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Overview of Android 18

Android 18 (18 Jinzningen J Hachi-G) is the elder twin sister of Android 17 and Dr. Gero’s eighteenth android creation, meant to serve Gero’s grudge against Goku. She was originally named Lazuli (Razor)[4] when she was an ordinary person. While her interests initially do not vary from this assumption, her desire to activate Android 16 over Gero’s commands causes Android 17 to murder Gero. Android 18 eventually becomes a member of the Z Fighters, as well as Krillin’s wife and mother of their daughter Marron.

What is Android 18?

The Cell Saga of Dragon Ball comes to satisfying conclusion, but there is one peculiarity. 
The Fighters are left with one free wish after using their first wish on the Dragon Balls to resurrect Cell’s victims and discover that Goku wants to stay in the Other World. 
Krillin used his wish to transform the androids back into humans; when that failed, he wished for the explosives to be removed from their chests. 
Despite this thoughtful act, Android 18 chastised him for it. 
While the two finally straightened things out, this came off as ungrateful at first. However, there may be some basis for their rage.

Image Android 18

Android 18 is a slim, voluptuous, and stunning lady with a fair complexion and above-average height. She has shoulder-length blonde hair that divides over her left temple and is usually tucked behind her ear, however, the exact color ranges between light/golden and platinum. On both ears, she always wears little gold hoop earrings.

dragon ball characters

Android 18 has calm and confident demeanor, much like her brother, especially in battle, yet her caustic humor is her most apparent personality feature. 
This is illustrated when Goku notices her during the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament with the Dragon Team, prompting the reply, “Take look, he said. 
“How cute,” she exclaims (in Japanese, “It took you while, stupid!”), as well as “Spare me.” “When Krillin tells Goku that they have not only married but also have kid. 
Shortly after, the World Tournament Announcer asks if her true name, “No. 18,” is authentic, to which she responds, “My father was really dull” (in Japanese, she says, “It doesn’t matter” before chucking the number at the World Tournament Announcer)
Android18may be quite curious if she is interested in anything, activating her comrade Android 16 and contemplating what present she would offer to her husband Krillin during wish disagreement with the others utilizing the Dragon Balls, despite the fact that she isn’t known for it. 
She continues to express herself in her calm and understated style far into her marriage with Krillin, smiling in quiet manner that portrays her extremely laid-back demeanor; yet, she is frequently shown smiling in Super.

Krillin is associated with

Despite their meeting as opponents in battle, Android 18 and Krillin’s relationship began as mutual but unspoken affection, when she spared his life and kissed him on the cheek. 
It’s unclear if Krillin had affections for her before the kiss or if he formed crush on her thereafter. 
After that, by the time he could have shut her down with Bulma’s remote control device, Krillin’s affections had advanced to the point where, despite the risk to the world, he opted to break the controller and warn her of Cell’s approach instead. Despite being briefly blinded earlier due to Cell’s use of Solar Flare, Android 18, assaulted Cell in rage and branded him as monster just before her absorption, after hearing Krillin being pushed away by Cell. 
Following his battle with Cell, Krillin utilized the Dragon Balls to remove the explosives implanted in  Android  18 and 17 in the hopes of allowing them to live happily ever after.  Before departing, Android 18 furiously corrected him, saying that 17 is her brother, not her lover and that she was gratified by Krillin’s sentiments.

10 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Android in dragon ball z characters Android 18

1: A Different Self-Identity

For decades, Dragon Ball fans have referred to Android 18 as “Android 18.” 
Many people are unaware that she was once regular adolescent with different identity.

2: I Was Almost Going To Make A Wish For An Unusual Request

When the Z Fighters are in desperate need of assistance, they turn to the seven Dragon Balls for assistance. They often seek Shenron’s advice on future fights, like the war for the destiny of Earth against Beerus, the God of Destruction. Once upon a time, Android 18 had the opportunity to have a wish fulfilled for him.

3: It Doesn’t Grow Back.

