Ascent Valorant

What is Ascent Valorant?

Ascent Valorant is now available worldwide, allowing players to dive into Riot Game’s latest team-based first-person shooter. With over a million people watching on Twitch every day to catch a drop, the game’s popularity immediately reached an all-time high. Since the beta’s release, data miners have been hard at work, to the point of revealing a new map coming soon to  Ascent Valorant.!

Overview and Highlights

The new map, which was leaked by Reddit user u/UlfricTheThird, seems to be inspired by Venice.
According to some of the stolen materials, the film will be set on the streets of Venice.

Apart from that, the map has a layout with another map now in the rotation, Split Ascent

However, we have no idea how the map will really appear.

Consider the leaked map overview and all of the callouts!

T Spawn CT Spawn T Spawn

Ascent VALORANT is the professional players’ preferred map (via  Ascent VALORANT)


Why Professional Players Adore Ascent IMPORTANT

Therefore, how did Ascent become the most popular  Ascent VALORANT map?
One explanation for this might be that the game heavily draws from Counter-Strike.
As a result, many former CSGO gamers have migrated to this game.
Consider the best North American players — at least half of them had already played in Counter-Strike!
Thus, when determining  Ascent VALORANT’s target demographic, this is your best bet.
And what do Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gamers adore?
The solution is a clean, uncomplicated design that is less gimmicky.
This might be why Fracture is so unpopular.
It deviates significantly from the original recipe.
However, Ascent VALORANT keeps everything that makes a great CSGO map unique.

What Is This’s Relationship To Ascent’s Meta?

This effectively creates a meta comparable to what you’d get on Ancient.
The dissimilarity between the two places provides information to the defenders.
For example, they understand that there can never be a true A hit if they manage Top Mid.
On the other hand, if they do not have control of that region, the attackers may as well target B.

As a result, Mid becomes the map’s focal point, not only geographically.
Everything is predicated on how much control you can wrest.
Thus, your objective should be to maintain enough vision into midfield on the defensive side.
Once you’ve been excluded, you may choose to begin reinforcing B.
However – and here’s the catch — attackers may also predict this and strike A instead.
You can instantly tell that a mind game is being played here.
This back and forth is more pronounced than on other VALOROUS maps.
You now have a general idea of how to draught a game plan on this map.
However, how do actual executions take place?
And how do you defend against them?


Executes a VALOROUS Ascendancy

A Site seems to be the easiest target, so we’ll begin there.
Generally, the defenders will refrain from advancing too far into that region.
It may be feasible to convert someone to Wine, but the effort is not worth it.
It would be much too simple for attackers to eliminate that agent.
Catwalk and A Link control are critical to your success.
Otherwise, you will be unable to defer rotations.
Defenders will have no difficulty rushing Gardens and A Door, knowing that no one can enter via Mid.
Therefore, turn off that region.
Even if you have no intention of going there, you must reject the information.

VALOROUS’s defense Ascent

The defense has a lot to do with anticipation.
It’s less about retaining control of the site than regaining power in the end.
Once a true A hit occurs, there is nothing that can be done.
You will almost certainly lose if you press the duels.
When you’re down to one guy, you’re unlikely to desire to reclaim the location, so the round is lost.
Rather than that, consider withdrawing and regrouping.
Anticipate the Top Midfielder.
After flushing them out, capture angles through CT and A Link.
In this manner, you may effectively suffocate the attackers on the site.
You may use it to shut off A-Main if you’ve accumulated sufficient utility.
At this moment, the attackers have no choice but to surrender the round.

Apply These Secret Techniques To How to Play Ascent Valorant 2023

Since the game’s inception, players have had enough opportunities to get acquainted with Ascent.
Like many other maps in  Ascent VALORANT, Ascent has small, pointed corridors with somewhat more open bombsites.
Apart from the bombsites, the primary areas of concentration are the mid and doored regions around both locations.
On Ascent, a diverse range of Agents, tactics, and compositions are possible.
The following is our advice for mastering one of  Ascent VALORANT’s hallmark maps.


Priority in the middle
A round-determining chokepoint

The center of Ascent is one of the map’s most extensive and most open areas and will see many initial skirmishes.
Prioritizing this region is critical since it links both bomb locations.
Possessing firm control of the midfield enables rotations and flanks, giving your side the upper hand.
Both sides will approach this region differently but with the same aim: obtaining primacy.

B Site — Attempting to get access to the main

B Site is one of  Ascent VALORANT’s most fascinating bomb sites.
Following the attacker’s spawn, a tiny hallway leads to a much larger region, with the B site placed in a pit.
On the attacker’s side, the objective is to exit this bottleneck as quickly as possible and spend as little time as possible between the B entry and B Main.
Agents facilitate this rotation with mobility, blindness, and smoking.
Once inside the pit, it’s all about accuracy and who has the better hands.

A Site — a lone defender or alone attacker

A site is exceptionally similar to B but is more compact and compact.
On the other hand, defenders may often deploy a single Agent here capable of securing and anchoring the whole facility.
This is where Killjoy mains will spend the majority of their rounds.
Your main objective here should be to acquire information, not get a 1v5 ace.
If you identify opponents with utility early on, you allow your team time to wrap around.
If all you hear is radio silence, it provides a chance for you to lurk.

Concluding remarks – Compositions and Gaffs

Each map in  Ascent VALORANT has a unique gimmick.
While some gimmicks are popular and widely used, Ascent’s is mostly insignificant.
The doors link the two bomb sites and may be opened or destroyed.
Often, defenders may blast the doors down before the round begins to get a better perspective.


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