7 Best 4k Tvs 2020: From Oled To Qled Tips You Will Read This Year

7 Best 4k Tvs 2020 with 4K displays are becoming commonplace, with more streaming content available, 4K Blu-ray available for game consoles and collectors playing in 4K. 7 Best 4k Tvs 2020 7 Best 4k Tvs 2020: From Oled To Qled Tips You Will Read This Year

With all the ways to get 4K content today, you will need a TV that depends on the job. And there is no shortage of choices. But how do you know which one is best for you? (And if you’re shopping for a deal for Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, or Prime Day, how do you know which one you should actually get?) 7 Best 4k Tvs 2020

We’ve combed the Internet for some of the best 4K TVs depending on your needs. Maybe you’re looking for pure power, or you’re on a tight budget. No matter what your needs are, these seven TV models are one of the best performances out there.7 Best 4k Tvs 2020

7 Best 4k Tvs 2020Check out our top below:

1 Sony A9F

1 Sony A9F

OLEDs offer some of the best pictures available, and the Sony A9F might be the best of them all.

  • Available sizes: 55-inches, 65-inches
  • Processor: X1 Ultimate
  • Smart U.I.: Android TV
  • Display: Triluminos color with HDR 10
$2 from Amazon
While still relatively young, OLED TVs easily occupy the top spot over LED TVs. But not all OLEDs are created equal and there are only a handful that stand head-and-shoulders above the rest. The Sony A9F is near the top.
The A9F is the latest model in Sony’s line of OLED TVs and is the culmination of previous designs up to this point. To start, the OLED panels at the heart of the TV make up the baseline for picture quality. Compared to LED bulbs, OLEDs provide higher contrasts than LEDs can. That means the screen can easily go from being extremely bright to absolute black with no blooming in the picture. But that’s just the start.
The A9F comes with the Triluminos™ color display, a common feature among Sony’s top-end TVs. The color display ups the output of blues, greens, and reds for sharp and crisp colors across the board.
Then there’s the X1 Ultimate processor to handle the HDR. While X1 processors are common in Sony’s top-end TVs, the X1 Ultimate lives up to the name with the grade of black and white it offers. That in tandem with the OLED panels means the whites will be as bright as can be along with extremely deep blacks.
If you need extra assurance, see what this Amazon customer said:

“The honest, genuine truth is that this TV is a GAME CHANGER. If you are updating from an older TV, this TV is like going from a stagecoach to a flying, self-driven car. I hesitate to even call it a TV because it’s radically different from any TV or monitor or device screen I have ever used.

I wish I could adequately explain how beautiful a picture this television has, but as someone who is not an expert in TV technology and is not up to date on every stage in the evolution of high def TVs in the last decade, I can’t really articulate it in the way that this TV deserves. I apologize for the kind of luddite review.

All I can say is that this TV takes things to a level you didn’t even know existed.” 7 Best 4k Tvs 2020


Bright colors balanced with HDR
• Suite of smart features
• Can be integrated into smart home
• Built-in sound bar


Limited choice of size

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for the best of the best in the realm of 4K TVs, it’s hard to beat the Sony A9F.

2. Samsung Q9F

Samsung Q9F

For fans of a truly colorful look, the Samsung Q9F will deliver that and then some.

