Why Battlefront 2 won’t launch ? How to solve Battlefront 2 won’t launch ?

Why Battlefront 2 won't launch
December 29, 2021

I can’t get Battlefront 2 to launch or start

Episode VII of the Star Wars saga
Action shooter video game Battlefront 2 is based on the Star Wars movie series.
This game is popular among computer gamers.
This game, however, may go wrong, for example, Battlefront 2 crashing. This is according to reports.
We’ll demonstrate you another problem with Battlefront today: it won’t launch.
The Origin glitch, a faulty game installation, a conflict in-game Origin overlay, and more are all possible causes of this issue.
Fortunately, there is something you can do to alleviate the pain.
Additionally, we’ll go through a few practical options for dealing with this problem in the paragraphs that follow.

Definition of the Issue

Real-life action scenes are popular, but no one has an opportunity to show off their abilities.
Action-shooter video games are ideal for such folks.

There are several action games available for PCs, smartphones, and consoles on the current market.
However, you’ll only be entertained by a select handful of these while playing the game.

In our opinion, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is the finest action-shooting video game out there.
Unquestionably, it’s one of the finest games in the genre.

Battlefront 2 was created by DICE, Motive Studios, and Criterion Software.
‘Star Wars: Battlefront IV’ is the latest entry in the series’ illustrious history.

Steam and Origin are the only places where Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One owners may get their hands on this game.
We may run it on our PCs by using the Steam Client or Origin, or by double-clicking the desktop icon.

However, when we attempt to start or open it, it fails to do so.
Consider the causes of the Battlefront 2 Not Starting problem.


Linked Issues

Many additional flaws may be found when playing Battlefront 2 in addition to this one.
In this part, we’ll address some of those issues.
First, you need to see whether there are any corrupted game files in your Steam library.
Run the game solely on your PC after relaunching the Steam Client.
Use Origin or the desktop icon to start the game if none of the other methods work.
If you’re having trouble loading Battlefront 2 on your Windows PC, make sure all of your drivers including the GPU drivers are current.
If the issue persists, try repairing the game with the Origin Client.
If your mouse isn’t functioning in Battlefront 2, try opening the game in borderless windowed mode first.
To repair this problem, unplug all of your devices and insert them into a different USB port on your computer.
Update your mouse drivers to the most recent version possible.
Update your GPU drivers, play Battlefront 2 in windowed mode, then update your Windows OS to address the black screen issue.
Disabling the Discord Overlay at the same time cures the problem.
If you’re having trouble connecting to the internet in Battlefront 2, the first thing you should try is rebooting your modem.
Install the most recent versions of your network device drivers (if any).
Use a cable connection for the PC instead of a Wi-Fi one.
For Battlefront 2 buttons that don’t work, remove any controllers that are connected to the console.
Remove the Xbox cache, and you’ll also be able to fix it.

Turning Off the Origin Overlay in-Game (Origin)

The use of Origin’s in-game overlay tool seems to promote a bug that causes this problem.
When the overlay capability is activated, the game won’t start for certain users, according to reports.

Prevent this from happening again by deactivating in-game overlays before starting the game.
It doesn’t matter how much you like utilizing an FPS overlay tool, there are a number of great alternatives out there.

To turn off Origin’s in-game overlay, follow these steps:

Go to the top ribbon bar of Origin and choose Origin from the drop-down menu there.

Then, from the context menu that has been displayed, choose Application Settings.

Once you’re in the Origin Settings menu, click on the Origin In-Game tab from the ribbon bar on the right-hand side.

Next, navigate to the Origin In-Game area and uncheck the box for Enable Origin In-Game.

To access your game library, go to the left-hand vertical menu and choose My Game Library.

Right-click the entry for SW BF II and then choose Game Properties from the newly presented context menu.

Uncheck the Enable Origin In-Game for Star Wars Battlefront II option in the game’s Properties panel, then press Save to make the adjustment permanent.

Check to check whether the issue has been addressed by relaunching the game.


Not starting Star Wars Battlefront 2

From the Library Menu, choose Battlefront 2 and begin playing.

When a user selects a game in Origin and clicks Play on the game page, nothing occurs, according to users.
The down-menu launcher, on the other hand, maybe useful.

Follow these actions to accomplish this goal:

Click My Game Library in Origin.

Play the game by right-clicking and selecting Play from the context menu.

Test the launch of Star Wars Battlefront 2.
If it still won’t start, try a different method.

Make sure that Origin’s Cloud Storage is turned off.

Battlefront 2 may not start if your Origin cloud storage files are corrupted.
If Battlefront 2 won’t start, disabling Origin’s Cloud Storage may be a good idea.
You may give it a go as well.

Open Origin and choose Origin > Application Settings from the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Uncheck the Saves option in the Cloud Storage section of the Installs & Saves box.

Restart the game to check whether the problem has been resolved.

Turn off the Origin Overlay in-game

Using Origin’s in-game overlay feature may cause Battlefront 2 to fail to start.
Disabling this feature usually fixes the problem.

Go to Origin > Application Settings > Origin In-Game in order to enable this feature.

Activate Origin by unchecking the box.

Right-click on the game’s entry in the My Game Library and choose Game Properties.

Click Save after unchecking the option for Star Wars Battlefront II to disable Origin in-game.

Install each and every pending update that is available.

It’s possible that Origin may refuse to automatically update Star Wars Battlefront 2 without informing you.
Battlefront 2 does not debut on Origin.
You may, however, force an upgrade to the most recent version of the game to resolve the problem.

You may access your game collection by going to My Game Library in Origin.

Right-click on Battlefront 2 and choose Update Game.

After installing the update, check to see whether your problem has been resolved.


Make sure to delete the Documents/Documents/Settings folder.

Temporary files stored in the Settings folder, rather than the main game folder, might cause Battlefront 2 to not start.
Your problem may be resolved by deleting the folder.
Because the folder may be recreated by the launcher the next time you start the game, this won’t affect the game in any way.

Shut off both the game and the launcher.
Make sure there are no running tasks in the background.

Enter the command “Documents” in the Run box.

You may erase everything by double-clicking the Settings folder and selecting the items you want to remove.

Finally, I’ll say this:

Finally, I’d like to point out that this guide will help Battlefront 2 gamers avoid common mistakes.
When the game won’t start up on your computer, there are several ways to remedy the problem.
The techniques are simple to implement and don’t need any previous expertise.
We’re open to suggestions for other approaches to fixing the Battlefront 2 Won’t Launch bug.
Even if you have a question, you may post it in the comment box and we’ll answer it.
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