How to Solve error 1035 2022

It’s happening to a lot of people when they try to update or set up their visual voicemail greetings. They get an error message that says something like error 1035
Visual voicemail lets you see the voicemail message that you get when you use your phone.
Voicemail greeting is the message that people will hear before they can leave you a message.
The problem is that users won’t be able to set up their greetings because of this.
This will be the full error message: “The operation could not be completed ( error 1035).”



The ‘ error 1035’ shows up on the iPhone mostly because of a problem with the voicemail settings.

The 1035 error means that either you haven’t set up your voicemail box or it has been reset after a recent update.Users can’t set up a greeting message for their visual voicemail on the iPhone because of an error. This is one of many problems.
In this case, you’ll get the error message shown in the following picture.

The job could not be done.
( error 1035.)

To fix your iPhone’s “ error 1035,” we’ve come up with six different ways you can do it.

It’s a problem with the iPhone or iTunes. What is the problem?

iPhone’s error 1035 or iTunes error 1035 is a voicemail-related error that most people have when they try to update or set up the voicemail greeting on their iOS devices. This is the most common error.
When this error shows up, you can’t use the voicemail on your iPhone because it won’t let you do that.
iTunes’ error 1035 is caused by a problem with the mobile network (carrier), so the solution varies depending on the mobile carrier and how you get their error 1035. error 1035: What’s causing this thing to happen?

We were able to figure out some of the most common things that could cause this problem.
When we looked at user reports and the repair strategies that people used to get their problems solved, we found that this was the best way to do it.

Here is a shortlist of common situations that could cause this error message:

It can happen because of the network settings on your phone, which isn’t letting your voicemail work the way it should error 1035
Many people who have been in a similar situation have said that they were able to solve the problem by resetting the network settings.

Using WiFi instead of cellular data can also cause this problem. If the device you’re trying to use voicemail on is using WiFi, this problem can also happen.
If this situation is true, you can solve the problem by turning off WiFi and using cell data.

In another case, your voicemail is not set up through the service provider.
There are also people who can’t set up voicemail through their phone settings, so this is true for them too.

People sometimes have problems with their cell service because of many different things.
Most people were able to fix this by turning their phones into Airplane Mode, which disconnects them from all of the cell service.

First, you can try to fix a problem on your iPhone with one of the six ways.

Turn off your iPhone.

There are a lot of things that could be wrong with your device if you don’t restart it.
A simple restart can help get rid of any cache files or background processes that might be slowing down the iPhone’s voicemail.

If you want to fix “ error 1035,” this is one of the simplest ways to do so.
It’s a good idea to restart your iPhone first, then try some of the more complicated fixes.

Then, switch to mobile data.

Errors in voicemail are common when your iPhone is connected to WiFi. One of the most common ways to fix the problem is to switch to mobile data and then turn off WiFi on your phone.

If you want to use mobile data, go to Settings on your iPhone. Then, follow the steps below to turn it on.


Check out this video to learn how to set up Visual Voicemail!

As we said before, the error is usually caused by problems with the voicemail on iPhone.
You can check your voicemail settings by following the steps below. You can also set up your voicemail.

Turn on Airplane mode.

Turn on Airplane mode on your iPhone for about 15 seconds and then turn it off to fix any network problems.

Reset the Network settings.

Airplane mode doesn’t work to fix the “ error 1035” on your iPhone. You’ll need to reset the network settings, which will only reset the Carrier and WiFi settings on your iPhone again.

Open the settings on your iPhone. Then, follow the steps below to reset the network settings on your phone.


In order to keep your iPhone up-to-date, you

If nothing works, you should think about updating your iPhone.
Updates could fix bugs that could be causing problems with software or hardware. They could also fix the “ error 1035.”

Take the steps below to make sure your iPhone is up to date.


“ error 1035.”

Visual voicemail does not work.
My custom greeting won’t save because this message comes up when I try to save it.
My voice mails are not being sent to my phone, and I also don’t know that I have a voicemail.
I have an iPhone 6. It has 16GB of space.
Because I have Verizon cell service, this problem is not unique to Verizon.
Googled it and tried all the suggestions that were online, but none of them worked for me.
A lot of time went by while I was at the Verizon store, and they couldn’t fix it either.
You should wait three days and see if it works itself.
It did not!
When I called Apple support, I spent hours on the phone with them and they still couldn’t help me.
I’m waiting for them to call me back the next day with a more experienced support tech.
After 4 days of looking into every possible solution, visual voicemail is still not working.
The fact that this simple problem can’t be fixed makes me angry.
Any other ideas?

The End

When you have tried all of the above solutions and still haven’t had any good results, get in touch with the nearest Apple store as soon as you can.
The problem could be caused by some hardware that stops your iPhone from getting better signals and stops the voicemail function from working.
People who are authorized by Apple can help you get rid of the  “ error 1035.” iPhone problem.

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