turn on to the private mode


Private conversations are necessary in case of any emergency. Additionally, it eliminates the embarrassment and discomfort in a team meeting.

For example, You can directly inform the presenter/ manager of the meeting in a private conversation conveniently if you have any unexpected emergencies. 

A good web conferencing solution must offer the presenters and moderators a private mode whenever they need it. 

It can be an instant chat pod or breakout rooms. 



  • Support from vendor


While you’re purchasing a web conferencing software, make sure you get support from the respective vendor. 

Most of the web conferencing solutions offer great support from email to 24/7 personalized one. 

A pro way to check the support – when you are using a FREE trial version, call the customer support during the business hours.

If you aren’t getting an apt response to all your queries, it is a good sign to comprehend the kind of support you receive after becoming their premium customer. 


The Bottomline

Are you considering onboard the best web conferencing tool? Or perhaps assess your present software. Whatever may be the case, you need to look for these options. Go through the different software available to select the best fit for your professional needs. 

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