7 Non-Fiction Masterpieces Every Student Should Read

The non-fiction genre seems to be gaining more and more popularity these days. Bookstore shelves are filled with works based on facts, memories, and real-life examples. 


This genre includes lots of things: essays and popular science, psychology, and personal growth. Topics such as history, politics, and business also belong to non-fiction. 


So, if you want to broaden your horizons, but don’t know which book to choose – here’s good news. We’ve chosen seven masterpieces that you will definitely lose yourself in!


7 Non-Fiction Masterpieces Every Student Should Read

Yes to Life: In Spite of Everything, by Viktor Frankl


Viktor Frankl was a famous Austrian psychotherapist. During the Second World War, he went through the Nazi death camps. In the terrifying conditions of concentration camps, he realized that people who have something to live for have a chance to survive.


Reading this book, you may start wondering: what do I live for? «Yes to Life» is for those who explore themselves and their inner world. The book has amazing reviews. Some readers say that it helps to overcome depression and find the meaning of life. 


It might be hard to focus on reading if something is distracting you. Of course, we can’t fully concentrate on the author’s views if there are loads of college papers to hand in. 


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Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, by Robert Cialdini


Robert Cialdini is a world-famous expert in the field of persuasion and negotiation. His book will be of particular interest to marketing, business, and psychology students. Here, you will find answers to such questions:


  • What can make a person say «yes»? 


  • What are the most effective methods of persuasion? 


  • How to stop being manipulated?


Cialdini’s book will teach you how to read the tricks used against you and apply them for your own purposes.


The Real Happy Pill, by Anders Hansen


Modern neuroscience shows that exercise has a tremendous impact on our consciousness. Basically, the book is devoted to the impact of physical movement on our bodies and minds. The author is sure that thanks to sports, one can: 


  • become more creative and be able to focus;


  • increase one’s IQ;


  • reduce stress, tension, and anxiety. 


The exercises described by Hansen will not only improve your health but also boost your energy level and get you in the mood. Reading the book, you will also learn what type of physical activity is great for depression treatment and how to become better at math, writing and reading.


What You Do Is Who You Are: How to Create Your Business Culture, by Ben Horowitz


Relationships with colleagues have a big impact on us – we spend a lot of time at work, after all. Sometimes the team is so amazing that working together becomes a great pleasure for everyone. But it turns out that the atmosphere in the workplace has a greater meaning.


Ben Horovitz is sure that the company’s culture is the guarantor of its success. Thus, he analyzes well-known companies with a strong corporate culture. Even more – he examines the techniques that have been used by the leaders of these companies. 


The book will definitely be useful if you are willing to build a career in management, HR, or start your own business.


Stories That Stick: How Storytelling Can Captivate Customers, by Kindra Hall


It seems that everyone knows that storytelling is the most powerful promotion tool. A good story is capable of everything from improving communication to motivating salespeople and winning customer support. But where can we get those stories and how to tell them?


In this book, Kindra Hall, a professional storyteller, provides the key to four basic types of stories that will help you draw the attention of the clients. She refers to case studies and her own experience to show that the most prosperous companies use storytelling as a business instrument.


The author is sure that anyone can develop the narrator’s skill and stand out. Follow Hall’s practical steps to tell the story that people will never forget. 


Winston Churchill: CEO, by Alan Axelrod


In his books, Alan Axelrod writes about history, management, and business. A unique feature of his literary works is that he analyzes the habits and strategies of the world’s greatest leaders. The examples are Napoleon and Gandhi, Elizabeth I, and Roosevelt. 


In the work about Churchill, Axelrod forms 25 leadership lessons from the UK Prime Minister. The author examines the personal qualities of the greatest British in history. 


The specific rules of life gave Churchill the ability to become a famous strategist, tactician, politician, and speaker. Each lesson (chapter) is complemented by comments that allow you to apply these lessons in our modern world.


source: https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/photo/young-woman-reading-book-while-drinking-coffee-royalty-free-image/1221784114


Zconomy: How Gen Z Will Change the Future of Business, by Jason R. Dorsey, Denise Villa


Representatives of Generation Z were born in the era of globalization – they can’t imagine their life without the Internet and social media. And this must be taken into account by companies that want to sell them something.


The authors interviewed Gen Z members from around the world. Besides, they gained insights into purchases of nowadays consumers, employees, and trendsetters. This way, Jason Dorsey and Denise Villa came to multiple conclusions. 


Typical Gen Z members make money from an early age, pay for their studies themselves, and are willing to support brands that share their values. Companies that understand the peculiarities of Generation Z are able to gain their loyalty. 


«Economy» is the most complete instruction on interacting with Generation Z youth. Read it to learn how businesses should adapt their sales, marketing, and HR strategies to earn the modern youth’s trust.


Final Thoughts


College years seem to be the best period for gaining knowledge and developing new skills. And non-fiction books can help us with that. 


Some students turn to these works to understand other people’s motivation and motives. Others intend to get valuable information about the latest trends and be ready for what the future has in store. Books give answers to many questions – good luck finding them!

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