Is Bob Esponja A Scam

What is Bob Esponja?

There’s no question that Bob Esponja is one of the most well-known TV shows ever. 
This show made by the Nickelodeon channel managed to win over both kids and adults with its characters who lived in Fondo de Bikini and went on crazy adventures. 
In its long history, it has been made into many different kinds of animated movies and shows. 
Su popularidad también llegó Latinoamérica, teniendo Balvin como uno de los cantantes para promocionar una de las cintas. 

Bob Esponja: Um Heroi Fora D’água” is one of the two best things in Megapix this week.

The best part of the sixth (29), which starts at 7:20 p.m., is the Duplo Program, which has two animations of SponBob Esponja, well-known character from an animated cartoon series.
The longas, which make their debut on the canal, go with the marine serezinhos as they go on their adventures. 
The SpongeBob SquarePants Biblical Event is the Original Film of the Bob Esponja  SquarePants: Um Herói Fora D’água, Session Megapix of the week.

Is Bob Esponja A Scam?

In a new DLC pack, ” Bob Esponja,” Nickelodeon’s most famous nautical character, and his friends come to Minecraft. The “SpongeBob SquarePants” DLC came out because Nickelodeon and Spark Universe worked with Mojang to make it happen.

Since it came out for the first time, the game has also gotten a lot of updates with significant changes, new regions, mobs, items, trailers, enchantments, etc.
These things kept the game exciting and people playing, just like the new crossover with ”  Bob Esponja.”

spongebob Characters

Patrick Star: He is a pink starfish and is Bob Esponja best friend. He lives under a rock and is full of joy, being the only character who is dumber than Bob.

Squidward Tentacles: His name is a fusion between Calamar and Eduardo. He is the cashier of the Crustacean Krujiente, a neighbor squid of Bob. He hates and doesn’t treat him well, but deep down, he feels sympathy towards him. He likes art and plays the clarinet.


Mr. Krabs: He is a crab owner of the Crustacean Krujiente, the boss of  Bob Esponja and Squidward. The most important thing for him is money, even selling a part of his body or the life of a friend for a few cents.

Arena Cheeks: It is a squirrel that lives in a diving suit under the sea. He lives life with action and adventure, and the danger of deadly underwater maneuvers is his favorite fun.

Plankton: He is the rival of Don Cangrejo with his restaurant El Balde de Bocados. He is a tiny creature who is always planning to take over the world, almost always taking advantage of Bob Esponja naivety, but he never succeeds.

Gary: Bob’s most faithful pet in the form of a snail. He often helps Bob however he can, and Bob takes good care of him. It is cute and very soft.

Mrs. Puff: She is a puffer fish and the teacher at the Blowfish driving school who is always in trouble, thanks to Bob Esponja

sponge bob

how old is spongebob ?

The show’s creator, Stephen Hillenburg, says SpongeBob is meant to be for people of all ages.

Hillenburg has also said that SpongeBob is 50 years old in “sponge years,” but he is probably a lot younger in human years.esponja

spongebob background

Even though there is no official human-to-sponge years ratio, the two times we see SpongeBob with a driver’s license give us an idea of how old he might be in human years spongebob sky

spongebob pictures

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