TOP BEST 12 funny weather app 2021-2022

What is a funny weather app?

Even if you check the  Funny weather app on your iPhone two or three times a day, you’ll always get the same dreary design.
For the day/week, all you have are statistics and predictions.
We’ve rounded up the funniest iPhone and iPad weather applications to spice up your forecasts.
Add some spice to the weather’s virtual avatar to get people talking about it again because it has fallen out of favor.
There’s a lot of wit and snark in these funny weather apps, which makes them delightfully amusing.

A  funny weather app makes monitoring current conditions and predictions more pleasant and amusing, regardless of whether it uses comedy, sarcasm, or a combination of the two.
You’ll have a good time with these humorous weather applications!

characteristics and criteria

When compiling this list of amusing weather applications for iOS, we kept these criteria in mind.

There’s humor for everyone’s taste: Not everything is humorous to everyone.
This is why we searched for  Funny weather apps that have a sense of humor, even if it is sarcastic or satirical.

Details about the nice weather:
Funny weather apps are entertaining, but they must also offer current conditions and predictions in addition to simply being a source of amusement.

TOP BEST 12 funny weather app 2021-2022

1:CARROT Weather

As a new user, you may not be familiar with the app CARROT Weather,  Funny weather app which gives users the ability to customize their weather personalities with caustic remarks based on their present location and future predictions.


Dark Sky’s HumorCast , Funny weather app  fueled by profanity, will have you laughing out loud.
You’ll come across a phrase that will make you chuckle about the miserable weather outside your window.
To find out if it’s hotter than Lucifer’s armpit or colder than a digger’s behind, read on.
This app will notify you if that happens.

3: Grumpy Cat’s Funny Weather

Want to avoid boredom by having angry weather forecasts?
“Grumpy Cat’s Funny Weather” is for you if the simple answer is yes.
Thanks to the witty remarks, weather monitoring will no longer be a chore with this app in your pocket.

4:Fu*** Weather

So, give the app free rein to say anything that comes to mind regarding what’s happening in your life!
Fu*** Weather is a real-time weather forecast that provides detailed information on the current weather conditions. Funny weather app
SPONSORED will block and record inclement weather!
In addition, any words and expressions describing the weather may be replaced.
Some of these settings can be modified by other people who have downloaded Fu*** Weather and used it.


Think about it: Do the clouds ever look down on us and say, ‘Look at all these stupid people?'”
Bad weather does not exist. Funny weather app
Just the wrong clothes for the weather.
Weather updates in this app with an oddly provocative moniker come with a slew of wisecracks.

6:Trump Weather

On the surface, the Funny weather app it seems to be a table with a week’s worth of meteorological data organized into boxes.
But what sets it apart is commented that seem like they came straight from US President Donald Trump’s quotation book, with gems like “no one respects ladies and clouds more than me, okay?” and “the consequence of not enough sanctions against North Korea.”


No other app will replace Bruhometer as your go-to weather app. Funny weather app
It tells it like it is when it comes to the weather.
There’s no need to try and decipher the weather anymore.
Bruhometer analyses the weather conditions for you using a sophisticated algorithm and generates a meaningful statement for you to consider.

8: Weather Up

Weather Up is quite popular, as shown by the almost 4,000 ratings it has received. Funny weather app
Prepare for the day ahead by looking out your window at the current weather conditions in your area.
You can get hourly and 10-day forecasts from the app.
While weather forecast icons vary, all symbols are easily understood by all users.

9: Can I Wear Shorts Today

When it’s hot outside, people only think about one thing: whether or not they should wear shorts.
Check out Can I Wear Shorts Today? if that describes you. Funny weather app
See the solution to that burning question by enabling your location or by typing it in at the top.

10:Troll Weather

Aren’t you sick of weather forecasters taking themselves too seriously and professionally?
Numerous figures don’t always accurately predict how you’ll feel after you leave the home, all based on dry statistics. Funny weather app


Meowzr is a weather app that features cat images! Funny weather app
It’s a lot of fun, and it gives you a good idea of the weather where you are right now.

12:Weather Duck

Kids are fascinated by the weather duck’s ability to predict weather patterns for the next day or week.
You must decide what to wear before you leave the house — a t-shirt or a raincoat?
When Weather Duck is installed on your iOS device, you’ll never be caught off guard by the unpredictable nature of the weather.

Apps that make you  about the Funny weather

Did I not warn you that these applications had a wicked sense of humor?
Take advantage of your newfound fondness for humorous weather applications on your iOS or Android device by making the most of them.
By the way, which one will you go without a second thought, and why?

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