Best Tips for Creating Your Moving Day Checklist

Moving to a new place can bring about rejuvenation to a life that’s become stagnant. Exciting transitions await in the form of new friendships, more job opportunities, and entertainment venues galore. But because moving can be stressful in spite of the rewards it promises, staying organized during the transition is a must.

Here are best tips for creating your moving day checklist.

Start Early

Weeks before the final day, compile a written list of must-do tasks related to your move such as utility changes and packing details. Wake up early on moving day and pack any last-minute items. Make sure that you have included an overnight bag filled with the essential things you will need on your first night in your new home. Give yourself ample time to do a final walk-through to make sure that you haven’t left anything behind. If you are responsible for cleaning the house, arrange for a professional cleaning service to save time or set aside extra time a few days before your move.

Check Utilities

Arrange for your utilities to be transferred or disconnected several days before moving day, but be sure to put this item on your last-minute list of things to be double-checked. If you are using a bundle service that includes several of your utilities such as television cable, phone, and internet service, you should be able to coordinate moving your services via the company’s online website. Having this process streamlined through one provider can make this moving day obligation hassle-free. Remember to turn off all utilities before leaving your former home, and call to confirm the date that service will be turned off.

Visit the Bank

Make sure you have a little cash on hand for incidentals you might encounter during your out-of-state trip to your new home. Have a few dollars on hand for tipping your movers. Verify that your bank conducts business in the new town where you’ll be living. If there isn’t a bank branch in your new location, you’ll want to withdraw any extra cash you may need for a couple of days until you can make arrangements to close the old account and open another one in your new city. Place your extra box of checks in your overnight bag. You don’t want to dig through boxes looking for them since these may be needed the first few days after you move into the new place.

Check the Mailbox or Post Office

If you haven’t already dropped off your change-of-address form, you’ll want to do that on your way out of town. Ideally, you should submit the form at your local post office 7 to 14 days before your moving date. Don’t forget to check your post office box and close it if you won’t be using it after the move. Check your mailbox at your home before leaving the property. Arrange for a trusted neighbor or family member to routinely check the box just in case there are any pieces of mail that get lost in the shuffle.

Consider these moving out tips for your big day, and remember to stay organized, get enough rest the night before the big day, and keep a positive outlook. Start your moving day early so that you can stay ahead of the day’s tasks. You’ll find that the moving process will be less stressful when you plan ahead and prioritize accordingly. 

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