Exploring the Global Culture of League of Legends

Esports in general have become a global phenomenon, but League of Legends tournaments in particular have attracted a huge global audience. Players from around the world compete in leagues and competitions, supported by an ever-growing army of dedicated fans. LOL’s increasing popularity has evolved into a global culture with distinctly different regional characteristics. 

North America (LCS) 

The LOL Championship Series of North America was the original competitive league. Professional players in American teams tend not to be active on social media. It’s largely due to LOL in the US being predominantly concerned with business and the sale of official merchandise. However, American fans have a great capacity for camaraderie and humor, making matches incredibly entertaining. 

Europe (LEC) 

The European LOL community includes over 60 countries, including Great Britain, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium. The region has still developed a unique identity of its own. Fans often join local LOL organizations that are noted for their friendly atmosphere. European fans frequently indulge their adoration for all things LOL with imaginative cosplay outfits when attending events. 

China (LPL) 

The LOL fanbase is so devoted to their favorite esports first-person shooter they are credited with helping the region become more successful in tournaments. China’s professional players are often treated like celebrities and appear on the covers of magazines. Teams generally have their own stadiums which gives the massive audiences a home base. Merchandise is readily available during matches which are always lively and exciting. 

South Korea (LCK) 

Professional LOL players and fans in South Korea are particularly dedicated. Players take their training sessions very seriously with few days of leisure. Fans are especially interested in the game to the point of pressurizing executives over the decisions they make. LOL fans often allow their passion for the game invade everyday life. Teams are also under pressure to win at all costs. 

Vietnam (VCS) 

Vietnamese LOL fans always love to follow the fortunes of individual players from their home country regardless of which teams or leagues they play in. The players are equally passionate about the game and believe representing Vietnam is one of the highest honors they can achieve. 

Brazil (CBLoL) 

In spite of being a minor region, LOL fans in Brazil are incredibly enthusiastic about the game. They have an almost religious faith that their teams will eventually achieve some of the highest accolades. The number of LOL players in Brazil, both amateur and professional, is estimated to be around 60 million. 


LOL has become an established global culture in itself with subtle variations amongst the different leagues. Players and fans have contributed to the growing popularity of LOL. They help make local and world tournaments generally exciting, colorful events that include merchandise, costumes and awesome entertainment. Check out the culture of League of Legends without delay by visiting 1336pro.com

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