Enhance Online Security with Proxies

Every time you make a request to access a website, you are doing it at the expense of exposing your IP address. This can hamper your online activity in case you are conducting web scraping, using multiple accounts on a single social media platform, or trying to access geo-locked data. Therefore, you can look for a reliable security system to hide your online identity for unobstructed web browsing.

One example of such an online security tool is residential proxies. These proxies, by proxy service providers such as Smartproxy, are extremely effective when it comes to hiding your geographic location. These proxies do so by masking user IP addresses behind real IP addresses from devices located in targeted locations. Thus, preventing them from getting flagged and blocked. Here, we will discuss the various aspects that make proxies a better security solution in contrast to digital security systems.


Working of Proxies

Proxies are online tools that allow users to conduct risk-free online activities. Proxies, such as residential ones, act as an intermediary server and replace your IP address with one generated by an Internet Service Provider (ISP).  These residential IPs belong to actual electronic devices from specific locations. Residential IPs are also registered in Public databases.


The Internet has become a global community, and billions of devices are connected to the internet at a certain time. When you use proxies to go online and request to access a website, your actual IP is hidden behind an IP address that is intercepted by website security algorithms as an actual device but with a different location. Users can employ proxies to conduct unlimited web scraping, observe market trends, devise market strategies, mask identity from stalkers, and more. 

Declined Security with Digital Security Systems

Hiding IP addresses to ensure online anonymity is just one aspect of acquiring security. In general, security measures in the form of digital security systems have become common in day-to-day life. However, several pieces of research have questioned the reliability and trustworthiness of such security systems.

Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Queen Mary University of London evaluated data of internet protocol IP security cameras manufactured by a Chinese company. Such cameras work by detecting motion and generating a stream of encrypted information in response. A camera user can easily monitor its home on the internet through a video feed. 

However, researchers made a very remarkable revelation that burglars could acquire important privacy-compromising information from data generated by security cameras without getting their hands-on video. In other words, a burglar-to-be with basic technical skills could reside near your house and monitor your household movement very easily. Such burglars can monitor your movements for a specific period of time and can predict certain patterns. This can potentially infringe the privacy of a household. 

Major security camera manufacturers like Xiaomi and Nest by Google could inject random streams of data into the system to prevent security breaches. But, it does not sound like a reliable solution for technology with an expected global market of $1.3 billion by 2023.


This research is the first of its kind and reveals shocking information about the unreliability of digital security systems. On the flip side, proxies can provide a far more reliable security solution with less risk of hacking from intruders. 

Benefits of Proxies as a Security Solution

Residential proxies work with rotating IP addresses that make them the most reliable and trustworthy security solution. They provide you with a layer of protection from infringers, cybercriminals, hackers, and more. The factor that makes them stand out from other types is the way their IP address is generated. Several factors are at play that makes proxies a better and trustworthy security solution.


The IP address of such proxies belongs to actual electronic devices from a precise location. Millions of IP addresses are part of IP pools. The proxies support multiple locations with accurate targets. Rotating IP addresses makes detection of such proxies extremely difficult. They allow users to conduct risk-free online activities. Lastly, companies offer a subscription of proxies with proper terms and conditions to ensure that users don’t employ proxies for illegal activities. 


You can find several proxy service providers online that offer proxies with paid or unpaid plans. However, it is important to notice that free proxies are less secure and prone to getting flagged and blocked. To get a more reliable security solution, you can opt for a proxy service provider with an affordable subscription.


Anyone would gladly invest in a reliable and trustworthy security system that cannot be breached or hacked easily. Security tools like proxies with affordable subscriptions are perfect for keeping users anonymous and enhancing internet privacy compared to modern digital security systems. Ironically, sophisticated security systems like security cameras might have the potential to make users more vulnerable to harm. So, keep things simple, and invest in proxies for a better, highly reliable, and far superior security solution.  

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