What is DPI?

DPI attains to dots per inch, which several generally includes the amount purpose of a printer. It belongs to the accurate ink weight on a lot of money, yet is also slightly confusingly applied to choose the pixel thickness of thought, too, also though one’s a mixed evidence

What is CPI?

CPI, also recognized as Counts Per Inch, typically transfers to the feeling of the mouse. It determines the number of actions that the mouse station paper when it moves one inch. The more valuable the CPI, the more painful it is to your efforts.

What is CPI VS DPI ?


What is CPI VS DPI

Mouse CPI

CPI points to “counts per inch.” Counts are mean units a mouse sensor is going by, including usually, the more expensive the CPI, the more sensitive your movements are going to feel.


 Dots Per Inch or DPI is a model of spatial publication or video dot body. It indicates the amount of individual dots that can be stored in a line to the extent of one inch. In other words

How? DPI Does Use Rather Than CPI?

Technically conversing, the proper term should be CPI. But alternatively, DPI is generally accepted. When the cursor jumps about, you are the ones looking for our screen. While reading about the mouse sensor itself, it is CPI.

how the difference between CPI VS DPI?

The CPI and DPI are two generally accepted names in the field of computer assistants, and also, if you should ever research a computer mouse if you click to buy a new one, you might have come over the term DPI. When you are over where to buy a new mouse, primarily gaming, it is one of the several essential points to contemplate.

Example of CPI VS DPI

1:Windows Sensitivity

2:3D Game Environments

3:CS: GO

4: Overwatch









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