How To Improve At Err_ssl_version_interference In Google Ghrome 60 Minutes

Installing an SSL certificate protects you against online fraudsters who are always on the lookout for an opportunity to break a password code, steal data, or collect payment information.

However, employing an SSL has a cost.
You may experience various faults from time to time.
However, this should not dissuade you from using an SSL to secure your site and protect your visitors’ information.

Understanding how to troubleshoot difficulties enables you to visit your website or web page easily.
err_ssl_version_interference is a typical problem people receive while using the Chrome or Firefox browsers to view a website.

In this post, let us examine how to fix the ERR SSL VERSION INTERFERENCE problem in Google Chrome.


SSL is an acronym for ‘Secure Sockets Layer, a technical term.
It is critical for data transmission over TCP sockets.
Notably, Google Chrome also utilizes it to interact with secure websites such as YouTube, Google, and Facebook.

When Google Chrome attempts to load a website that uses the SSL protocol, you may see the err_ssl_version_interference issue.
This issue has existed since the inception of this web browser.
When this message appears, it indicates that an error occurred while attempting to determine the SSL version.
Additionally, there might be an SSL version issue on your device.
Typically, this mistake is readily rectified err_ssl_version_interference chrome

Why are you seeing this error?

There are many possible causes of the  err_ssl_version_interference  problem in Google Chrome.
Several causes include the following:

Your website or the website you are attempting to access does not support a TLS protocol version that is mutually agreed upon.

TLS 1.3 is supported simply by the client or server.
The opposing party opposes it.

TLS 1.3 is not backward compatible with prior versions of the protocol.

Certain websites deactivate 1.2 support.
This is unlikely to be a problem if you are using contemporary browsers.

Your SSL certificate may have expired or been incorrectly deployed.

Your computer’s date and time are configured wrong.

This is because of hardware acceleration.

Google Chrome or your antivirus software is out of date.

Browser cache data has been corrupted.

How To Improve At Err_ssl_version_interference In Google Chrome 60 Minutes

1. Delete Browsing Data

Clearing your browser’s cache is an excellent place to start.
There is a strong potential that the page is not loading due to cached data.

2. Deactivate TLS 1.3

Additionally, you may deactivate TSL 1.3 or Transport Layer security.
As it is in direct contradiction with the website’s SSL certificate.
To deactivate it,

3. Delete the DNS Cache

Additionally, the issue may arise due to a corrupted local DNS cache.
As a result, it is recommended that you cleanse your computer’s DNS cache.

4. Clear Chrome’s cache

Additionally, you may try resetting Chrome.
This will clear all previous settings and guarantee that nothing prevents you from accessing your preferred website chrome tls settings

5. Reinstall Google Chrome if necessary

If nothing else works, the last option is to reinstall Google Chrome.
To do so, go to Control Panel -> Uninstall a program -> Right-click Google Chrome and choose to uninstall err_ssl_version_interference gmail

How to resolve the ERR SSL VERSION INTERRUPTION error (For Visitors)

Verify the time and date on your computer.

In Windows, click the Start button to see the time and date.

Select Settings from the Start menu.

Locate and select the “Time and Language” option in the Settings menu.

After that, turn on the Automatically set time and Automatically set time zone options.

Disable antivirus protection

Before disabling your antivirus program, make sure it is updated to the most recent version.
Only if the issue continues may you deactivate it.

Delete browsing history

To delete your Chrome browser history, follow these easy steps:

Ctrl + Shift + Del to open Chrome.

You’ll see the option to Delete browsing data.

Select the Advanced tab within the period.
Select All time and then click Clear data.

Hardware acceleration must be disabled.

To turn off Hardware Acceleration, do the following steps:

Navigate to Google Chrome.

Navigate to ‘Menu,’ then to ‘Settings,’ and the ‘Advanced’ option.

Sliding reveals the category System.

After that, disable hardware acceleration.

Clear the DNS Cache

To clear your system’s DNS cache, follow these steps:

To begin, hit Win + R to open Run.

Enter cmd to launch the Command Prompt.

Disable and uninstall browser add-ons

Your browser extensions might be causing the  err_ssl_version_interference problem.

To gradually deactivate all installed browser extensions,

Navigate to Google Chrome.

Select More from the menu

Locate the Additional Tools option.
Select Extensions from the menu.

Deactivate the QUIC Protocol

To deactivate the QUIC Protocol, follow these steps:

Navigate to Google Chrome.

Enter chrome:/flags/#enable-quick in the address bar.

By default, the Experimental Quick Protocol may be activated.

Disable it, restart your browser, and return to the website where the issue occurred.


How to resolve the ERR SSL VERSION INTERFERENCE error in Chrome?

I’ve been experiencing issues connecting to some websites using Google Chrome.
Initially, just a handful displayed the  err_ssl_version_interference issue, but the situation has become worse lately.
It is affecting an increasing number of websites, and it is infuriating to be unable to surf properly.
The problem happened with a Windows upgrade.
I have Windows 10 and Kaspersky Internet Security installed.
Any suggestions for resolving this problem, kindly?

Utilize a VPN program to safeguard your online privacy.

When it comes to user privacy, a VPN is critical.
Not only may social networking platforms and other websites employ online trackers such as cookies, but so can your Internet Service Provider and the authorities.
Even if you use the most secure online browser settings, you may still be monitored through internet-connected applications.
Additionally, privacy-focused browsers such as Tor are not the best option owing to decreased connection speeds.
Private Internet Access is the optimal option for maximum privacy – remain anonymous and safe online.

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Data recovery software is one of the choices available to assist you in regaining access to your information.
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Using the program, you may avoid losing essential papers, schoolwork, personal photographs, and other vital information net::err_ssl_obsolete_version


While the  err_ssl_version_interference  problem in Chrome is inconvenient, it is fixable with the correct methods.
If you are facing an error on your system, the methods listed above may assist you in resolving the issue.


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