8 Best Platforms to Help You Studying

Today, the Internet has become an indispensable assistant not only in our everyday life but also in our studies. Students use it to quickly find the necessary information and deepen their knowledge of numerous subjects. Not to mention freeing the text from mistakes and organizing classes in a convenient way. So, we’ve analyzed the most common student needs and came up with a list of helpful platforms. They will surely make your learning more comfortable!



Student life consists of a bunch of papers, from narrative essays to literature reviews. Of course, before we start writing, we read various materials and create something of our own on their basis. And to be sure that the papers you submit are perfect, you can use white paper. 


This platform uses the best professionals to write up or edit and proofread the texts you need to submit. They offer plagiarism checks to make sure there’s no content theft. How do they do it? They compare your text with a database of over 10 billion sources and only provide you with a completely original paper.


The authors are experienced in what they do so that they will address your needs at the highest level. So, you can always turn to paper writing help by WritePaper for assistance. Outsourcing saves millions of learners all over the world, and it’s no wonder because quality help is something all of us need!



Trello is a service that helps you organize your work and study efficiently. It stands out from other planners with a simple interface and unlimited free access. In Trello, you can take care of everything, from your daily routine to various projects. 


You can also set deadlines, sort tasks, and chat with other users. Therefore, the problematic issues of time management and effective communication will certainly be solved. Perhaps Trello is most popular among small groups of students who are involved in the same activity, be it a theater play or a case study. 


The platform is very intuitive, so anyone can figure it out. There’s also a mobile app for users, which is a definite plus. After all, you may not always have a laptop at hand.


A site for those who study foreign languages and are looking for a convenient method to remember new words. If you spend hours memorizing simple phrases, then Quizlet is what you need!


Many educators believe that flashcards are the most effective tool for those mastering a new language. All you need to do is find ready-made materials on Quizlet or create them yourself. On the site, you can add audio recordings or pictures to them, which enables you to visualize and remember all the necessary things way faster.


In addition, Quizlet is completely free to use. The mobile app is available on Android and iOS.


4:Hemingway App

College life mainly consists of memorizing information and writing texts. As for the latter, we can learn a lot from the world-famous writer. Well, if Hemingway lived now, he would certainly be a blogger. Why? His style was quite minimalistic, and his main message for writers was simple – short sentences are the best!


Hemingway understood one crucial thing. The reader’s attention is primarily attracted to short paragraphs. Since long ones seem terrifying even to bookworms, no one will finish reading those endless sentences.


Hemingway also loved strong verbs. They add momentum to a story and emphasize the most important points. And the most amazing thing is that today there’s an app that helps you follow all writer’s tips.


The Hemingway service corrects spelling and punctuation mistakes. Moreover, it analyzes how clear your text is. It literally helps to improve the structure as long sentences are immediately highlighted in color. It’s recommended to shorten them or break them into several ones. 


The app also finds passive constructions that make reading difficult. Indeed, students aiming to craft an impressive essay should start using this cool AI editor. Never forget to check your texts with it, as everyone needs a fresh perspective.


Another free program for editing texts in English. The service helps to find errors and typos and makes the text easier to comprehend. Grammarly is especially useful if you hate writing and if you aren’t a native English speaker. 

Do you have doubts about your spelling? Here’s what Grammarly can do to make the process more pleasant for you:

  • Highlighting found grammar mistakes;
  • Offering options for replacing misspelled words;
  • Detecting repeated phrases;
  • Suggesting ways to correct weird constructions.

6:My Modern Met

Today’s world is super interconnected, and many professions are closely related. For example, the designer should know the marketing basics to promote their services. An architect has to be well-versed in technology to create cutting-edge projects. In addition, the more we know about the world around us, the more fulfilling our life becomes. Not to mention bright career projects and a wide circle of friends.

My Modern Met is an inspiring art, photography, and design news site. You will also find here articles on architecture, environment, and science. Therefore, subscribe to updates to keep up with the times, especially if you’re an art major.


Perhaps many have heard of Coursera, but not everyone has taken advantage of its services. This international project with millions of users offers excellent courses in everything from graphic design and business analytics to foreign languages, medicine, programming, etc.

There are free and paid courses; each takes 6 to 10 weeks. The materials vary from video lectures and tests to homework papers and final exams at the end of the course.

The platform is a great way to not only deepen your knowledge on the subject you study now but also try something brand new. For example, if you have long dreamed of learning art and culture, you may realize this area isn’t for you after completing a course here. Or the complete opposite. Proof of the pudding is in the eating, right?





Some are good at perceiving the written text, while others are crazy about video lectures and podcasts. Ted.com has it all, allowing you to get information from the best experts. Politicians, businessmen, Nobel laureates, and public figures have spoken at TED conferences for many years. Everyone will find something here for themselves. 


In the meantime, we’ve collected the most popular lectures, so you can start learning the platform with them:

  • “Do schools kill creativity?”
  • “Your body language may shape who you are.”
  • “The power of vulnerability.”
  • “Looks aren’t everything. Believe me; I’m a model.”
  • “What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness.”

To Wrap It Up

It’s hard to believe that 20-30 years ago, students spent hours in the library looking for the right materials. Fortunately, technology doesn’t stand still, offering us new daily tools. 


At the same time, the amount of information is overwhelming, and it’s not easy to choose a trustworthy service at once. That’s why we’ve gathered the best platforms in this article, hoping your study routine will become more productive!

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