The latest cliffhanger in Digimon Adventure has revealed Angemon evolution process!
Digimon Adventure is now preparing for its next major arc. While Angemon made a brief appearance in the series before the final battle with Devimon, it appears that Angemon will now be a part of the action in the future as Takeru and Patamon are determined to use the Holy Digimon’s power to defend his older brother and the rest of the DigiDestined against the remaining Dark Digimon threats.
This significant comeback to the series coincided with introducing a new evolution sequence.

Angemon’s new development

Unfortunately for fans of the original series’ evolution sequences, Angemon’s new development is a bit of a disappointment.
While Patamon’s evolution does have the evolution ring associated with previous changes, it is nowhere near as intricate as the evolutions known to Agumon and Gabumon.
There was anticipation that the Holy Digimon would be handled better than the rest of the DigiDestined in the new series. Still, it seems that only Agumon and Gabumon would have intricate evolutions this time around.

However, with Angemon back in the fray, it seems as if the series is about to embark on its next great conflict, as it is quickly apparent that Devimon was far from the most crucial menace in this Digital World.
With Devimon as powerful as it was during the battle with Matt and Yamato, Angemon may be unable to deal with these challenges alone if it lacks sufficient holy power.

Finally, “Digimon Adventure” Explains the Relationship Between Angemon and Devimon

Devimon immediately started wreaking havoc for the DigiDestined children upon their arrival in the Digital World.
They eventually succeeded in destroying him in episode 24.
And although Takeru was successful in liberating Angemon from Devimon’s jail, anime viewers (like myself) couldn’t help but question why Devimon referred to Angemon as an old friend.
Why did he want that Angemon joins the forces of darkness?

Devimon was also an Angemon before being afflicted by darkness, according to some ideas I read.
And, as brothers in arms with Takeru’s Angemon, Devimon now desired that he fall to the same darkness he had succumbed to.
However, ‘The Sword of Hope’ provided a whole different perspective.

While imprisoned in Sephirothmon, the combat data acquired from Angemon aided in Devimon’s resurrection.
Interestingly, the revived Devimon was not like the feeble replicas of various Digimon made by Sephirothmon for Taichi, Yamato, and Koshiro to combat.
No, the revived Devimon was fairly eerily similar to the original because…Drumroll!Devimon is Angemon’s shadow that became distorted during his imprisonment in miasma. This is a significant discovery, and I’m excited to see how it continues to play a part as the tale progresses.

Devimon believes that he will exist as long as Angemon does.

Additionally, he will strengthen when Angemon unlocks additional evolution lines.
Devimon is intent on attaining power independently of the DigiDestined.
He regards them as a curse since they are required to assist strong Digimon like Angemon, Greymon, and others in reaching new evolutionary stages.
Devimon finds the whole situation extremely pitiful.

Even though Angemon can Digivolve into MagnaAngemon and beat Devimon, I enjoyed how the episode ended with the two having a concerning chat about Devimon still being trapped within Takeru’s DigiPartner.
Takeru and Angemon will have to keep Devimon in control to prevent him from taking over Angemon’s body or creating a new one for himself.

In addition to revealing new bodies, ‘A Sword of Hope’ indicates that the evil Digimon had been hard at work developing a vehicle for Millenniummon.
According to reports, the vessel would include data from multiple powerful Digimon to build an invincible chimera.

I believe Angemon and Takeru will need to devise a method for permanently erasing Devimon.
It’s curious that the Holy Digimon, who is meant to be the Digital World’s savior, is the host of an evil monster like Devimon.


Takeru’s DigiPartner will undergo a significant transformation shortly, according to various promotional materials.
Perhaps the ability to transform into Goldramon is what will finally put an end to Devimon?
I’m not sure.
In my perspective, I believe that Angemon will eventually be able to transform into Seraphimon.
And after discovering Devimon’s link to him, I believe Angemon’s Seraphimon development is impossible unless he first expels Devimon.

Let us see what transpires.


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