Astro a50 wireless HeadPhone

The Astro a50 wireless HeadPhone is available at Amazon in its Xbox, PC (Windows), and Mac versions, with a 33% discount.
The accessory is sold with its Base Station Gen 4 for charging.
The product is being sold for R$ 1.549,98 to be paid in full or up to ten times without interest charges of R$ 155,07.

The  Astro a50 wireless HeadPhone provides up to 15 hours of use without charging, with the ideal voice balance recommended by the company itself.
He works with Dolby Audio and Dolby Atmos and is compatible with the Astro a50 wireless  Command Center program for customizing audio.

Astro a50 wireless HeadPhone Details


In this comparison, the  Astro a50 wireless HeadPhone ear cushions were the coziest.
They are comfortable, roomy, and deep, just like the G930.
Astro chose a less sweaty felt-like material than imitation leather.
Although it still becomes quite hot because of the synthetic fiber and the hefty cushions, there was less perspiration.
A lint roller can be needed to maintain its clean appearance.
Fabric, instead of materials that look like leather, also lets out more sound, which could be a problem if you listen to loud music in a quiet place.
However, the  Astro a50 wireless HeadPhone seems to manage this reasonably well.
The headband can be adjusted to accommodate my large head with some room to spare, so chances are good that it will also fit your skull.


I believed the A50 provided better audio than the SteelSeries H Wireless right out of the package without any EQ adjustments.
That’s a good thing for Astro because the    Astro a50 wireless-only has three EQ presets.
In contrast, the H Wireless has a 5-band equalizer that lets you tune in the sound you like.
Since your   Astro a50 wireless probably gets its input from a secondary analog or optical source (like your sound card), you can use external EQ controls to fine-tune the sound of your games or music.
Surprisingly, half of the headsets had trouble delivering bass.
The   Astro a50 wireless is not.
While maintaining clarity, Astro’s arrival generated a tight bass.
The A50 is a good choice if you want your audio to be loud.


Astro a50 wireless often talks about KleerNet, which is an SMSC radio technology standard that provides “lag-free” audio that is not compressed.
With frequencies of 2.4GHz, 5.2GHz, and 5.8GHz, KleerNet is a tri-band.
SMSC says that the 5.2GHz spectrum is used for multichannel sound, which means that the A50 should have more bandwidth than the SteelSeries H Wireless, which is its closest competitor.
The  Astro a50 wireless didn’t miss a beat when the attempt was made to knock it out with intentionally created interference, as it did with all dual-band entries.
Latency, as determined by tracking the round-trip time for mic input to reach the ear, was below 100ms and identical to that of the H Wireless.


The  Astro a50 wireless mic may be the best in this collection.
Subjectively, it produced the most natural and clear-sounding input.
For whatever reason, the H Wireless does not have the dual-mic noise cancellation used by the A50.
This should assist in separating your speech from distracting background noise.
The benefits, however, are minimally effective and modest, as with most headsets.
Walking immediately under or in front of a fan that was set to a high speed caused problems only with wind noise.
The A50 handled wind far better than the H Wireless, but worse than the vast majority of other headsets.

Benefits and Features

Any  Astro a50 wireless $300 headset can be easily criticized for its “value.”
But when measured against similarly pricey high-end competitors, the A50 didn’t fall short in terms of providing essential features like sound quality, dependability, and simple headset controls.

Volume slider, chat mix adjustment (game versus voice volume), three EQ settings, and a raise-to-mute mic are all included in the headset.
The transmitter has to surround sound.
There are software updates for both the transmitter and the headset, tri-band wireless, and the greatest 7.1 surround sound of any of our contenders.
I think the roomy earcups contributed in this way, giving the already excellent headphones a noticeable depth.
The A50 supports both PCs and consoles and is multi-platform.
With a 3.5mm auxiliary connector, optical SPDIF in, and SPDIF out, the base station, or “MixAmp,” also functions as a basic mixer.
The headset also includes a 2.5mm jack, which console gamers will appreciate but which I did not test.

a battery’s life

Under a fake test that used the earphones and microphone all the time, the battery lasted about 6.5 hours.
With this in mind, the  Astro a50 wireless had the worst battery life but still gave the majority of gamers plenty of time.
The headset may be charged while in use if the battery dies.
The included USB cord is just 2 feet long, therefore, if you find yourself in this circumstance, a longer cable could be necessary.

In general, how do you feel?

Since the  Astro a50 wireless costs $300, it should come in amazing packaging.
The few wires you’ll need are included, along with one of the best sets of instructions I’ve ever seen.
This headset is incredibly durable and has features that are appealing to gamers.
Even though it is supposed to be put together only once, the stand is a little cheesy and still works just fine.
This is the only headset that has a stand, so it’s essentially just a bonus.
A few cables including a SPDIF optical to coax adaptor are included in the package, putting it on par with the H Wireless for connectivity.

Best Astro a50 wireless HeadPhone with new technology 2023

Astro a50 wireless A50 Wireless Gaming Headset and Base Station

Without the hassles and limitations that come with wires, experience legendary sound, and performance.
The  Astro a50 wireless  Headset for PS4, PC, and Mac is made by ASTRO Gaming and has professional-grade sound, comfort, and durability.
With the A50 Wireless + Base Station, enjoy complete immersion.

A40TR Headset and MixAmp Pro

Astro a50 wireless  Gen 4 Wireless 2019 and the Astro A40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro 2019 are both excellent gaming headphones.
The A50 is purely wireless, but the A40 is just wired and has an open-back design.

SteelSeries Arctis 7 2019 Edition Wireless

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 2019 Edition Wireless are excellent wireless gaming headphones, but the Astro A50 Gen 4 Wireless 2019 is even better for most people Astro a50 wireless

cellular Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2

The Astro a50 wireless  2019 is significantly better for wireless gaming than the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Wireless.
The Astro has a higher-quality boom mic, last somewhat longer on a single charge, and has a more comfortable design overall.

Is the Astro a50 wireless the best headset for me?

There’s no denying that Astro made a lot of improvements with the fourth edition of the Astro a50 wireless

I could sleep with the headset on since it fits so well.
Although the bass is present, it is not overpowering.
It is simpler to move through many settings using the physical buttons rather than by opening a specific program.
Moreover, you’ll need to be an extreme gamer to play through a complete game in a single session.

The  Astro a50 wireless exceeds my expectations in every way.

It is amazingly comfy to wear for extended gaming sessions, and the sound quality is outstanding.

I do enjoy having more mobility thanks to 5 GHz wireless technology, and there is no audible difference in sound quality between these and the  Astro a50 wireless Regarding wireless, even the Xbox One now participates in the activity without wires.


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