  • Available sizes: 65-inches, 75-inches
  • Processor: Q Engine
  • Smart U.I.: SmartHub with Bixby
  • Display: Q Color with Q HDR EliteMax and Q Contrast
$1 from Amazon 
7 Best 4k Tvs 2020
While LG and Sony are fighting over OLED dominance, Samsung decided to go off in a slightly different direction. Instead, Samsung decided to invest in quantum-dot LED TVs, or QLEDs for short, to offer their own alternative to the top-shelf OLEDs from Sony and LG. And the top end of what’s available right now is the Q9F.
In general, Samsung TVs offer the best colors of most high-performance TVs on the market right now. It’s one of the reasons QLEDs work so well for Samsung. And the Q9F easily delivers the best and brightest colors of any Samsung TV. The quantum dot mapping can squeeze a little extra detail out of the colors for the brightness to really pop compared to other TVs. Fans of animation would especially be happy with this design choice and focus on colors.7 Best 4k Tvs 2020
Thankfully, the HDR doesn’t suffer on the Q9F. The focus on colors can negatively impact the blacks and whites in some lower model Samsung TVs. That definitely isn’t the case with the Q9 and the HDR actually measures up with some of the best Sony and LG TVs.
But what puts the Q9F over the top is the processor. And the same goes for the rest of Samsung’s TVs from 2018. Samsung had previously bought processors from third-party companies that were a little more general and might not have been as optimized as they could be. The 2018 models saw a change in that thinking with Samsung keeping it in-house and producing processors themselves. Keeping it in-house means that the processors can be ideally tuned to produce the best quality possible.
If there’s any obvious downside to this TV, it’s that the audio performance may not measure up. That’s not unexpected when it comes to most flatscreens today, but it’s still disappointing that it hasn’t been addressed on a wide scale. There just isn’t enough power in the speakers and they aren’t built into ideal locations. But if you’re looking for a TV like this, you probably have a sound system or already know what you’re going to get anyway.
You can see what Samantha said in her Amazon review:

“Coming from a late generation plasma we’ve had a hard time finding anything better, but after years of waiting for either LCD or OLED technology to catch up to plasma we’ve finally found the next best thing – the Samsung QLED Q9FN.”


Best color display among high-end TVs
• One Connect Box makes home setup easier
• Best HDR performance among Samsung TVs


Limited size choice
• Sits between LED and OLED
The Bottom Line

Samsung doubles down on the color display with the Q9F, providing colors that outpace every TV out there.

3. LG E8


For anyone who wants to go to the source, the LG E8 is the best OLED available from the primary maker of OLED7 Best 4k Tvs 2020

  • Available sizes: 55-inches, 65-inches
  • Processor: α9 Intelligent Processor
  • Smart U.I.: AI ThinQ
  • Display: Pixel level dimming with 4K Cinema HDR
$1,299 from Amazon
7 Best 4k Tvs 2020In the world of OLEDs, you know LG is here to deliver. When other companies need OLED panels for their TVs, they often go to LG. They’re the largest producer of OLED panels right now and provide the panels that make Sony TVs what they are. But even with the competition using their panels, LG isn’t just resting on its laurels.7 Best 4k Tvs 2020
The result of this is the LG E8 OLED TV and it’s easily the best of LG’s crop of TVs. A big reason is because of LG’s a9 processor for the picture. The OLED panels serve as the foundation of the picture, but the a9 is what provides the extra sharpness and clarity for the E8. It also offers better clean-up for colors so they can come through brighter and better than other LG TVs.7 Best 4k Tvs 2020
But a newer selling point for this TV is the AI ThinQ. In simple terms, it’s an even smarter TV compared to other smart TVs. AI ThinQ allows for easier integration into a smart home when paired with a Google Home or Amazon Alexa device. Once integrated, it becomes a hub that operates the home theater with voice controls. And if your other home theater devices are compatible with AI ThinQ, they can be paired up to go entirely to voice control. So you can forget about fumbling around with six different remotes just to get to Netflix.
The E8 is also an aesthetically pleasing option, with its picture-on-glass design. The glass allows the TV to blend more easily into the room, especially if it’s mounted, and flow with the room much better. It’s also one of the thinnest TVs LG offers, so it shouldn’t take up too much room either.7 Best 4k Tvs 2020
Check out this Amazon review if you need more assurance:

“We purchased the 55″, and are really blown away by this TV. Despite the fairly hefty price tag, we’re very happy we bought it. The picture quality is incredible, and even the built-in sound quality is stunning. Yeah you could make it better with a sound bar, but even without it (as we’re electing) the sound is very good. Further, we mounted it on our wall, and given how slim and svelte it is, the aesthetic of this TV on a wall is rather quite nice.”


Best smart home integration with AI ThinQ
• Dolby Atmos audio for theater quality sound
• Pixel dimming helps distinguish small details 7 Best 4k Tvs 2020


Limited size choice

The Bottom Line

One of the primary makers of OLED panels and bulbs provides an excellent entry in the space with LG E8.

