Do You Need A Ekster Wallet 2022

What is Ekster Wallet 2022?

Ekster hand-tested information about the ” Ekster Wallet.” Ekster did not pay GearMoose and its team for this hands-on review. However, if you click on these links and make a purchase, we may get a small referral fee at no additional cost.

What about  Ekster Wallet 2022?

Ekster Wallet was launched in 2015 after a very successful crowdfunding campaign for their first cardholder, the identical wallet we’re examining now. Even though their wallets are the brand’s most prominent product, you should also check out their freshly released purses, cases, and accessories.

What did We examine?

Our ideal wallet combines four elements: a stylish design that compels us to use it, exceptional durability, practical usability, and a reasonable price. In further detail, let’s examine how  Ekster Wallet performs in each area.


There is no other wallet comparable to Ekster Wallet smart wallet
At first view, it seems to be a primary cardholder with an elastic currency band.
But behind the metal housing is an ingenious mechanism that allows you to spread out your cards at the touch of a button.


Despite its ingenious design, the Ekster Wallet overall longevity is somewhat compromised.
The casing is composed of metal, so you never have to worry about breaking; nevertheless, the elastic band and plastic mechanism are less impressive.

Simplicity of Use

However, despite its probable lack of durability, the  Ekster Wallet is by far the most accessible and compact wallet we’ve ever used.

This method works flawlessly whether you are holding two or twelve cards.
In addition, the band fits snugly into an RFID blocking plate to ensure the security of your cards while concealing your cash. minimalist wallet


With a retail price of $79 (and a reduced price of $67 at the time of publication), Ekster Wallet is one of the cheapest thin wallets of the new generation. e card case

Even their more significant Parliament leather  Ekster Wallet is less than $90. At first glance, the price-to-value ratio seems to be favorable. denner wallet

Despite my qualms about the durability above concerns, I would give it a good B-minus for value.

Additional Wallets by Ekster Wallet

If you don’t like the appearance and feel of the aluminum cardholder exhibited here,  Ekster Wallet offers many additional products worth noting.

Available in six colors, their leather-wrapped Parliament wallet is an excellent accessory for professionals.

The design of the Senate cardholder is identical to the aluminum cardholder seen above, but it is wrapped in leather for a distinct appearance and feels.

In addition, a Carbon fiber cardholder is very lightweight and almost unbreakable.

And last, a smart Modular Bifold with a detachable magnetic cardholder, in case you’re not ready to give up your previous wallet design.


Ekster Wallet Pros

  • Available in different colors and patterns
  • Allows you to purchase complementary items
  • You may pay more for wallet tracking.
  • Free delivery on purchases of at least $50
  • Provides refunds for up to thirty days

Ekster Wallet Cons

  • Customer service is relatively weak.
  • It may take some time to get your order.
  • There may not be enough space in the wallet for your cards.

Ekster Wallet Product attributes

  • Price range: $79 and up
  • Free delivery on purchases of $50 or more.
  • Returns: Within thirty days
  • Warranty: one year
  • Tracking: Only if the Tracker Card is purchased. Colors: Up to six.

Do You Need A Ekster Wallet 2022?

To accommodate all clients, Ekster Wallet manufactures both wallets and cardholders.
The most popular alternative is the Parliament wallet, a premium model with RFID technology that provides easy access to all of your cards.
Inside the wallet is an aluminum cardholder that lets your cards spread out when you press a button.
Using RFID technology, the metal protects your cards against card skimmers.
It costs $89 and is available in six colors:

  • Classic Brown
  • Napa Black
  • Roma Cognac
  • Juniper Green
  • Merlot Red
  • Steel Blue

This is the one I chose, and I must admit that I am rather pleased.
This  Ekster Wallet compact size is my favorite feature since I’m used to carrying a much larger, heavier  Ekster Wallet I seldom carry cash. Therefore, this wallet is ideal for me since it is mainly designed for holding cards.
Nonetheless, the wallet has an elastic band for carrying currency securely.

