Parking lot lights are essential for shopping centers or company buildings. They improve the safety of customers and employees walking or driving through the parking lot at night. Many accidents like trips and falls (read more) happen in parking lots because of poor lighting. Minor accidents aside, we should never wait to install bright lighting after worst-case scenarios have already happened.

But what parking light should you choose? The old-fashioned commercial light systems or the LED solar-powered ones? Well, not to be biased but LED solar-powered light systems are great for numerous reasons. In this article, we will take a look at these complex systems and their benefits. This article does not aim to influence your choice but to show what these lights can do, so here we go!

LED Solar Parking Light Systems

In a nutshell, LED solar parking light systems use the energy emitted from the sun as a power source. LED or light-emitting diodes are found to be 90% brighter than incandescent. That makes them an ideal light source for any dark-ridden place such as parking lots or dim streets. Many companies such as offer lights that have 6,600 lumens to 32,000 lumens depending on the product. They are incredibly versatile and aim to improve convenience for your staff.

How It Works

LED Solar Parking

Each product has built-in solar panels that face the sun. During the day, these solar panels gather up solar energy and charge up the battery of the products. During the nighttime, sensors detect when the sun is setting and gradually turn on the lights. Some products, however, are remote-controlled and need someone to switch them on.

These LEDs drain the battery power that was gathered during the day. The battery typically lasts for the whole night; some products may not have the capacity to last. After that, the cycle begins again by gathering up solar energy.


  • Saves You from High Electricity Bills

This pro is probably the most beneficial. Solar lighting can save you from expensive electricity bills by not using any power from the main electricity lines! The lighting is completely independent and solely relies on solar energy. Now that is one less thing you should worry about!

  • Blackout? No Problem!

As I mentioned in the previous benefit, these lighting fixtures do not need plant-powered electricity. So, when there is no electricity flowing, these lights can keep working. You can enjoy a bright parking lot and safely stroll to your car without worrying about the blackout.

  • Easy To Use

Most products are uncontrolled remotely, so you would not have to turn on the lights manually. You can enjoy whatever you are doing without worrying about turning the lights on. But even if your LED solar lights are remotely controlled, they are easy enough to use by pressing the buttons while aiming at the lights.

  • Shines Bright Like a Diamond

Open spaces require more lighting so you can see through the dark. LED solar lights can emit enough power to illuminate the parking lot. With more lumens, it can cover a wider area. Not only that, but you can also utilize some products to adjust the lighting according to your preference.

  • No Trenching Needed

Old-fashion lights require trenching to install. The LED solar lighting systems do not require trenching because of their product designs. The LED solar lightings are so versatile that you can install them in many places like the ground, a pole, or at the side of the building.

Are They A Worthy Investment?

The short answer is yes! With a product that can save your time, money, and effort, they are likely an asset rather than a liability. Not only that, if you want to buy only one or a specific number, manufacturers can help you with that.

4 Tips on Choosing the Best Product for You

When you decide to buy a product, it is always essential to consider a lot of points. Why? Well, we do not want to buy defective products that do not last long. So, in this part, I will give you some tips to get the best product for you!

  • Check The Manufacturers

Products that come from well-known manufacturers almost guarantee you that they are great. On the other side of the spectrum, lesser-known manufacturers may be suspicious. Although that is not always true, it is better to choose a safe option by buying products from famous companies.

  • Read The Reviews

Reviews are the reflection of the product. It shows the experiences of real people that used the product. But where to read the reviews? Well, television commercials are deceitful and unreliable- the people interviewed for the products are more likely actors.

Try surfing the internet and search for reviews of the product. The internet has more accurate information because many users do not pull some punches with their comments!

  • Check Out the Product First

I understand that not all of us are knowledgeable about the product, so asking for details is essential. Novice consumers that have zero knowledge about the product sometimes fall into the pit of false advertisements, so when in doubt, you ask. It is essential to know the details to identify what features of the product you want.

If you are shopping personally, you can test out the products by asking an employee. As for online shopping, it might be hard to test out, but demo videos can help you with that. Testing how it works is far better than blindly buying them, so shop safely and choose wisely!

  • Warranty Guaranteed

A wise shopper would ask if there were any warranty for an expensive product. It may come as a lifesaver- or a money saver- when the product you used did not last long or broke down by accident. Do note that companies do have requirements before they can give you a replacement product. For example, they would ask you if the product were defective or if it broke down physically. Be sure to ask the requirements or read them from the warranty ticket!

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