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By | February 4, 2019

Did you ever receive an email from a mysterious sender? Or you afraid of the spam links coming to your ways every then and now? Although all clients email can sniff them out and block with automatic catching, sometimes the marketers make their ways into your account and send some unnecessary, junk emails and you just cannot stop yourself blocking them out. Is there any way in Outlook to block a message or sender, and delete all messages from them.

Yes, there are more than one ways and you can have anyone you want a block in Outlook system.

Black an individual:

Here you want to block an individual email address from which you are getting emails, unnecessary, unwanted.

Just long in your Outlook account and navigate to the home tab.

See the Spam tab and click on the Junk

Block the sender and filter out all his sent emails under the junk folders. From now on that email address will not send an email to your address.

Method 2:

This method will let you delete all messages of a specific URL, and you will remove all current messages with a single tap. You are not required to manually do this, just use this way and have the simplest way to get the job done.

Open your Outlook account and navigate to inbox

When you open the inbox and the message, you see the Sweep option on the upper side, just like in the image

Now, it will ask you to select the option from the new Windows, here you go with the second option “Delete all messages from the inbox folder and any future message”.

Now, you see the Outlook will delete all messages from the address and any future messages will automatically go in deletion without sending it to you in the inbox.

Block sender list set up in Outlook:

There are some phishing groups working in inappropriate ways to steal from you. The simple ways of attacking a person online would be using phishing method and it usually is done sending emails. You just click on the email and you get into the trouble and lost everything stored in the computer. Some ransomware attacks have also been carried out using the identical method.

Beware of such spammy and phishing email address; the common address can be,, or any other Earth Link address.

So, in Outlook you can create a block sender list and add them into blocked URL or blocked center options. Outlook will automatically filter out emails received by these email addresses and directly send them to the Junk folder or perform as you set up the settings.

Select Home> Junk >Junk email options and click on the blocked sender’s tab. Click on the Add button and enter the country code, a group domain, fake company name, we have mentioned some. You can add them as per you receive the emails. Check the junk folder and see the spammy links, add all of them and get rid all of them once and for all.

Click on the OK button > Apply > OK

Manage Junk/spam mail filtering:

You sometimes see a valid email has been sent out in the spam folder. This may be you have chosen the sensitivity level high, and when the Client email sees a tiny suspicious thing in an email, it just kicks that into the spam folder. You need to manage the sensitivity of the junk or spam filtering as per your preference.

Click Home> Junk> Junk Email option

You see here the automatic filtering has been turned off automatically by the Outlook. You can use the given four customized options

No automatic filtering (This option does not automatically filter email message for junk folders)

Low (Only send most obvious spammy email to the junk folder)

High (Catches the most of the junks but also send some important emails to the junk side)

Safe lists allowed only (This send the messages only from the safe senders, others will be directed the way of Spam or junk)

So, you will have to manually create a safe sender list and use them to send only the emails from them to the inbox.

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