5 Tips for Choosing a WordPress Hosting

Currently there are many wordpress hosting providers that offer cheap hosting, but in choosing hosting for a WordPress website, you must be careful, pay attention to the features and specifications offered.

Please note that WordPress is a lightweight web platform, which can be installed on servers that support PHP and MySQL. That’s why nowadays many web hosting service providers provide affordable prices.

5 Tips for Choosing a WordPress Hosting

With so many cheap hosting options, everyone will definitely be looking for a hosting service that is affordable, but has good quality.

But the most important thing when buying hosting is the quality of service that we will get. If you choose the wrong hosting, it could be that the website we build will be difficult for visitors to access. Because the speed of website access greatly affects the convenience of visitors.

For that, it is highly recommended to choose the best hosting, at least there are many testimonials from many people, that the shared hosting that will be used to build your WordPress website has good services and facilities. Actually there are several other factors that must be considered when using a hosting service.

Tips for Choosing a WordPress Hosting

When choosing a web hosting, make sure the features and services are adequate and can meet the needs of the website so that it can be accessed easily and quickly. This is important, as discussed in the previous paragraph.

Apart from the speed problem when the website is accessed, the hosting will be chosen must have a good reputation, especially by Google. Maybe good hosting is hosting that can be indexed quickly in Google searches when we write articles.

Of course, everyone definitely doesn’t want the website to be old or indexable just because the hosting it uses has a bad reputation in the eyes of Google.

Therefore, don’t make the wrong choice of WordPress hosting, don’t just consider the price, but also pay attention to the quality of the server, its facilities and services.

So, here are some tips that can be taken into consideration when choosing the best hosting at affordable prices.

1. Meet Needs

There are many factors that can affect the quality of a website, starting from the server used, website script code and display optimization.

Especially for self-hosting wordpress websites, when using lots of plugins, there will also be many queries to the database which will take up a lot of resources, and the website can be slow when accessed. Even some hosting services suspend when the resource is full.

So when choosing quality shared hosting, you can ask the hosting service, which package to choose can be used to accommodate how many visitors. If your website previously had regular visitors, will the website still be accessed smoothly or not.

You can also ask about their service that can be used for websites with certain plugins and what is the maximum number of page views per day.

2. Server Speed

Most people argue, if a good website is a website that has fast access when it is opened, this fact is indeed true. A website that has good performance is a website that can be accessed in just a few seconds.

A website that is easily accessible will make visitors feel comfortable, and will not quickly leave the website because of its slow loading.

Currently many internet users are impatient, because they are accustomed to fast access when visiting social media or Google search pages, one of them, so when visiting a slow website, it is likely to cancel, and will not access it again.

Apart from affecting the readership or usage point of view, website speed is now one of the factors affecting Google search rankings.

3. The Hosting Server Must Be Stable

Apart from ensuring the website is quickly accessed, another thing that must be considered is that the website can be accessed without problems. Because if the website is often down when visited, this will have a negative impact on the image of our website later. Usually this often happens to hosting that has a bad reputation.

Usually, a good hosting service will have features that can be used to monitor the running of the server. There is also a guaranteed server uptime of more than 99%.

4. Hosting Security

Also, make sure the hosting service that we are going to use is safe, in the sense that our website data is safe from various problems, either from problems caused by servers or attacks from jailers (on defenders).

Regular backup services are also available to protect data if it is accidentally deleted.

5. Excellent Service

When using a hosting service, we as users experience problems that must be helped and handled by the hosting party. This problem can be due to our ignorance of the problem, or because the problem can only be resolved by the hosting service provider.

For that we need help from the support of the hosting provider if something goes wrong at any time. Make sure that there is a support service that can help 24 hours and can respond quickly. Like when we make help tickets, email, chat or phone calls.

Hopefully this article can be taken into consideration when buying wordpress hosting. Make sure the hosting service chosen meets the needs of the website that you manage, don’t let it be slow to access and empty of visitors.

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