4. Sony X900F

You don’t need OLED for near-OLED quality, and the Sony X900F proves that.7 Best 4k Tvs 2020

  • Available sizes: 49-inches, 55-inches, 65-inches, 75-inches, 85-inches
  • Processor: X1 Extreme
  • Smart U.I.: Android TV
  • Display: Triluminos color with X-Motion Clarity
$998 from Amazon
Because LED is the standard for TVs today, there’s a sea of choices available to dig through. Even if you manage to trim it down to a select few brands you’ll still have to figure out which one works for you. But if you’re looking for the best, look no further than the Sony X900F.7 Best 4k Tvs 2020
Sony TVs are arguably some of the best on the market and the X900F is just another example of that. The first reason is because it’s backlit. Most TVs on the market are edge-lit TVs, which means the LED bulbs are built into the sides of the TV. Because they’re around the sides, the light cascades toward the center which can result in some possible dimming.
Backlit TVs, as the name implies, have the bulbs built more along the back of the TV instead. The light from the bulbs comes directly out instead of cascading and the difference is clear. The out-of-box picture will be brighter before even going into the settings. The picture will also come out “fuller,” meaning the picture will be more even with little to no drop-off when watching.7 Best 4k Tvs 2020
Another reason this is a great LED option is the X1 processor that’s under the screen. The X1 is the standard processor Sony uses in all their 8 series, 9 series, and OLED TVs to provide that excellent picture. The X900F in particular uses the X1 Extreme, which is just one step down from the X1 Master in the OLEDs. It provides the excellent HDR quality for the blacks and whites to make the picture more natural. It also helps with clarity to make sure there’s no motion blur during faster or action-packed moments.7 Best 4k Tvs 2020
Check out this customer’s review on Amazon:

“This TV is nothing less than pure awesome. I love the picture. The blacks are JET Black. I was watching Space 1999 on this TV and the darkness of space was faithfully reproduced. On so many cheaper TV’s you see the light bloom as if there is a bright spot in the darkness that takes away from the experience of looking into the deep black void of space. Night scenes are pitch black. There is a little motion blur when cars or planes are at the highest speeds.”7 Best 4k Tvs 2020


Backlit display for brightness

• Supports IMAX Enhanced and Dolby Vision content
• Android TV allows for smart home integration


Sound is disappointing
• Amazon Alexa features may be limited
The Bottom Line

In the world of LED TVs, the Sony X900F comes the closest to offering OLED quality without OLED prices.

5. Samsung Q6F

Samsung Q6F

If you’re nervous about diving into the deep end of TVs, the Samsung Q6F is easily the best place to start.7 Best 4k Tvs 2020

  • Available sizes: 49-inches, 55-inches, 65-inches, 75-inches, 82-inches
  • Processor: Q Engine
  • Smart U.I.: SmartHub with Bixby
  • Display: Q Color with Q Contrast and Q HDR
$959.53 from Amazon
Making the jump to any high-end tech can be daunting. That’s especially true with TVs because of how many options are out there. But if this is your first high-end TV, Samsung has the perfect model for you.
The Samsung Q6F is the “introductory” model of their QLED TVs but is far from an introductory TV. Think of it as the low-end of the high-end selection that Samsung has to offer, which is still better than some high-end LED TVs. 7 Best 4k Tvs 2020
Samsung TVs already offer the best color display you can find on most 4K models. The quantum-dot mapping the QLED offers will make colors pop even more. And in case you’re worried, it won’t make everything suddenly look like a cartoon. But cartoons are going to look especially good on this.7 Best 4k Tvs 2020
And for anyone who is mounting the TV, one of the nice features included in the QLED is the ambient display mode. You can have the display match the wall design to give it flow, load up a relaxing screensaver, or have it cycle through pictures while some light music plays in the background.7 Best 4k Tvs 2020
If you need some extra assurance of the quality, check out this Amazon customer’s review of the Q6F:

“I am blown away by The 2018 Samsung QLED TV! While the TV does require two people to set it up due to the screen size, it is surprisingly light and the set up is extremely simple, my girlfriend and I were able to get this out of the box and playing chef’s table 4k in less than 10 minutes. Once the TV is out of the box, the form and design is something to marvel at. The TV is so thin and its frame is virtually invisible, this device is all screen.”

