Adjusting Your Business to Generation Z z

Representatives of Generation Z, also known as Zoomers, which were born somewhere between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s, are gradually taking over the workplace and business. 

For example, academic writing services report that Zoomers buy essay more than anyone else. More importantly, experts predict that they will represent the largest U.S. consumer population in about five years. It means that businesses, managers, and marketers need to have a clear understanding of Zoomers’ needs, interests, values, and purchasing patterns to attract this demographic population. 

Let’s discuss in more detail the features of this young generation and business strategies that can help companies win their loyalty. 


 Generation Z: What Your Business Should Know 

One of the most significant characteristics of Generation Z is that they are technologically savvy. They were born when technology, including the Internet, became an inseparable part of people’s lives. Zoomers are avid users of social media and smartphones, and they cannot imagine their lives without free access to information and instant messaging. They do everything online: shop, study, communicate and entertain themselves. 

Here are other characteristics of this population that businesses should consider:

  • Most ethnically diverse and educated. 
  • Value authenticity and transparency.
  • Want to feel collected. 
  • Care about social and environmental issues.
  • Prioritize value over a price tag.
  • Appreciate sustainability.
  • Like personal interaction and shop local.
  • Rely on social media as a source of information.
  • Financially proactive. 
  • Express individual identity and uniqueness. 
  • Have ethical concerns. 
  • Open to new things. 

As you can see, this young generation has unique characteristics that businesses should consider when they design their marketing strategies. If businesses want to attract and retain this customer population, they need to make sure that the values they translate align with those of Zoomers. 

Business Strategies for Attracting Zoomers 

Businesses have been exploring ways of attracting Zoomers for a while now, which is not surprising given that they spend more than $143 billion annually. 

It concerns not only the companies that have traditionally worked with younger generations (e.g., writing services for students such as PayforEssay) but also large corporations such as Amazon or Google. Based on the listed features of Generation Z, it is possible to outline several effective strategies that can help businesses attract these young people. 

Read on to learn about the most promising and effective ones.

 Ethical Values 

Zoomers, more than any other generation, care about the ethical and moral aspects of consumption. They care about animal rights, community involvement, workers’ rights, and the environment. Therefore, businesses that want to attract this population should be transparent and demonstrate their responsible business practices. 

They should avoid animal testing, laborers’ exploitation, and harmful environmental practices. They also need to be actively involved in communities and contribute to social stability. Companies that focus on the ethical aspect of their business rather than on money-making will likely win the hearts of young consumers.

Ethical Values 


Social Media Is the Key. 

Zoomers rely on social media in all spheres of their lives. Businesses targeting this population should be active on social media and provide unique and visually attractive content. Moreover, social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook should serve for communicating with young consumers. Companies should respond to young customers’ feedback and provide exhaustive information about their products to build authentic and long-lasting relationships with them. 

Consumption for Self-Expression 

Zoomers need to be unique and highlight their individuality, so they are looking for products and services to achieve these goals. It means that businesses should provide personalized services that align with customers’ values and help them create and maintain their identities. 

An article titled “Review of The 4 Most Uprated Academic Writing Services – Business” provides excellent examples of writing services that offer personalization.

 24/7 Support

Zoomers are expecting an instant response. They are not used to waiting for their problems to be addressed, so businesses should provide 24/7 support and respond quickly and efficiently. For example, services allowing Zoomers to purchase writing services often have an online help desk providing support around the clock. 

Full Transparency and Product Quality

Zoomers like to know who produced the thing they buy, where it was made, and what values it communicates. Therefore, businesses providing complete information about their production processes and supply chains are likely to attract the attention of Generation Z. 

To summarize, if you want to build a sound customer base consisting of Zoomers, be sure to consider the provided information to make your products and services more relevant. 


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