Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies Survival Tips

Surviving the Zombie Mode in COD takes a lot of strategies and preparedness. The fight against the undead is not a battle to go into without enough tricks up your sleeve. That’s why we have everything you need to survive in this article. With our survival tips, you can face even the replicating Megaton and kill the twin monsters it begets.

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So, if you’re ready to kill some zombies, check the amazing tips below.

Tips to Survive the Zombie Mode.

  1. Earn Many Points fast

There are many reasons to earn points very fast on Zombie mode. You need advanced weapons to fight the undead, and the best way to get them is to use points. You need points to unlock the pack-a-punch machine, you need points to get the Mystery box, and you also need points for important perks.

So, no matter what, earn points from completing many objectives and others actions that gift players coins in the game.

  1. Get the perks that matter

There are many perks in Zombie mode that helps players stay alive. But the two that maters more to your survival include Quick Revive and Juggernog.

Juggernog increases a player’s strength by multiplying it by three. Instead of dying after two hits, you can only go down after six hits. With this, you can live longer and kill more monsters. However, you need 2500 points to get the Juggernog perk.

On the other hand, quick revive helps players revive themselves or other teammates when they go down. Imagine that you can stand up after every six hits and still finish off the enemy. That’s why you need these perks. But note that you need 500 points to get this perk.

  1. Participate in Trial Events

Trails will equip you with advanced weapons to destroy the undead. Also, after completing them, you’ll earn much-needed points in the game.

There are many challenges and rewards in every Trial. Also, you’ll face different challenges and different rewards in every version of the game. For instance, in COD Black Ops 111, you’ll find the Top trial, Left trial, Right trial, and Bottom trial. The challenges are tough, but the rewards are worth it. If you complete the Top Trial, you’ll get a “Max Ammo Power-up.” The left trial gives you Pack-a-Punch HG 40, L4 Siege, MX Garand, FFAR, NX ShadowClaw.

So, if you need those surviving weapons and perks, plus great points, take on the Trials in any of the COD games you’re playing.

  1. Don’t stand still ever.

No matter how quiet or comfortable you get on any Map, don’t ever standstill. It’s best to be a moving target than an easy-to-kill target. A shot at the head might not be easy to dodge or heal. So, always move to avoid Zombies.

If you relax your guard even for one second, a zombie might respawn close to you and finish you off. Everything on this mode is to kill or be killed. Although level one offers more leniency, higher levels are more deadly.

So, always be on the move to make it harder to be killed.

  1. Pack-a-Punch Machine is a lifesaver.

Surviving the Zombie Mode is even harder without the Pack-a-Punch machine. While we all know it’s not an easy feat, unlock this zombie-killing machine if you want to survive the game. Once you unlock it, you can kill many enemies with advanced weapons.

You can upgrade the weapons you use up to three grades ranging from the first that costs 5000 to the third that costs 30,000 points. Even though you’ll spend a lot of points, the weapons you’ll use will keep you alive.

  1. Never be the lone wolf.

It’s easier to play the lone wolf for the Solo Mode. But when you’re playing the Zombie Mode as a group, make sure you don’t wander off. Even in real-life battles, players stick together to protect one another. So, while fighting the undead, don’t be a lone wolf.

Make sure you have some other player with you all the time. If a crazy undead shoots you down, you can be supported and revived. Also, if you don’t want to face many angry-looking monsters after your soul, stay with your teammates.


It’s possible to die in Level one if you fight the undead without strategies. That’s why we’ve provided the best support for you in this article. You can also get the best Call of Duty cheats to simplify the game. But no matter what you do, earn as many points as possible and get the Pack-a-Punch Machine fast.

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