10 Tips For Games Like Age Of Empires

What about Games Like Age Of Empires?

These games like Age of Empires should keep you entertained while you wait for games like Age of Empires
Whether you prefer a historical or a fantastical flavor to your strategy, there are plenty of countries here to conquer using your military maneuvering, resource management, and city planning abilities.
Some have very sophisticated extraterrestrial technology, while others will provide you with primitive Stone Age tools and wish you luck.
There are also a few surprises, such as an animal civil war and Tim Curry, that you would not anticipate from games like Age of Empires


Here are five excellent alternatives to Age of Empires:

0 A.D. Empire Earth Rise of Nations

Star Wars: Battlefields of the Galaxy

The genre of real-time strategy is well-known for its fierce competitiveness.
When played both offline and online, a skill gap exists between beginner and expert players.
Real-time strategy games such as StarCraft and Age of Empires need micromanagement skills in order to succeed.

10 Tips For Games Like Age Of Empires

1:Have An Abundance Of Villagers

2:Use Scouts At The Beginning Of A Match




6:Know The Game’s Controls

7:Attack Early

8:Learn How To Use Markets Efficiently

9:Dont Spend Too Much Time Building An Army

10:Take The Fight To The Sea

Top Best 6  Games Like Age Of Empires

1:March of Empires:

March of Empires is set in a brutal medieval era, in which you will march over the burning ashes of your opponents in a strategic quest to conquer and establish your empire.
Defend your castle, amass an army of brave warriors, and join the greatest MMO dedicated to world dominance.

2:Iron Harvest

Iron Harvest combines the real-time strategy elements of Age of Empires with the combined-arms tactics of Company of Heroes, all wrapped in an interesting “1920+” look.
This alternative chronology departs from reality, injecting fantastical mechs into post-1914 conflicts.

3:Sid Meier’s: Civilization VI

Civilization is a turn-based strategy game in which you must try to create a civilization that will withstand the test of time.
The game begins with you as a member of a primitive nomadic tribe as you gather resources, develop, and eventually become a world-conquering powerhouse.


Adapting a perennially successful triple-A first-person shooter franchise for a real-time strategy game seems like a catastrophe waiting to happen (albeit a very profitable one).
Thus, it was with some apprehension when the world proclaimed Halo Wars to be very excellent upon its first release in 2009 – followed by fresh excitement for the game after its 2017 PC adaptation.

5:Bad North:

I was blown away when I saw the trailer for Bad North for the first time.
This means that the game looks very different from the other strategy games I’ve played lately, but it’s still one of the finest real-time strategy games comparable to aoe3.

6:Cossacks 3

Cossacks 3 harkens back to the heyday of real-time strategy that gave birth to the Age of Empires.
It’s a straightforward repetition of the same enticing concept of base-building and base-besieging, done cleanly, prettily, and on a grand scale.

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