6 Must Buy Chopard LUC Watches Of 2020

Having the most iconic watch reputation among timepiece enthusiasts, Chopard LUC is still a favorite by many. With the integration of high-quality watch calibers, the Chopard LUC movements are exceptional. The skills to craft the perfect timepiece for people around the world are amazingly well. 

The Chopard LUC GMT One Automatic Black Dial Watch For Men, model 168579-3001

If you are looking for a uniquely designed Chopard LUC watch, this watch is undoubtedly the one for you. Its detailed black appearance is considered an ideal timepiece made by Chopard. It’s high quality, and flawless look makes it worth more elevated than it’s the price. The fact that you spend less on so much it gives you a great deal.

The Chopard LUC XP Automatic Blue Dial Men’s Watch, Model 168592-3002

This watch fits any occasion you could ever think of, and it gives off an elegant look with its polished details. This model is known to commemorate value and strength. That’s why people look for this model. It has a shade of black-blue mixed together and gives off a masculine vibe. The Alligator skin strap grabs watch enthusiasts’ fondness as it is in blue merino. 

The Chopard LUC Automatic Silver Dial Men’s Watch, Model 168592-3001

Chopard made this watch with straps using cashmere fabric as their primary material. If you are looking for watches that are simple yet classy, then this is the one for you. It has a Dacron finish for the watch’s dial, and it is detailed with silver and blue numeral markings. Some say that this watch brings out a powerful characteristic and personality.

Getting yourself a reliable, water-resistant, and trend watch without spending too much is a significant investment. A watch is essential for some, especially when people are on a busy schedule, and with this model, you can go through your hectic schedules classier than ever. 

The Chopard LUC Limited Edition Automatic Green Dial Watch For Men, Model 161948-5002

Chopard never fails to create a watch inspired to be unique with all other designs. This watch combines being dark and bold and having a touch of forest vibes with its brown details. The dial is in the shade of green, and leaves are visible in the design. Its 18 karats rose gold showcases elegance is recommended by many for its looks and functionality. 

It has a self-winding capability mechanical movement, making it run smoothly at a 4Hz frequency for sixty-five hours. This watch is a bold and unique timepiece perfect for men who opt to go for unique styles and cultivate many hearts. Spending on a watch with equal value with the price is the best decision to watch purchases.

The Chopard LUC XPS Automatic White Dial Men’s Watch, Model 168591-3001

Watches created by Chopard are known for their mixed inspirations of designs correlated with nature and class. With its alligator strap colored in black, you can easily fit this watch to any style or clothes you are wearing. This watch contains a pin buckle, and some made with sapphire for scratch protection. Some are see-through, and the entire look is waterproof. 

The Chopard LUC XPS Automatic Silver Dial Men’s Watch, Model 161948-5001 

This watch embodies real panache, and the Chopard LUC XPS Automatic is for people who always go for detailed leather watches. This 18K gold watch is elegant in looks and features specs of silver and grey. Before getting a watch, check the material used for glass. In this model, the watch will be resistant to scratches since it is made up of sapphire crystals. 


To own a watch that will last and is beneficial in terms of functionality and style, you can never go wrong with choosing Chopard LUC. If you are a watch enthusiast, getting yourself any of the mentioned watches will guarantee you longevity, purpose, and affordability in one timepiece. It would help if you considered Chopard to make your purchase worth it.


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