6. Samsung NU8000

Eight series TVs are where performance TVs start, and the Samsung NU8000 best embodies that quality.

  • Available sizes: 49-inches, 55-inches, 65-inches, 75-inches, 82-inches
  • Processor: UHD Engine
  • Smart U.I.: SmartHub with Bixby
  • Display: Dynamic crystal color with HDR Plus
$799.99 from Amazon
Samsung, Sony, and LG all differentiate their TV models by numbering their LED TVs starting at six and end at nine before hitting the OLEDs and QLEDs. In the case of Samsung, if you’re want to balance performance with cost, their eight series is the way to go.7 Best 4k Tvs 2020
The Samsung NU8000 series is the kind of TV you want to start with if you’re looking for performance. While the six and seven series aren’t bad at all, the NU8000 is the TV that provides the specs and performance you want for quality 4K.
Because it’s a Samsung TV, the colors are going to be excellent across the board. Everything from animation to Marvel films will be bright and bombastic to the eyes. And with a 120hz refresh rate, the picture will be smooth enough to catch all the crazy action on NFL Sunday7 Best 4k Tvs 2020.
The only downside is that the HDR is a little lacking. The blacks and whites aren’t bad by any means, it’s just a byproduct of Samsung’s choice to focus on color output. The color contrasting and display can sometimes overpower the HDR output and cause some graying on the screen7 Best 4k Tvs 2020.
But don’t let that dissuade you from this TV. Just check out this customer review on Amazon for further proof:

“Fantastic picture. HDR pops beautifully. I really debated whether to get this 82 inch TV or the 75 inch Sony 900F just to get Dolby Vision but ultimately decided to go for the larger screen size and boy I’m glad I did.”7 Best 4k Tvs 2020


Sharp and bright color display

• Full voice controls with Bixby
• Smooth picture with Motion Rate 240


HDR can be overpowered by color display

• Audio quality could be better
The Bottom Line

The Samsung NU8000 offers premium TV performance without needing to break the bank.

 7. TCL R6

For the more budget-minded shoppers, TCL offers just that with quality performance in the R6 line7 Best 4k Tvs 2020

  • Available sizes: 55-inches, 65-inches
  • Processor: Dual-Core GPU processor
  • Smart U.I.: Roku TV
  • Display: Dolby Vision HDR with wide color and contrast control zones
$529.99 from Amazon
The great thing about 4K TVs becoming commonplace is that now there are models that most people can afford. There’s no longer a need to save up what feels like three months of pay just to get a decent 4K TV that isn’t as big as you’d like. And near the top of that list is the TCL R6 series.7 Best 4k Tvs 2020
TCL is one of the more budget-minded brands in the realm of 4K TVs, but that doesn’t take away from their quality. Are they going to match up to some of the insane TVs the likes of Sony and Samsung are offering? No. However, not everyone needs a 75-inch OLED TV that can cost one-third of your annual salary.
TCL has been able to corner the budget market as one of the best-regarded lower-priced 4K TV makers.  In short, you’re getting some above-budget 4K for attractive budget prices.
One way TCL pulls off this above-price quality level is by pairing the 4K display with Dolby Vision HDR. This will provide quality blacks and whites for crisp, more natural pictures. It also features what’s called contrast control zones to help with the brightness. The zones will brighten and dim the lighting zone-to-zone to provide deeper blacks and stronger contrasting.7 Best 4k Tvs 2020
But if you want a regular person’s take, read this Amazon customer’s full review where they said:

“I’m seriously impressed with this TV. I was excited for the 6-Series and ordered it as soon as it became available, and I’m happy to say I wasn’t disappointed. First, its design is ridiculous. Brushed metal, very masculine. Even the power button has this cool blue glow.”


Deep and sharp HDR performance with Dolby Vision

• Contrast control zones help manage brightness
• Affordable


May not measure up to higher quality brands and models

• Sound quality could be better
The Bottom Line

The TCL R6 is able to provide quality performance at budget friendly prices.

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