How to Solved A Ubisoft Service is Currently Unavailable Error 2021

The problem message “A Ubisoft Service is Currently Unavailable” has been seen by several users while attempting to start or login to Ubisoft.
The error message simply implies that Ubisoft is unable to connect to the service while linked to a PC.

When playing games on the Ubisoft connect platform needs a PC to be connected to the Ubisoft services, this might fail unexpectedly, resulting in error warnings appearing while opening or logging into Uplay on the PC. This is quite inconvenient.

Ubisoft Connect PC gives the error message “A Ubisoft Service is Currently Unavailable?

When Ubisoft Connect PC fails to connect, it will display this warning.

First, look for any issues on our social media pages (Facebook and Twitter) or in our news banners.
This problem might be the result of internet services degrading over time.

To see whether this may be fixed:

Check that Ubisoft Connect PC is up to date on your computer before continuing.

• Make sure there aren’t any problems with the connection.

Disabling IPv6 may speed up the time it takes for an app to connect to a service by cutting down on DNS search time.

Disable the proxy server in Windows by following these simple steps:

Select Settings from the Windows Start menu.

A proxy may be found under the Network & Internet section, under the Proxy heading.

Toggle off Use a proxy server by finding one and clicking on it.

A Ubisoft Service is Currently Unavailable

In Windows, why does it say that “A Ubisoft Service Is Currently Unavailable”?

There are a number of possible explanations for this issue, and we strongly advise you to review the list we’ve compiled below.
You may pick an appropriate troubleshooting strategy more quickly if you know what the problem is.
Wishing you success in your endeavors A Ubisoft Service is Currently Unavailable.

The time and date are misconfigured  :

Double-check your computer’s time and date settings to make sure they’re set correctly and A Ubisoft Service is Currently Unavailable
Online services depend on time and date for correct setup in the vast majority.
Check to see if this fixes the issue.


contains an executable with an odd name that runs every time the game does.
Resolving the problem by terminating it may work as it has for other people.

It has been reported that users who had Hamachi installed on their PC were no longer experiencing the issue after the uninstallation of Hamachi and A Ubisoft Service is Currently Unavailable

IPv6 :

It seems that the issue only arises when connecting using the IPv6 protocol.
The issue may simply be solved by switching to IPv4 and A Ubisoft Service is Currently Unavailable

Problems with the network :

A network reset, resetting the host file, or assigning static IP and DNS addresses may all help fix network-related problems on your computer A Ubisoft Service is Currently Unavailable.

Explanation of the Issue

When attempting to connect to the  A Ubisoft Service is Currently Unavailable, some users have encountered an issue.

If this happens, you may still play the game in offline mode, but multiplayer or cooperative modes are out of luck. In the main Ubisoft forums as well as on other well-known sites like Reddit, customers expressed their dissatisfaction.

It took some time before the public was made aware of the remedy.
Even then, it was only discovered by a small number of individuals.
This is no longer a concern for you since the solutions are provided in the tutorial below.

 Restart the Router and Computer

To wipe off any faulty data, restart the router and PC after a long period of inactivity. A Ubisoft Service is Currently Unavailable, Although most users have rebooted their computer, the router is frequently ignored and might create problems.

Ubisoft Online Service Status – Check It Out!

There may be downtime on the Ubisoft Support website or on the social media sites of their online servers that you may check for A Ubisoft Service is Currently Unavailable,
Alternatively, you can see what’s up on their Forum.

Set Your Computer’s Clock to the Correct Time and Date

That being said, here’s the situation.
Ubisoft’s online services often use the system’s date and time.
It may seem absurd, but believe me when I say it is the sad reality.

A Ubisoft service is now unavailable warning will appear if the date and time on your PC are wrong.

Update your system’s time and date to make sure it’s current.
Learn how to modify the PC’s time and date in the sections that follow A Ubisoft Service is Currently Unavailable,

Eliminate Malfunctioning Process

According to previous reports, the issue might be caused by a corrupted file under ProgramData that starts executing once the game is launched to A Ubisoft Service is Currently Unavailable,

Go to Task Manager to discover the offending executable file, then follow the on-screen instructions to fix it.

Open the Task Manager by pressing the Ctrl, Shift, and Esc keys at the same time.

After that, click on More information in the window’s lower-left corner to see Task Manager.
To discover undesirable files, browse the Background processes list in the Processes section and scroll down.

Once you’ve made your selection, click on the Finish task button.

Setup a New DNS Server

According to several accounts, this procedure works to resolve the problem.
To re-enable IPv6, just follow the same procedures you did before.

This is what you must do:

Follow the previous method’s first four stages.
Continue to the next step instead of opening the panel where IPv6 was de-selected.

Instead of deactivating IPv6 as you did in a previous way, click on it and choose Properties to open the DNS settings box A Ubisoft Service is Currently Unavailable,


Being told that “A Ubisoft Service is Currently Unavailable” is quite aggravating.

The most popular remedies seem to get most people back online and operating again quickly and easily.

However, if none of these solutions work, you may have to remove Windows and reinstall it from scratch.

This is not a recommended solution, but if all else fails, it may be your only choice.

Also, keep an eye out for any new Windows updates, as there may be a flaw that has been fixed in a newer version that you may use.


As a result, I can now declare that my work is complete!

The following is a list of everything I could think of to fix the Ubisoft service as a temporarily offline problem.

We really hope that one of our suggested workarounds was successful in bypassing the Ubisoft service, which is “A Ubisoft Service is Currently Unavailable”  Windows 10.

Launch Ubisoft with simplicity by following the provided solutions one at a time.
Moreover, we like hearing back from our contributors.


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