Sleeves and holders from Ekster Wallet

Because not everyone appreciates the aesthetic of  Ekster Wallet, the company now produces sleeves and holders.
The aluminum card holder with space for up to 15 cards and a separate cash compartment is a popular option.
The aluminum holder is available in Matte Black, Metallic Rose, Redwood, and Space Gray for $79 each. You may get a carbon fiber card holder for $119. It resembles a switchblade because you must click a button to release your cards. The holder is also available in a carbon-forged construction, imparting a distinctive surface roughness. The Senator cardholder features a leather cover and an aluminum holder inside. The most basic model costs $79 to purchase. There are six color options available, including Merlot Red and Roma Cognac. This is the one I attempted in my video, and I like it. I’ve been using a standard billfold wallet with an image of my favorite video game character, MegaMan, for some time.

Where Can Ekster Wallets Be Used?

There are no restrictions on where an Ekster wallet may be used.
I suggest these wallets to frequent travelers who want easy access to their cards.
As most Esker wallets incorporate tracking devices, they are also suitable for people who constantly lose their wallets.

You may hear horror tales about individuals whose card information was taken while carrying their cards.
RFID skimmers may steal all of your card information while you’re in line at the store or the ATM.
Ekster wallets use RFID technology to disable these devices.
This prevents anybody from stealing your cards or their data while you are out and about.

Ekster Carriers and Bags

You may discover that you love this brand’s  Ekster wallets so much that you want to purchase several of its bags.
The Weekender may very well be the only bag you need.
It is constructed with genuine Italian leather and has separate pockets for your laptop and apparel.
The Weekender retails for $295. However, it is often available for significantly less.

The Ekster laptop sleeve provides the necessary protection and security for your laptop.
This sleeve is compatible with laptops and tablets with up to 13-inch displays, and it has many compartments for storing a mouse, a charger, a phone, and a smart pen.

Who is it for?

Ekster wallets are ideal for anybody who wants more security on the road.
You may be aware that gas pumps and other equipment may include concealed skimmers, but you may not know that hackers can use portable devices to grab your cards from behind or next to you.
Most of these wallets conceal RFID-blocking circuitry that will prevent these devices from functioning.

Additional  Ekster wallet Accessories

In addition to  Ekster wallets and Tracker Cards, Ekster provides a vast selection of popular accessories.
Included among my favorites are:

  • Key Tracker
  • Key Holder
  • Magnetic Keyring
  • Cash Clip
  • Gift Bag

What Should You Purchase?

I believe that Ekster wallet is worth the money for users that want more security and are willing to pay extra for a tracker.
Included among my Ekster wallet favorite characteristics and motivations to purchase one of their items are:

  • You may take advantage of deals and coupon codes to reduce the price of most wallets to $100 or less.
  • If you spend $50 or more, Ekster will ship your purchase at no cost.
  • If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you have 30 days to return the wallet and any additional things you have purchased.
  • All wallets and other goods come with a one-year guarantee covering most potential issues.
  • Using a GPS map or voice command, you may monitor your wallet and its contents with the optional Tracker Card Ekster wallets
  • Some of these wallets contain a cash section and slots for one or more cards.
  • You may select various colors and patterns to get the ideal wallet or cardholder.
  • The wallet’s metal casing protects you against RFID scanners and skimmers.
  • You may join Ekster’s mailing list for free to get discounts and notices of specials.
  • The official website often provides free goodies with purchases.
  • Ekster wallet

Ekster wallet Last thoughts

The Ekster wallet may be appropriate for the minimum number of cards and cash holders.
It may function best as a front pocket wallet, or for individuals who would carry it in a handbag, backpack, or briefcase. And you may find the card ejection helpful function.
The  Ekster wallet  Parliament wallet offers exciting elements, such as its construction from recycled materials, and seems to be well-made, except for the edge seal. If the structure appeals to you, the Parliament might be of interest. A leather variant is offered at a discount.


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