Benefits of Virtual Classroom Software for Educational Institutions

The COVID-19 crisis has brought about an unprecedented standstill in the world of education. Many educators are trying their best to restore daily activities by adapting themselves to the new ‘Normal’. This new normal involves providing online classes facility via live streaming tools. But this new normal is bringing about another problem for educational institutions and that is they are not able to understand as to what could be the best solution to provide a rich and interactive learning experience to students.

Billions of students across the globe have been affected by the current COVID-19 crisis, which has severely hampered the process of imparting quality education to students. Day to day activities conducted by schools such as admission, classes, examinations, fee management, and many such activities has become a huge and burdensome task for educational institutions.

It is in such testing times that schools, colleges, and universities all around the world need to adopt the latest technological innovations happening in the educational sector. One such technology that can prove to be a game-changer in the world of education is ‘Virtual Classroom Software’.

What Is Virtual Classroom Software?

Virtual Classroom Software is one of the best ways to reach out to students located anywhere by conducting online classes in a much more organized manner as compared to using free live streaming tools. Real-time interaction is facilitated by virtual classroom software which makes use of tools such as live video streaming, live chat, digital whiteboard, integrated LMS, online examinations, and much more.

Benefits of Virtual Classroom Software for Educational Institutions:

The many advantages that come together with Virtual Classroom Software cannot be ignored. The following are the numerous benefits that come with Virtual Classroom Software for educational institutions.

1. Online Examination:

Virtual Classroom Software facilitates educational institutions to hold online examinations. With an online examination facility, schools can easily ensure regularity in the process of providing quality education to students.

2. Syllabus Management:

Adding lessons becomes an easy task for teachers when they use Virtual Classroom Software as a platform for storing and accessing lessons for various subjects. Such a form of paperless storage of data is an encouraging step towards promoting digitization and eco-friendliness.

3. Digital Whiteboard:

Virtual Classroom Software comes with a ‘Digital Whiteboard’ feature, which enables students to view whatever the teacher writes on it, thereby proving to be a perfect substitution for a physical whiteboard/blackboard.

4. Live Video Streaming:

With Virtual Classroom Software’s live video streaming facility, teachers can conduct can have regular and timely interactions with students belonging to different grades. Moreover, this is the perfect platform for instant clarification of students’ doubts and queries!

5. Scheduling classes:

With the help of Virtual Classroom Software, teachers can schedule classes and students can get immediately get notified on their respective portals. This provides a centralized platform for communicating important information to students and parents.

Virtual Classroom Software will prove to be beneficial to educational institutions in the long run. Making use of such emerging technologies is the best way for schools, colleges, and universities to provide a quality learning experience to all of their students.

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