What Are Anonfiles 2022

Overview of Anonfiles

There are several file hosting services Anonfiles from which we may select.
Google Drive, Mediafire, and Dropbox have all successfully established themselves in this market.
There are, however, a few cloud storage providers that have yet to establish a reputation for themselves.

There might be several reasons for this.
While some are relative rookies, others often fall short in some areas.
And if we’re talking about underappreciated artists, AnonFiles is a name that doesn’t get much attention.

If you are one of those users considering giving it a go, this article will assist you.
Here, we will inform you about all the features available on Anonfiles.
Similarly, we will emphasize its security and privacy features.
Without further ado, let us begin.

What exactly is Anonfiles?

Anonfiles is an online file storage service that is unique in one significant way: it offers an anonymous working environment.
You may upload any file type without logging in or creating an account.

Similarly, the receiver may download the file without creating an account.
However, its primary selling point is that it conceals each user’s IP address, preventing them from being traced.

Consequently, your whole experience stays anonymous, and contacting the individual who submitted the material is difficult.
This has several advantages and disadvantages, which we will address later in this essay.
But first, let’s have a look at some of the valuable features it includes:

Added Features

Among the other notable qualities that require your notice are the following:

  • You do not need to log in or establish an account to use AnonFiles for uploading or downloading files.
  • Its website is easy to browse, and it is accessible in over 14 different languages.
  • Additionally, you might use its Anonfile App, which is only accessible for Android devices.
  • Additionally, the whole process of uploading and downloading files may be completed in a few clicks, without any account setup or login.

What is the Best Way to Use Anonfiles.com?

Uploading a file to Anonfiles is a relatively simple procedure.
Visit their website, select the Upload option, and upload the file you wish.
Once completed, the site will provide a link that may be used to share the file with the appropriate individual.

If, however, you want to download a file, all you need to do is click on the shared link and then on the Download option.

File Size and Constraints

While AnonFiles provides limitless bandwidth, there are certain constraints that you should be aware of.
To begin, you may upload a file up to 20GB in size.
Similarly, you may upload no more than 500 files or 50 GB every hour.

If we focus on daily data, there are a maximum of 5,000 files or 100 GB.
When it comes to Downloads, there are no such restrictions or limitations.

As a result, we can conclude that this free service is pretty liberal regarding the storage capacity provided to individual users.
But is this generosity deserving of praise, or is there more to it than meets the eye?
Let us investigate.

Is It Safe to Use AnonFiles?

When a free service provider provides a plethora of capabilities to the end customer, there is always an element of skepticism.

So, is Anonfiles’ offering safe to use?

This service has elicited various responses from people around the web, ranging from mixed to negative.
Even McAfee’s Web Advisor classifies this site as “somewhat dangerous.”

What, therefore, are the justifications for these ratings?

Ironically, it may be due to two of its unique selling points: anonymizers and personal network storage.
The former is in charge of concealing your IP address and circumventing local filtering restrictions.
Simultaneously, the latter enables users to upload any file to a web server using any browser.

I ran a virus scan on the website using the famous virustotal.com service and discovered that it is mainly secure, with just two anti-virus definitions indicating a concern.

Concerns About Privacy

To be sure, AnonFiles may easily be classified as providing the highest level of privacy.
This assertion may be legitimate since the user’s IP address is concealed, and files may be uploaded anonymously without the need to form an account.

At the same time, these are precisely the reasons why a red flag should be raised.
Thus, although it may be possible to tick the Privacy box, the same cannot be stated for the security box.

How to Resolve Anonfiles Not Working Issues?

Because Anonfiles operate anonymously and user IP addresses are hidden.
Individuals use this file hosting service to post and download illegal material, games, banned online items, and software.
As a result, the site may be prohibited in some areas or by certain ISPs to prevent uninvited downloads of pirate material.

If the website does not open, or the download and upload functions do not work, it is good to check first to see if the website is down.
If the site is operational, open it in an incognito tab or connect your browser to a VPN through a browser extension or proxy software on your PC and then attempt to visit Anonfiles; the Anonfiles Not Working or Not Loading issue should be cured.

Frequently Asked Questions • Frequently Asked Questions.

What exactly is Anonfiles?

Anonfiles is a file-sharing service that supports file uploads up to 20GB and provides limitless bandwidth.

What is the Purpose of Anonfile?

Anonfiles is a file upload and download service that enables you to host a file anonymously by masking your IP.

Is Anonfiles a Secure Site?

The service is usually secure since it conceals your IP address, protecting your personal information.

Is Anonfiles infected with a virus?

Although Anonfiles is not a virus, your device may get infected if a malicious file is shared.

Malicious conduct

The domain is configured to allow for anonymous and unrestricted file uploading.
The service is being misused after discovering malware hosted on multiple anonfiles.com subdomains.

Threats that are associated

CDN-101.anonfiles.com ,cdn-106.anonfiles.com,cdn-131.anonfiles.com ,cdn-132.anonfiles.com,cdn-147.anonfiles.com


Advantages of a Desktop Application:

Multiple Accounts Management

Multiple AnonFiles accounts may be managed concurrently and switched with a single click.

Maintain Your Organization

With Spaces, you can organize all your emails, chat applications, and online services, like AnonFiles, into clean categories.

Maintain Concentration

AnonFiles may be launched instantly from the dock or taskbar and is configured to operate in self-contained, distraction-free windows.

Increase Your Productivity

Add keyboard shortcuts, menubar/tray integration, protocol handlers to AnonFiles, and more!

Maintain Your Security

Passwords or Touch ID may help protect your data from prying eyes.

Notifications of Control

Schedule alerts and display an unread badge on the dock (or taskbar) icon.

Where is the Anonfiles.com domain registered?

Our tracking system determined that the domain Anonfiles com is located in the United Kingdom at latitude 51.4964 and longitude -0.1224.

The details of the website’s search are solely instructive.
While we make every effort to be accurate with the lookup location and other facts associated with a particular IP address or website, we cannot guarantee 100 percent accuracy.

Anonfiles.com is based in the United Kingdom, a nation in Europe.

The United Kingdom’s location was determined.

You are unlikely to know the exact physical address of an Internet device (mobile phone, computer, etc. ), website, or person you are attempting to locate. Still, you will typically know the region (district), city, postal address, and very frequently accompanying details such as area or metro, as well as latitude 51.4964 and longitude -0.1224, which is sufficient information when conducting your investigation and also want to see those details on the visual map.

Anonfiles.com Instagram 

AnonFiles alternative 


MEGA.nz is a cloud storage and file hosting service accessible on the web and mobile devices like Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.


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Easily search, save, and share.
4Shared is an effective file sharing and storage service that enables you to quickly and easily access your documents, photographs, videos, and other data types from any location.
It has an extensive database collection and an easy-to-use public search tool.


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Derek Labian and Tom Langridge established MediaFire in 2006 as a file hosting, file syncing, and cloud storage service.
The program is compatible with practically all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android, and has over 43 million registered users worldwide.

Anonfile website offers free file and video downloads.

What purpose does our website serve?

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Final Phrase

That concludes our discussion about AnonFiles.
The platform is ideal if you’re looking to share many game files or software with others online.
It’s an excellent approach to maintaining your anonymity when sharing data over the internet.

It does have certain security flaws, and you should constantly be on the lookout for strange connections from unknown individuals.

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