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Gang Beasts, an electrifying multiplayer game, is all about quirky characters engaged in absurd fights across various settings. To excel in this chaos, understanding the controls is paramount. This guide provides a meticulous breakdown of Gang Beasts controls, ensuring you not only understand them but also maneuver through the game with finesse.

The Basics: Maneuvering Your Character

The foundation of dominating Gang Beasts lies in mastering the basic controls. These commands govern your character’s movement, allowing you to walk, jump, crouch, and grab onto objects or opponents for survival. Understanding these controls ensures you navigate through the various arenas effortlessly

Advanced Moves: Mastering Combat Techniques

Moving beyond the basics, it’s crucial to delve into the realm of advanced controls. These commands unlock a plethora of combat techniques, from executing powerful punches and kicks to performing complex maneuvers, enabling you to outwit opponents and emerge victoriously.

Optimizing Strategies: Winning with Controls

Strategies for Control Domination elevate your gameplay by merging control mastery with tactical prowess. Learning to anticipate movements, strategically using controls, and adapting swiftly during chaotic confrontations become your key assets in the quest for victory.

Utilizing the Environment: Controls Beyond Characters

In Gang Beasts, the environmental controls play a pivotal role. Understanding how to interact with objects, manipulate the surroundings, and leverage these controls to your advantage can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Mastering Gang Beasts Controls

Gang Beasts controls demand finesse and practice. Mastering the intricacies of movement, combat, and environmental interactions is a continuous journey. By dedicating time to understand, practice, and apply these controls, you pave the way for a thrilling and victorious gaming experience.

Gang Beasts Controls More Information

Gang Beasts is a party game where you compete with up to four friends to be the last one standing. The game is physics-based, so you’ll need to use your fists, feet, and anything else you can grab to knock your opponents off the map or into hazards.

Here are the controls for Gang Beasts on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC:


  • Jump: A/X (Xbox/PlayStation) / Spacebar (PC)
  • Run: Hold A/X (Xbox/PlayStation) / Hold W (PC)
  • Sit: Hold A/X (Xbox/PlayStation) / Hold S (PC)
  • Duck: B/Circle (Xbox/PlayStation) / Hold Ctrl (PC)
  • Crawl: Hold B/Circle (Xbox/PlayStation) / Hold Alt (PC)


  • Punch: Left Punch/Grab: LB/L1 (Xbox/PlayStation) / Left Alt (PC)
  • Punch: Right Punch/Grab: RB/R1 (Xbox/PlayStation) / Right Alt (PC)
  • Kick: X/Square (Xbox/PlayStation) / Left Shift (PC)
  • Headbutt: B/Circle (Xbox/PlayStation) / Left Ctrl (PC)


  • Grab: Hold Left Punch/Grab and Right Punch/Grab (Xbox/PlayStation) / Hold Left Alt and Right Alt (PC)


  • Lift: Y/Triangle (Xbox/PlayStation) / Hold Down Arrow (PC)
  • Throw: Release Left Punch/Grab and Right Punch/Grab (Xbox/PlayStation) / Release Left Alt and Right Alt (PC)


  • Taunt: Y/Triangle (Xbox/PlayStation) / Enter (PC)


  • Use the environment to your advantage. There are many hazards on each map that you can use to knock your opponents off the stage.
  • Practice your grappling and throwing moves. These are essential for winning the game.
  • Be patient and don’t get discouraged. Gang Beasts is a difficult game to master, but it’s also very rewarding.

gang beasts controls xbox

When exploring Gang Beasts controls on Xbox, players experience a seamless and engaging interface tailored for the console. The Xbox version of Gang Beasts adapts its controls to suit the platform’s controller.

The controls on Xbox typically map to the controller’s buttons, allowing players to maneuver their characters with ease. For instance:

  • Movement: The left joystick controls character movement, enabling them to walk, run, or crouch.
  • Interaction and Grabbing: The ‘X’ button serves as the primary interaction and grabbing mechanism, essential for engaging with both opponents and the environment.
  • Jumping: The ‘A’ button enables characters to jump, crucial for navigating various terrains and evading opponents’ attacks.
  • Punches and Kicks: Triggering punches and kicks can be done using the ‘B’ and ‘Y’ buttons respectively, aiding in combat situations.

Mastering these controls on Xbox empowers players to execute a variety of movements, attacks, and strategic maneuvers, enhancing their gameplay experience. While the core functionality remains consistent across platforms, Xbox users might find specific button placements optimized for the Xbox controller, offering a seamless gaming encounter.

Understanding and practicing these controls on the Xbox platform will significantly contribute to mastery in Gang Beasts, ensuring an exhilarating and competitive gaming experience.

gang beasts controls keyboard

When playing Gang Beasts on a keyboard, the controls typically involve using keys for various in-game actions. Here’s a common configuration for Gang Beasts controls on a keyboard:

  • Movement: The arrow keys or the WASD keys are often used for character movement. Players can navigate their characters across the game environment using these keys.
  • Interaction and Grabbing: Usually, a specific key, like ‘E’ or ‘Spacebar,’ serves as the primary interaction and grabbing mechanism. It allows characters to grab objects or opponents.
  • Jumping: The ‘Spacebar’ key is commonly assigned for characters to jump. It helps in traversing different terrains and evading attacks.
  • Attacks: Different keys, such as ‘Q,’ ‘R,’ or ‘F,’ might trigger punches, kicks, or special attacks during combat.

Customizing controls on the keyboard to suit personal preferences is often possible in the game settings. Players can remap keys to optimize their gaming experience, ensuring comfort and ease of use during gameplay.

By familiarizing themselves with these keyboard controls and practicing regularly, players can improve their mastery of Gang Beasts controls, enhancing their gaming skills and enjoyment.


How do I perform a special attack in Gang Beasts?

To execute a special attack, combine specific button sequences. Experiment with different combinations during gameplay to discover unique special moves.

Can I customize controls in Gang Beasts?

Unfortunately, Gang Beasts doesn’t offer customizable control settings as of now. Players need to adapt to the default control scheme.

Are there specific controls for grabbing opponents?

Yes, to grab opponents, use the designated button when in close proximity. Experimenting with timing and angles can enhance your grabbing techniques.

Is there a tutorial for Gang Beasts controls?

Yes, the game features a tutorial mode that guides players through the fundamental controls and movements.

Can I play Gang Beasts with a keyboard or a controller?

Yes, Gang Beasts is compatible with both keyboard and controller setups. Choose the input method that suits your comfort and style.

Are there control variations between different platforms?

The core controls remain consistent across platforms. However, slight variations might exist based on the device used.


Mastering Gang Beasts controls is pivotal for an exhilarating gaming experience. The combination of basic movements, advanced combat tactics, strategic maneuvers, and environmental interactions ensures an edge in the chaotic arenas. Dive into the game, practice diligently, and dominate using the control mastery this guide provides

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