Dr Coomer 2022

What about Dr Coomer 2022 ?

Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer is the saga’s tritagonist and a member of the Science Team.
Dr. Coomer is a strange, quirky guy with odd mannerisms and a penchant for cutting himself off and spouting crazy words.
Holly provides the voice for Dr Coomer.


Dr Coomer was a typical Black Mesa scientist before the tragedy.
He worked in the teleportation department and may have been instrumental in teaching the Bullsquids in the nuclear reactor that powered the facility to survive on the reactor’s radioactive sludge.
He may have been engaged in a human reproduction experiment, as proven by his many clones discovered in and around the Black Mesa facility, some of which seem to “give him power” once slain.
As a dedicated Black Mesa employee, he never left home without his Passport or his Black Mesa Silly StrawTM.
He was married at an undefined point in the past, probably several times; sadly, his wife was “stolen” during the divorce.


Most of the time, Dr Coomer is a cheery, endearing elderly guy with a kind heart. Yet, his AI programming causes him to repeat essential words often, forget fundamental concepts, and talk to Gordon akin to a tutorial NPC.
When he does think for himself, his conversation is often amusing, and he frequently replies to inquiries with nonsensical responses or the previously described repeated dialogue.


  • When Gordon inquires about the number of individuals Dr Coomer has murdered, Dr Coomer responds that he “lost count twelve days ago!”
    The group had only been together for around three days at the time.
  • He states that he initially desired a career as a boxer but chose instead to become a scientist because of his “blasted ex-wife.”
  • He is mighty, owing to his cybernetic upgrades and boxing training.
  • Additionally, destroying his clones may provide him with additional strength as he grows more physically aggressive as the series proceeds.
  • Additionally, he claims to experience what the clones feel.

Dr Coomer  in Twitter

Dr Coomer

Dr Coomer’s Quotations

” Take notice, Gordon!
These may be used to assist with huge pits!

This is a frequently repeated sentence that is nearly always followed by


” Gordon… Every time I fall asleep, I feel as if my body is being torn apart…
Atmosphere by Atmosphere…
Gordon, this is agonizing…
Gordon, I HAVE SEEN outside Black Mesa…
However, I am aware of YOU.
Gordon, there is a world beyond this one.

Is Hlvrai intelligent?

Half-Life VR with Self-Aware AI, otherwise known as Half-Life VR:
Self Aware AI (abbreviated ‘HLVR: AI’) is a Twitch streamer WayneRadioTV’s 2020 improv role-playing comedy machinima series.
Exactly five days ago

Benrey is who he is.

Benrey (variant spelling: Benry) is a Black Mesa Security guard and the protagonist who becomes the antagonist of the Half-Life VR, But The AI Is Self-Aware story.
Scorpy provides the voice for him.

Who portrays Coomer in his half-life?

Kleiner is the third from the right in this photograph.
Kleiner escaped Black Mesa during the Resonance Cascade and the ensuing Black Mesa Incident, but the precise manner he did so remains unknown.
However, when Kleiner and Eli approached City 17, Eli was attacked by a Bullsquid while assisting Kleiner over a fence.


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