While Android 18 is partly robotic, there are parts of her humanity she retains. He slices her hair while battling Future Trunks in “The History of Trunks.” She angrily tells him, “that doesn’t grow back.” Fans may have noticed that she retains the same hairstyle during the entire series, but now there’s a reasonable explanation.

4: Is Android 18 Fashion-Aware?

Throughout the series, Android 18 changes her clothing multiple times. She wears a denim jacket at her debut, then a black vest with a pearl necklace. She wears a magenta pink tracksuit during Dragon Ball Super.

5: He Is More Concerned Than He Believes

Broly, Android 18 yanks them out of harm’s way. In the Budokai Tenkaichi video game, she similarly responds adversely when Zangya calls Krillin “cute.”  Others may flirt with Android 18 or Krillin, but they only see each other.

6: Cheap Tricks Aren’t Going To Work On Her.

Because Android 18 is half-robot and half-human, some combatants believe she will be damaged by water. 
Android 18 will not be deterred from defending Earth by the presence of water. 
Bulma was the smart thinker who figured out that most Androids were human.

7: Her foes are oblivious to her attacks.

The Dragon Ball series has shown that practically anybody can use ki to their advantage. Krillin and Videl, both human, have learned to fly and utilise ki blasts. Although Android 18 has comparable features, it lacks ki-based energy.

8: Can Be Controlled By A Baby

Dr. Gero improved the Androids to the point where they were almost unstoppable. They aren’t fully indestructible, even if they finally choose the side of good over evil. In a physical fight, Android 18 may be difficult to defeat, but she is susceptible to mind control.

9:Clones may be problematic.

Android 18 is one of the most powerful Z Fighters that does not need the use of a Super Saiyan form. She often appears in Dragon Ball video games as a playable character.

10: A Sibling Bond That Can’t Be Broken

The link between Androids18 is so tight that it is readily misconstrued. 
They’re close because they’re brother and sister, not because they’re in sexual relationship.
Throughout the Dragon Ball Super World Tournament, both warriors backed each other up during each round. 
Android 17 was assaulted unexpectedly at difficult period. 
He was on the verge of being thrown out of the arena, which would have resulted in an automatic disqualification
of android 18 fanart

What happened to turn Android 18 become an android?


Android 18 and her brother Android 17 were typical youngsters until Dr. Gero snatched them. 
Dr. Gero presumably decided that creating robots from the ground up would be too difficult, so he just upgraded people.


One thing we do know is that Android 18 was implanted with bomb and device that provided her with endless energy.


We don’t know exactly what Dr. Gero accomplished, but it’s possible that he performed brain implants, heart transplants, artificial blood dialysis, and skin armor replacements.


Even so, Android 18 would still be human

android 18 hot

What made Android 18 so good?

The Androids were developed by Dr. Gero with one goal in mind: to be wicked and destroy Dr. Gero’s adversaries. 
However, this does not make Android 18 bad person.
Some contend that she was never really wicked, but rather was misled by Dr. Gero and her brother.
She goes with the flow throughout the Android tale, and eventually, she tries her hardest to escape being devoured by Cell.
Some speculated that Dr. Gero’s androids possessed a mind-control devicealthough it doesn’t seem to be that potent, considering his creatures murdered him.

How did Android 18 manage to have child?

As result, we may presume that Android 18 had child in the same manner as any other woman would.
Dr. Gero probably did not remove any organs required for birthing since she was born girl.
We won’t go into detail on how infants are formed on this page, but if you want to learn more, talk to an adult or go to your local library.

Bad Grades 

  • Android 18’s sense of humor isn’t always appropriate, as she joked with Future Trunks about wanting compensation for his murdering her parallel universe counterpart, to to Future Trunks’ chagrin.
  • Android 18 is shown to be overtly domineering as an older sister and delinquent, and subsequently as wife and martial artist.

Do You Need A Android 18?

In terms of whether Android 18 has right to be angry with Krillin for attempting to resurrect her, the answer is most likely yes. 
Being an android offers lot of advantages and disadvantages. 
It’s major adjustment if returning to an ordinary person means losing all those potentially positive qualities.

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