Best Grenade Spots Dust 2

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 Secrets are one of the most valuable tools in CS: GO.
The game includes a variety of utilities, each of which performs a unique function.
They may assist you in getting an edge at different points during the game.
And now, we’ll discuss the most excellent grenade locations in Dust 2.

Dust 2 is a well-known CS: GO map.

It has center doors that often function as observation spots.
However, some players commit a costly error by wandering over the map.
They do not use their utility throughout the contest, resulting in a loss.
For instance, a smoke grenade (which we have previously covered in our  Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 ) may be utilized to obscure the view of snipers positioned in the map’s corners.
Similarly, you may use a flash grenade to blind your adversaries before passing through a door.

What is Best Grenade Spots Dust 2?

If you are unaware of what dust 2 is, allow me to explain.
Best Grenade Spots Dust 2  is a Counter-Strike gaming map created by David Johnston before the release of the first Counter-Strike.
And Best Grenade Spots Dust 2  is the most well-known and recognizable level in the Counter-Strike video game.

Many people also recognize this map by its file name,  Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
This map is trendy because of its central doors, which provide an overview of the whole map to both Terrorists (opponents) and Counter-Terrorists (players).

On Dust, The Best Smoke Spots 2

This tutorial will inform you of all the helpful angles that smoke throws may be used to block in the newly redesigned edition of Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
You’ll be pleased to see that all of the dust 2 smoke locations described above are compatible with 64 and 128 tick servers.
Often, the player must make a leaping throw at certain smoke places.
Thus, you must hold the left mouse button while removing the pin from the smoke, jumping, and then releasing the smoke at the peak of your leap.
Additionally, you may be required to make a running throw in this situation.
You’re probably wondering how you’re going to achieve it.
Thus, you may do this by reading your smoke and taking the required precautions before releasing it.

The Deagle, M4A1-S, Dual Elites, and Riot Shield are the most notable modifications.
Are you aware that all types of grenades may now be dropped, just like any other weapon that often separates a community?
Not only that, but this patch will also make adjustments to Dust 2, one of the most famous levels in CS: GO.


Recognize your team‘s strengths

One of the most frequent mistakes individuals make is to make judgments without fully understanding their team’s abilities. When you’re playing a game, it’s simple to miss your advantages since you’re unaware of them. You must understand your team’s strengths to be aware of any possibilities to capitalize on them.

Make prudent use of your grenades.

Grenades are a necessary component in the majority of competitive bouts.
If you do not understand how to employ them successfully, you will be unable to win a match.
As the name implies, grenades are tiny objects that may be hurled at various locations on the map to have multiple effects. We’ll discuss how to master your grenades in this article and maximize your chances of winning matches while taking down your opponent.

Infiltrate the adversary’s region

When playing a map, it’s critical to grasp the map’s goal.
Dust 2 aims to navigate the map and eliminate the opposing squad.
It makes no difference whose team you play on as long as you can navigate the map and destroy the other team.

There are a few preparations you should make for this purpose.
To begin, your teammates will need to understand where they need to travel on the map to remove the other team’s Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
Additionally, you may choose to map out your path to that location so that you do not have any difficulties traveling there later in the game. Once your teammates have determined their area of emphasis, it’s your turn to maneuver around that region in an attempt to remove one opposing player.
This entails using strategy and tactics to go from one spot on the map to the next. When everyone on your team understands their goals, coordination becomes easy since everyone understands what must be done before proceeding.
Otherwise, it becomes difficult for each participant to remember their particular function and do their task effectively:
Trying to keep up with all of this information may be a nightmare!

Keep your ammunition in reserve for when the moment is perfect.

First, it’s critical to recognize that the most significant players do not always win.
When you’re in a competitive battle, it’s easy to believe “I can’t lose!”
Unfortunately, if you leave the squad too soon, you will forfeit your position and be out of competition for another week or two Best Grenade Spots Dust 2

That is why it is critical never to cease practicing.
With constant practice, you’ll gain confidence with each map you play.
Practice will assist you in learning and improving more quickly than watching others play the maps.
Additionally, you’ll be able to capitalize on any new ideas or approaches your opponents use, so consider how to defend Dust 2 properly and organize your strategy.

