How To Make Dell Command Update Download 2022

Dell Command Update Download is a stand-alone tool for client computers that offers updates for system software provided by Dell.
This tool streamlines the BIOS, firmware, driver, and application updating process for Dell client systems.
This post will serve as an educational tutorial and offer you a clear idea of how to do a stealthy installation of Dell Command Update Download from the command line using both the EXE & MSI installers.

How to Update Dell Command Silently

  • Access this link:
  • Create a folder named Dell-Command-Update-Application P5R35 WIN 4.1.0 A00.EXE in which to save the Dell-Command-Update-Application P5R35 WIN 4.1.0 A00.EXE (C:\Downloads)
  • By right-clicking on Command Prompt and selecting Run as Administrator, you may open an elevated Command Prompt.
  • To begin, go to the C: Downloads directory.
  • To unpack the setup EXE, use the following command:
  • /s /e=C:Downloadsdcu Exe Dell-Command-Update-Application P5R35 WIN 4.1.0 A00.EXE
  • Enter
  • Navigate to the folder “C: Downloadsdcu exe.”
  • Kindly execute the following command:
    /S /v/qn DCU Setup 4 1 0.exe
  • Enter

Upgrading Dell Command | Version 3.1.1

If you haven’t already installed Dell Command | Update 2.4, you may upload 3.1.x.
However, many clients are still on 2.4 and will need an update to 3.1.x.
I’m using Dell Command | Update 3.1.1 in this example published in February 2020.
We’ll look at how to introduce a new version and phase out version 2.4 smoothly.

Download the most recent version of Dell Command | Update from the Knowledge Base page for Dell Command | Update.

Nota bene: VMware Workspace ONE UEM supports only the Microsoft Windows 10 32- and 64-bit versions.
Dell Command | Update 3.1+ needs version 20.3+ of the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.

DellCommandUpdate.msi must be extracted from the EXE application.
To begin, execute the EXE to initiate the installation.
You will notice the status “Extracting DellCommandUpdate.msi” and may cancel the installation at this point.
For the 3.1.1 version of Dell Command | Update, the DellCommandUpdate.msi file will be placed at C:Windows58F8BA1C-1C6B-44EB-B34E-2AE95949D05F.
This MSI will be used in a subsequent step when uploading to the Workspace ONE UEM interface.

Navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > Native after logging into your Workspace ONE UEM dashboard.
Locate the Dell Command | Update 2.4 application.
If you have many applications, you may make use of the Search List or Filters.

Select Dell Command | Update and verify that the Version column reads 2.4.0.

You may get the most recent version of Dell Command by clicking on the following links:-

Download Dell Command 4.0 for Windows 10 32-bit and 64-bit computers by clicking here.

Download Dell Command 4.0 for Windows 7/8/8.1 32-bit and 64-bit computers.

Lessons Learned Through the Use of Dell Command update | Monitor in conjunction with Workspace ONE UEM

While I was testing with Dell CommandUpdates, a few VMware Technology Network (VMTN) users complained of experiencing difficulties with the BIOS profile.
Following some inquiry with our product team, I briefly share some lessons learned.

With VMware Workspace ONE UEM version 1904, the Dell Command Monitor client is seeded and pushed automatically in conjunction with the publication of the BIOS profile.
You are no longer need to push the Dell Command | Monitor client manually!
The console is seeded with version, although Dell has released version 10.2.1.
You may publish the newest version through Apps & Books; however, you should only do so if you need the current edition’s features.
The steps for implementing the Dell Command | Monitor client are detailed in the Operational Tutorial for Integrating with Dell Client Command Suite.

If your BIOS profile continues to fail to install, verify that the profile’s settings and configurations are compatible with the device type/model.
Bear in mind that the BIOS Attributes and System Properties sections of the BIOS payload are necessary and will result in the profile failing if the device does not support one of these values.

Tips for Troubleshooting 

Troubleshooting Windows 10: Operational Tutorial is one of my most popular lessons, and I’m planning some significant changes shortly! 

Meanwhile, if you’re attempting to raise the logging level to address Dell Command Update or Dell Command  Monitor difficulties, please check my fast recommendations offered in this VMTM article. 

Download the Dell Command Update Universal Windows Platform Update (UWP)

To get the most recent version of the Dell Command Update for Universal Windows Platform (UWP), please follow these steps:

  • Visit for more information.
  • Conduct a search for Dell Command Windows Update.
  • Download Dell-Command-Update-Application-for-Windows xxxxx
  • WIN y.y.y A00.EXE, where x is the software’s identification number, and y is the version number

Importance of Downloading Dell Command Update RECOMMENDED

Dell Technologies recommended that you install this update during your next scheduled maintenance window.
The upgrade includes modifications designed to improve the general health of the system.
It maintains the system software’s compatibility with other modules (firmware, BIOS, drivers, and software) and may incorporate additional new capabilities.

Dell Command Update Application

This package provides the Win32-compatible Dell Command Update utility.
Dell Command Update is a stand-alone tool for client computers that upgrades Dell-released system software.
This tool streamlines the process of updating the BIOS, firmware, drivers, and applications for Dell client devices.

Dell Update Command  Search


Last Words on the Dell Command Update

Dell Command | Update is a self-contained program for commercial client PCs that offers updates for Dell-released system software.
This tool streamlines updating the BIOS, firmware, drivers, and applications for Dell business client systems.
Additionally, this program may install drivers after installing the operating system and network drivers, depending on the computer’s identification.

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