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What is chromebook charger ?

Chromebooks are thin and light, but they may quickly become pricey paperweights if they don’t have access to a dependable power source.
You should always keep a replacement Chromebook charger on hand in case you lose or break your existing one.
Here are some of the top replacement chargers for Chromebooks that are currently on the market.

So far, there aren’t a lot of universal possibilities for Chromebook connectivity.
USB-C, on the other hand, is steadily rising in popularity as a connector for more recent devices.
As a result, we’ve attempted to include some of the best brands and some of the best Chromebook laptop chargers.

Features Chromebook compatibility

Find Chromebook accessories that are compatible with your laptop.
Products that have been tested and found to be compatible with Chromebooks will display the Works With Chromebook badge.

TOP Best 10 chromebook charger 2021

1:Acer Chromebook charger

In most Acer Chromebooks and certain Acer Windows laptops, a 65W charger is required to power them.
Thus, chargers are readily available and inexpensive.
Internal diameter is 1mm and exterior diameter is 3mm for this connection.
As well as the Aspire S5, R, and V, the charger is compatible with Acer Chromebooks ranging in size from 11 to 15.

2:AC Adapter Charger for Toshiba Chromebook 2 CB35-C3350, CB30-B3123, CB35-C3300

Replaces Toshiba Chromebook 2 CB35-C3350 AC Adapter Charger Power Supply for Toshiba CB30-B3123, CB35-C3300.
Included is a Power Supply Cord for your convenience.

Recommendation of Replacement (not an original Toshiba Product).

19.4 volts, 2.37 amps, and 45 watts (19V 2.37A 45W)

50/60 Hz, 100-240VAC 50/60 Hz

Ships quickly from the United States with a three-year warranty on parts and labour.

Safety: Overvoltage, Short-Circuit, and Over-Current Protection in Tested Units

3:HP Chromebook 11 G3 14 G3 Laptop AC Adapter Charger

HP Chromebook 11 G3 14 G3 Laptop AC Adapter Charger and power cord will be sent to you in perfect working order and will match the specified model exactly.
If you’re looking for the best laptop ac adaptor charger on the market, go no further than this one.
As with your original laptop charger, you may expect to get the same level of performance.

4:Samsung Chromebook charger

PowerSource makes a new charger for Samsung Chromebooks, and it has a seven-foot extension wire.
It’s not as powerful as some of the other options, but it’s compatible with the Samsung Chromebook 2 and Chromebook 3, so that’s something.
If USB-C isn’t your cup of tea, there are newer Samsung choices that do.


5:Dell Chromebook charger

Using the 65W Nicpower charger to charge your Dell Chromebook laptop is a great option.
If you have a laptop with an internal diameter of 5mm and an exterior diameter of 7.4mm, this charger will work with it.
The overall length of the Nicpower charger is approximately 10 feet, allowing you to work wherever you feel most at ease.

6:Sony CCD-TRV318 Camcorder Accessory Kit includes

Product specifications are included in this section.

The SDNPFM50 Battery and SDM-101 Charger are included in the Sony CCD-TRV318 Camcorder Accessory Kit.

7:USB-C Chromebook chargers

These final two Chromebook replacement chargers are the handiest and versatile.
In addition to charging Chromebooks, these chargers may be used with a wide range of devices thanks to their USB-C connection.
Among other things, they may be used to charge Android phones, headphones, and power banks with ease.

8:Nekteck USB-C Charger

Adding this charger to your Chromebook charging station is a great way to increase its capacity.
Because the cable is integrated inside the device, you won’t have to worry about losing it as you may with some other solutions.

9:Jabra Wall Charger 14183-00

Wall charger for Jabra PRO 9400 and PRO 900.

Type of AC Adapter:

Item Type: Add-on

We strive to provide you with the most accurate product data.
We haven’t vetted any of the information you see here, which is provided by manufacturers, suppliers, and others.


Lenovo Chromebook 100e 300e 500e C330 s330 c340 s340 c340-11 C340-15 S340-14 n23 yoga 14e 14w 11e, Type C Laptop Charger Compatible with 2nd generation mtk ast Chromebook 100e 300e
Supported Models: Compatible with Acer Chromebook 14 R 13 13 11 15, Samsung Chromebook Plus Pro XE513C24 XE510C24 XE513C24-K01US, 315 311 512 715 714 314
C302CA C302C C302 C101PA C101P C101 C213SA C213S C213 C523NA C523N

– Chromebook charging FAQ


Why won’t my Chromebook charge?

A: There are a slew of possible reasons why Chromebooks have charging issues.
Make sure your charger and Chromebook are clean, and that the charger is properly connected into the power before using them.

Q: May I use my Chromebook’s charger to charge my cell phone?

A: That varies.
You must have USB-C ports on both your Chromebook and your phone.
Your phone is not compatible with chargers made specifically for the manufacturer, such as the ones listed above.
Moreover, charging rates may be poor or they may not function at all if your charger and Chromebook aren’t compatible.

Can you use a phone charger to charge a Chromebook?

What’s the answer?
See the answer to this question in the previous paragraph.

When using a Chromebook, is it possible to charge it without a charger?

A: I’m not sure how to answer this one.
You can always use a power bank or a vehicle charger if you don’t have access to an outlet.
To charge your Chromebook through USB-C, go to the Power menu and choose USB-C as the method of charging.

What is the best way to charge a Chromebook?

It’s not possible to charge your Chromebook quicker, but you can do a number of things to prolong its battery life and reduce the number of times you have to plug in.
Turning down the brightness, disabling Bluetooth, and removing accessories such as a corded mouse may be helpful.

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