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Walmart BrickSeek PS5 told PCMag that during the Gamer Drop event, it would not sell any PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, or Nintendo Switch OLED units.
Since then, this has been added to the page for the Gamer Drop event.
Still, Walmart BrickSeek PS5 shows that the Xbox Series S will be available during the promotion.

Distinct headline


If you want PlayStation or Xbox Series X, Walmart is dead end. 
On Saturday, January 7, it will sell the two control centers in some stores.


For an organization-backed “Gamer Drop” event, the deals in stores are must. 
From what another page on says. 
The store doesn’t say that the Xbox Series or the Walmart BrickSeek PS5 will be sold during the event. 
The page says, “Come with us to the store on Saturday, January 7, to stock up on video game must-haves and get some must-have items. 
Along with the text is picture of PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch OLED console.

The Gamer Drop event (

In addition, Walmart has made a new inventory for the event, which includes the Walmart BrickSeek PS5 and Xbox Series X.big lots
The event is only happening at a few Walmart stores, though.
Enter your ZIP code on the store’s Gamer Drop site to find out which ones.
Walmart also says that store layouts are subject to change.

We’ve reached out to Walmart BrickSeek PS5 to find out more about the upcoming event, and we’ll update the story if they stock
In the meantime, the group’s website looks good.
For a long time, the Gamer Drop will have “incredible prices” on the Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox stages.
In the same way, the event index has PC gaming equipment like workstations and work online shopping

If you do partake, prepare for long queues.
Some people set up camp the other day because of past in-store deals for the PS5 and Xbox Series X at different stores.

Check out our guide for tips on how to watch a Walmart BrickSeek PS5 or Xbox Series X while you’re out shopping for Christmas.

FAQ Brickseek Ps5 2022

PS5 restock alert: Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are coming out on Wednesday at Walmart.

Walmart sold out of the Walmart BrickSeek PS5 right away.
And the Xbox Series X control center when Walmart+ customers got their packages on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, people who are part of Walmart+ will get another chance to compete for the most popular computer game control center.

At the request of retailers, Walmart’s Brickseek PS5 won’t show PS5 stock anymore:

Sony’s PlayStation 5 (PS5) has become one of the most wanted things for the holidays.
Many people are uninformed because Sony doesn’t tell them anything about stocks and drops.
People have found that services like Walmart BrickSeek PS5 have been beneficial.
The same thing, however, will not show PS5 stock results anymore if the stores ask for it.

Walmart’s Head of Customer Success for PS5 says that BrickSeek

Walmart BrickSeek PS5 says that retailers have talked about making query items inaccessible for the new control center.
This is true for Microsoft’s PS5 and the Xbox Series X|S.
In response to a tweet, John, the Head of Customer Success and Communities at Walmart BrickSeek PS5, says in a tweet, “In line with retailers, indexed lists for the new control center have been disabled.”
If it’s not too much trouble, go to your local stores in the morning to check on stock for this thing.
Please always pay attention to people who work in stores.
“Good luck to everyone!”

We talked to John to better understand what was going on.
He told us that Walmart BrickSeek PS5 and Target are the two stores being discussed here.
However, he says they are trying to find ways out of the situation.

“We are trying to figure out how to help people find the center of control.”
When it came to the retailers’ requests, John told us.

How many people have Walmart BrickSeek PS5 in their circles?

The Walmart BrickSeek PS5 was being watched by more than a hundred thousand people all over the United States.
People can look on the site for the PS5 SKU (stock keeping unit), which tells them how many units are in the nearby Walmart stores.

Walmart has had a lot of walk-ins early in the morning.
People who wanted to see what was available at their nearest Walmart BrickSeek PS5 stores went outside and camped out for more than 7–10 hours.

The chance to take home the Walmart BrickSeek PS5

Some stores have had as many as 60 people camp out in front of them to get a chance to take the Walmart BrickSeek PS5 home with them.
“I think it’s essential not just to help people keep track of these things, which is sometimes an arrangement in and of itself.
“Also, keep an eye on related investments like regulators, chargers, headsets, games, and so on, “John says.”

“We track what’s in stock at local stores and tell people about it.
So they can add these things to their shopping lists and make productive trips to the stores to gain time and money.

Trust BrickSeek

We’re sure BrickSeek will find a way to get around the retailers’ requests, but we have a suggestion for how you can keep up with the latest Walmart BrickSeek PS5 restocks and drops.

Check out our Twitter page.

Follow us on Twitter @@spieltimes to find out quickly when there is a drop or restock.


How to use  Brickseek Ps5 to find deals at Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, and more!

If you don’t know what Brickseek is, you’re missing out on a lot in the clearance world!
If you see a post about a sale item, you can look it up to see what your local store charges for it.
It’s not hard at all.

First, you’ll need either the SKU or UPC number.

Let me go back a bit.
Prices on and in the Walmart app aren’t always the same. You can’t always count on the merits on to be the same as the prices in the store.

Changes to PopFindr and BrickSeek PS5 Restock

PopFindr says that the PS5 is sold out at most stores, including Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Sam’s Club, Target, and Walmart. Some stores may have blocked their stock information, though.

But PopFindr said last week on Twitter that it will be tracking PS5 and Xbox Assortment X stock, so you’ll want to follow the stock checker on Twitter to know when consoles become available.

Fans of video games might not be able to count on Brickseek Ps5to help them get a brand-new PlayStation console for a while.
When people use BrickSeek to look for PS5 stock, they see this message: “At the request of the retailers, search results for this item have been turned off.”

Amazon doesn’t have the PlayStation 5 right now, and the site says, “We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.”


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