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What About bestgone Site?

Previously known as bestgore site, it was a Canadian shock site run by Mark Marek that included graphic real-life violence in the form of news, images, and videos, as well as author and reader comments.
When a snuff video portraying Jun Lin’s death was hosted on the site, it drew international attention in 2012.
Because of this, Marek was arrested and accused of violating Canada’s obscenity statute.

What is bestgone Site?

BestGore is only for those above the age of 18.
The site is capable of beating any of the other sites on this list.
Grisly human situations are shown in vivid photographs and films on the gore site.

Why Bestgore Ban 2021?

Bestgore When it comes to violence, Gore is unquestionably one of the most blood-soaked and racist blogs on the Internet.
Watching the decapitation of young children, witnessing rape aftermath, and reading articles containing a wide range of racist and hateful language can all be done with the simple clicks of a few buttons. To ensure the safety of the general public, it is critical that graphic information, some of which include very inflammatory language, be deleted from search engines and outlawed by the government.

There is no question that the removal of this kind of website from the internet will lead to a more secure and reliable one.

 Top Best bestgone Site Alternatives

As a gore-focused website, Bestgore was a one-stop-shop for all things gory online.
The site was a place for gore fans to connect and share their passion for the genre.
This website included graphic photos and movies, and visitors may leave comments and spread the word about their favorites.
As a newsletter for the newest gore material, the portal also assisted in finding it on the internet.

Homicide movies, photographs of wounds, fistfights, self-harming videos, and much more may be found here.
One of the most popular websites in its field, it had over a billion visits a month at the time.
Among its appealing characteristics include a personal account, a user-friendly design, and a graphical user interface.

1:Leaked Reality

bestgone Site Alternatives Uncut news footage is available for free viewing at Leaked Reality.

Leaked RealitySite Alternatives

  • Shockgore
  • Hoodsite
  • The Blood Factory
  • Damaged Corpse
  • Body Modification Ezine


bestgone Site Alternatives For those who are looking for videos including gore, Theync is the place to go!
Anyone may make an account and post a video on this platform, which is open to the public.
Included in these gruesome films are clips of savagery and violence.
The thumbnail and the title of each video are shown together.
Even if you don’t like them, you may share them with your friends on other social media networks.

Theync Site Alternatives

  •  Metacafe
  • Wimp

3:The Damaged Corpse

If you’ve seen movies like Annabelle and Curse of Chucky, you may have lost the purity of dolls.
As a result, this site serves as another slash.
However, despite the linguistic barrier, the photos convey a global message of “holy creeps!”

4:Documenting Reality

Uncensored images and films of death, suicide, human abnormalities, and accidents may be seen at Documenting Reality.

From 1996 through 2012, operated as a shock site.
“Archive of Unpleasant Illustrations” was a website dedicated to pathological oddities, pictures of violence, deformities, autopsies or forensic investigation photos, and disturbing and misanthropic historical photos.
As far as we can tell, the site is owned and operated by a company called Soylent Communications.
As of February 2012, the site has not been updated since February 2009.

Blood-stained walls have always been a fantasy of yours.
You’ve got a shot.
Flash wall messages may be written using a mouse instead of your severed finger.

Email the message to anybody you want to frighten, and they’ll get it.
Rather than a scary site, this one is more of a “cheesy prank” site.

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