Avoid getting assassinated by your adversaries.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2  is a level that requires players to be on their toes.
When playing Dust 2, the first thing you should do is pay attention to your surroundings.
Keep an eye out for where your adversaries are coming from, who they are, and where they are heading.

To win on this map, particularly

if you want to play competitively and team-based battles, you must understand and monitor your opponents’ moves to attack them before they strike you.

Before the commencement of a match,

it is critical for each player to debate the best strategy for them to play Dust 2.
Additionally, you should discuss methods for various circumstances, such as being pursued by the enemy or being captured by an opponent who understands how to outplay and kill you.

The Best Places to Throw Grenades in CSGO Map Dust 2

CSGO Dust 2 was redesigned in 2017.
They’ve altered the iconic grenade lineups in Dust 2, making it somewhat different from CSGO Dust.
Now I’ll discuss the Best Grenade Locations in  Best Grenade Spots Dust 2  And we’ll recommend the most delicate areas on the Dust 2 map for CSGO.

The Dust Map’s top five grenade locations are shown below;

  • To A Long Smoke (T Spawn)
  • off CT cross
  • New Car Molly
  • T Swamp to A Short Smoke
  • Mid to B Smoke
  • From The Skylight
  • Lower Tunnels

To A Long Smoke (T Spawn)

The most excellent grenade placement for Dust2 in CS: GO is from the T-Spawn.
This location is sometimes referred to as Along.

If you learn how to throw a flash from T-Spawn over the entrance to A long, you may create a strong position over the A site as terrorists utilizing this site.

It is feasible to step atop the automobile at the A long entrance and then use the jump throw method to toss the grenade.

Because the walls of A long entry are taller than the average, you may hurl the grenade from the bottom portion shown in the picture above.

off CT cross


Standing on the T Spawn point, toss a nade at the bottom portion in case it misses the adversary.
Ascend to the roof of a nearby automobile and launch a grenade into the sky for further damage.
After defeating your opponents and securing point A, you must cross the point.
If you cross immediately, you have an excellent risk of dying.
Therefore, send some smoke against the wall first, and then proceed.
Instruct your pals to hurl the smoke grenade and suffocate the area.

New Car Molly

This is a new location on the CS:GO Dust map.
This is the most significant dust 2 grenade placement.
On this, a new automobile has been retained, which will also protect you from grenades.
This will provide you with enough cover from which the A-side players will not see you when they arrive.
This can be a significant benefit.

T Swamp to A Short Smoke

To cross the A Short on Dust 2, begin by silently scattering smoke so that the opponent cannot detect the players’ gusts as they cross the A Short.
Then, the CSGO player must cross the threat/crosshair, leap, and toss a smoke grenade at your adversaries.

Mid to B Smoke

The most intriguing section of this map is the transition from the mid to the A short region.
This is also the location where the majority of gamers are murdered as a result of their carelessness. However, you may stand just behind the wall and hurl the grenade to fall directly in the center. After that, you may go to the entrance without fear of being shot by snipers.

From The Skylight

You may utilize a running leap throw to the center one as you go out the door and hurl it straight down, striking everyone in the vicinity.

This also prevents your adversaries from noticing you as you go out the door.

Lower Tunnels

Lower Tunnels is an excellent location for eliminating hidden players or traveling through the area since you can position the grenade at the top of the tunnel, and it will strike the left side center section. This also allows you to dash at them since the grenade will impair their eyesight.


When you’re playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it’s pretty probable that you’ll notice a lot of people utilizing the same areas.
However, this does not necessarily imply that such locations are the finest.
Ascertain that you know all the ideal locations to optimize your experience.
We’ll show you the most significant sites and provide ideas on utilizing them in this guide.

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