How to Solve Hard Drive not working Error Code 2000 0142

What is Hard Drive?

The non-volatile data storage device is known as a hard drive (sometimes referred to as a hard drive, HD, or HDD) Error Code 2000 0142
It’s typically built inside a computer and connected directly to the motherboard’s disc controller.
An air-sealed case protects one or more platters inside of it.
When writing data to platters, a magnetic head travels quickly across the platters while they are spinning.

How to Solve Hard Drive not working?

Sluggish performance, strange noises (clicking or loud component sounds), and a rise in the number of corrupted files are all indications of a not working hard disk Error Code 2000 0142.

These are classic signs of a not working hard disk and you should take immediate action to prevent the loss of your important data.

What is Hard Drive Error Code 2000 0142?

As a result, if your PC is refusing to cooperate and giving you boot menu error messages like Dell Error Code 0142, you’re going to see a lot of them.
Dell error code 2000 0142, although rare, may have serious ramifications.
If you have this issue, you may have to buy a new hard drive for your computer (Dell support will provide a replacement if your computer is still under warranty; contact Dell support to see if your system is under warranty).

 Hard Drive Error Code 2000 0142: What Causes It?

Pre-Startup Assessment (PSA) helps Dell PC users identify which hardware components are malfunctioning when they experience a Dell ePSA error number.
In the event of a failure, the tool will provide an error code based on where the problem occurred.
Corrupted memory, CPU failure, or a failed self-test on your hard drive are all possible causes of these errors.

The Dell error number 2000-0142, commonly known as Error Code 2000 0142,” denotes the third case mentioned before.
The SATA connections connecting the hard drive to the motherboard may sometimes resolve a Dell problem Error Code 2000 0142
If you receive an ePSA error code, such as Error Code 2000 0142, be sure to attempt this repair first.


Unfortunately, a failed hard drive is the most probable reason Error Code 2000 0142
If you hear clicking, beeping, or grinding sounds coming from your hard drive, or if it fails to spin up at all, your hard drive is dead.
However, it’s possible that your hard drive may fail without producing any audible sounds.

Reinstalling your operating system and getting everything back to the way you want it may be a pain, but it’s not impossible.
When your hard drive crashes, coping with important data such as family pictures or company papers may be difficult.

How to Solve Hard Drive not working error Code 2000 0142

Our customer was unable to start their Dell PC because of a boot failure in this instance.

Using the Dell PSA hardware diagnostic error tools, they came across problem number Error Code 2000 0142

To put it another way, the PSA error number indicated that the internal 1 TB Samsung HDD in the client’s PC had failed.

To check whether their data might be salvaged, the customer brought their hard disc to a nearby computer repair shop.
The customer was then referred to us for data recovery by the repair experts.

Our cleanroom received the hard disc and immediately sent it to be analyzed.
The Samsung HDD was examined by our cleanroom hard drive recovery experts in order to determine the root reason for its demise.

The magnetic read/write heads had failed, and that was the source of the Error Code 2000 0142  number, they discovered throughout their investigation.
The hardest-working parts of a hard disc are the read/write heads.
As a result, they are often the first parts to fail.

Copper coils are used as the read/write heads, and they rest at the ends of enormous metal arms.
These arms can move up and down thanks to a voice coil, which keeps the heads slightly above the radii of spinning disc platters.
Modern HDDs almost always have a head stack array, which is a grouping of several individual heads.

These heads float just a few nanometers above the platters when they’re working properly.
Stack arrays in the brain conduct electrical currents back and forth.
Magnetic fields on tiny areas of platters may be transmitted and altered using this current.
This is how the hard drive’s heads read and write data using a combination of reading and write operations.

Fixing Dell Error Code 0142 by Replacing the Read/Write Heads

Replacing a failed read/write head on a hard disc is a delicate and time-consuming process.
It should only be attempted by hard disc data recovery professionals.
When our engineers searched our HDD donor library, they were able to locate a match.

Our engineers have to go through a slew of donated heads until they finally locate one that fits.
Due to the uniqueness of hard drive calibrations, even donor heads from the same HDD type may not function properly. This is an issue.
Fortunately, this Samsung hard disc just needed one pair of read/write heads to be restored to full functionality.

Heads for Reading/Writing
Aftereffects of Data Recovery

Our experts were able to begin reading data from the client’s HDD after just one set of new heads was installed.
After that, our logical imaging experts took care of the Samsung ST1000DL004 drive. Error Code 2000 0142 c with the aid of our specialized data recovery software.
During the imaging process, we might do some logical analysis on this disc.

In fact, we had no problem reading every file on the hard drive thanks to our new healthy replacement heads.
Our knowledge of the whole disk’s contents grew as a result of this process.
In order to save time, we used the drive’s bitmap file instead of having to image the whole thing.
We could speed up file delivery by only imaging the portions of the disc that were really being utilised.

What to Do If You Get a Dell Error 0142?

We were able to recover all of the lost data in this data recovery scenario.
Only 8.4 percent of the hard drive’s total capacity held 99.9% of the client’s files.
The recovery process was hampered by a few bad sectors on the platters.
However, all of the client’s vital business papers, such as their most current Quickbooks file, remained undamaged Error Code 2000 0142

The files were then examined by our data recovery specialists to ensure they were uncorrupted.
We provided the client with a list of recovered files upon their request.
This Dell error code 0142 data recovery case received a perfect score of 9 out of 10 from our team of data recovery experts.


Run the CHKDSK command using the Windows installation media.

The MBR contains information about where the installed operating system is located.
MBR corruption causes diagnostics Error Code 2000 0142 because it prevents Windows from recognizing the installed operating system.

The diagnostics problem  Error Code 2000 0142 may be fixed by using the CHKDSK command, a Windows built-in tool.
Furthermore, it aids in the reading of data from corrupted storage media sectors.
As a result of this issue, you’ll have to utilize Windows installation media to do a CHKDSK.
Using the Windows installation media and the CHKDSK command, let’s see whether we can solve this problem:

Reconnect the drive as an internal drive to your PC.

Restart or turn on your Dell computer.

While the PC is turning on, press the BIOS setup utility key.
To access this menu, use F2 on your keyboard.

Boot from a disc or USB by going to the “Boot” menu and altering the BIOS boot order.

After you’ve chosen your favorite language, click the next button to continue.


Decide on a course of action.

You have two choices: either reinstall Windows or replace the hard disc. Reinstalling Windows is the easier option.
If the DST test fails, the problem is usually severe, and a standard Windows reinstallation is unlikely to make a significant difference, although it may assist for a short amount of time.

Since a result, replacing the hard disc is preferable, as error number 0142 will no longer be an issue.
However, the decision is ultimately yours.

Last Words

Hard drive not working is often indicated by the error number Error Code 2000 0142 although that isn’t always the case.
We really hope that the information we provided above has been helpful to you in finding a solution.

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