TOP 15 BEST Big Keyboard 2022

In the Google Play Store, there are a lot of apps that can type.
Some of them are for people who like emojis and GIFs, but others are more about themes.
Almost no apps are made for people who have big hands.
We’ve talked about Big Keyboard that has big keys in this post.

Our phones have apps that we use all the time, but the keyboard is one of them.
It would help if you had a keyboard that works for you whether you text, write a note, or post on social media. It makes sense to have one that fits your needs.

It’s OK news for Android users who want superior button keyboards. We’ve done the work for you.
Check out these apps if you want to use a Big Keyboard
Let’s start now.


It tells you how to make the Big Keyboard?


If you want to know how to change the size of the keyboard on Android, there are two ways you can do it.
The first thing to do is to change the size of the default Gboard keyboard. The second thing to do is to download a third-party keyboard.

To get Gboard on your phone, you’ll first need to get it from the Play Store.
You may also be able to do the same thing on your default keyboard app.

First, you’ll need to open the keyboard.
Tap on a place where you can write, like in a message box.

It will show up when the  Big Keyboard does. When it does, press and hold on to the “comma.”
Cogs and boxes will show up in green above the key.
Your finger that’s on the comma key should slide over to the cog. Then it would help if you let go of your finger and slide it back.

TOP 15 BEST Big Keyboard 2022

This is the first thing you need: a very big keyboard

People who have big fingers will love the  Big Keyboard app because it’s so big.
If, on the other hand, you don’t like a certain size, you can always change the size of the keyboard in the settings.

The second thing to do is to use the keyboard to send messages.

This is not a QWERTY keyboard, as the Play Store says.
MessageEase Keyboard doesn’t look like any other keyboard app. It is, in fact, very different from other Big Keyboard
The keyboard has nine large keys that have all the letters of the alphabet on them uniquely.

One of the three big keyboards is number 3.

1C Big Keyboard is excellent for phones with small meshes and big fingers. It uses 100% of your phone’s net.
You can adjust the size at any time.
You can type on a QWERTY keyboard with two rows per row.


The fourth thing is the simple big keyboard. 

The name says it all. 

It doesn’t have things like auto-correct, word prediction, sound, themes, or even emojis. 

Often, the app only looks at big buttons that make typing easier for people with big hands. 

Simple: The app doesn’t even have a setting page. 


A standard keyboard has big buttons.

This app is very similar to the Simple  Big Button Keyboard app. It doesn’t have emojis, auto-correct, or word prediction like the Simple Large Button Keyboard app.
If you want to change the height of your keyboard with this app, you can. The app also lets you make the keys sound and vibrate.


It’s number six. CHROMA KNOB and Proofreader.

The Chrooma Keyboard app also lets you change the size of the keys. This is because the app is powered by artificial intelligence.
Apps like Chrooma Keyboard come with a built-in proofreader, so you can make sure your text is correct before you write it down.


In number seven, Touchpal is the best Big keyboard. It corrects itself, and there are no typos with this one!

TouchPal is one of the most incredible big button keyboard apps for Android that you can get.
It also works well on tablets.
While the app lets you change the size of the keyboard, you can also switch the layout to one-handed, split, or floating mode.


Go all out!

SwiftKey and Multiling O Keyboard + Emoji apps can also be used to make the buttons on your keyboard bigger.
Some of the apps in this post may not have all of the features they say they do.
Please don’t be too harsh when you judge them.

SwiftKey is a keyboard that lets you type faster than ever before.

In the first place, we recommend SwiftKey, which has a big keyboard
This isn’t just an excellent all-around choice, though. You can also change how big SwiftKey’s keys are.
As soon as you’re done setting up, click on “Resize” and make your keyboard the size you want it to be.

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