GeoGuessr Alternatives

What are GeoGuessr Alternatives?

GeoGuessr is a new method of gaming across the globe.
It is a web-based geographical discovery tool that allows its users to search for gaming styles from all around the globe.

GeoGuessr Alternatives

If you want to enjoy the greatest street view, then GeoGuessr is the finest method to this end.

It even enables visitors to build maps and much more.
But you must first purchase the professional version.
Like other mapping and street watching applications, GeoGuessr also benefits from Google Street View.

It also provides game-based maps and calls on users to devise the location of the globe using just visual clues.
This platform does not provide comprehensive information for readers beyond street views, compasses, and others like greenery, road signs, businesses, climate, and landmarks.
Photos of the major highways are nevertheless accessible.

Overview  of GeoGuessr Alternatives

GeoGuessr is defined as a geographic exploration web-based game developed by the Swedish IT consultant Anton Wallén and published on 9 May 2013.
The game utilizes a half-random ‘
Five games like GeoGuessr are available for Online / Web-based, Android, Self-Hosting solutions and SaaS.
The greatest option is the free City Guesser.
Other geoGuessr games like Free, Hide & Seek World (Freemium), GeoGuess (Free, Open Source), and MapCrunch are also available (Free).

How to use GeoGuessr Alternatives?

GeoGuessr is described as a web-based geographical discovery game created and released by the Swedish IT Consultant Anton Wallén on 9 May 2013.
The game uses a semi-random
There are five games such as GeoGuessr for online/web, Android, self-hosting, and SaaS.
The best choice is the free town guesser.
Other geoGuessr games are also available such as Free, Hide & Seek World (Freemium), GeoGuess (Free, Open Source) (Free).

TOP Best 10 GeoGuessr Alternatives 2022

Used to be free, GeoGuessr.
Without paying you could access all functions, but now it’s a premium site.

The free version is restricted in quality, making the platform less attractive for consumers.

If you are a GeoGuessr user and need an alternative, see the top 10 below.

1. Seterra

The Seterra app allows you to study geography while pleasuring.
It includes geographical quizzes on all continents and countries worldwide.

You will discover more about nation capitals, cities, rivers, lakes, and others using this platform.

Seterra has many geographical printables, including pdf maps of towns and nations, in addition to quizzes.

2. City Guesser

City Guesser is a browser game that’s probably the finest free alternative to GeoGuessr, except rather than using theGoogle Maps API it utilizes video.
Moreover, it’s free.
The game plays a full-screen video of a random site worldwide


Free flexible web application geoquiz.
This includes random street view drops, prominent attractions, or a flag mode.
Supported single-player modes and simultaneous multiplayer!

4. PlayGeography

PlayGeography consists of five game modes: country, location, flags, capitals and state/province.
There are also several levels for each game with different problem types.
Every entertainment has a timer, and the quicker you respond your request, the more points you earn.

5. Ducksters

Ducksters is one of the most unique free alternatives to Geoguessr and our initial Geoguessr solution.
The game is packed with missions to test the world’s knowledge.

6. GetLost

get lost is another option to GeoGuessr.
Like GeoGuessr, GetLost is both a free and a paid game.
But compared to the free edition of GeoGuessr, GetLost may be said to be far superior.

7:Random Street View

Random Street View is a street mapping tool that offers individuals across the globe a random street view of the world’s major sites.
It does not extend its services to all places worldwide.
However, it is still the greatest source for real-time street views throughout most countries including the US, the United Kingdom, Canada and a small number of African nations.

8:Google Street Discovery

Map Legend. Discovery. Map Legend.
500 m. 500 m.
A user-generated this map.
Learn how your own is created.
Manage account. Manage account.
Build a new map.
Open map. Open map.
Shared it with you. Shared it with you.

9:Hide & Seek World 

Hide & Seek World is once again a geo game inspired by GeoGuessr.
However, Hide & Seek World differs considerably from GeoGuessr since the platform is entirely multiplayer.

10: World Geography Games

Globe Geography Games provides fun and informative quiz games to children, students, adults and older people who wish to learn more about the world.
The quizzes contain questions about all nations and assist people “whether they practise for an exam, seek for a free interactive whiteboard resource or browse for the next location for holidays,” the creators say.

What is the best alternative for GeoGuessr?

So, these are several GeoGuessr-like games to improve your geography knowledge.
Multiple platforms, including online and smartphone devices, also have alternatives.
You may test several games and discover which one works best for you.
Features and choices are unique for each game.
Some features on one game may not be accessible on the other.
You may also attempt several GeoGuessr alternatives since they all have various questions.
If any of your games are banned, you may wish to attempt various ways to unblock the game.



We have written some of the finest Geoguessr alternatives in this post, but we can’t select them.
The variety of features differ across alternatives, so it all relies on the kind of game you desire.

Most of the options provide both free and paid services from Geoguessr.
Others of the premium versions of these games are more than adequate, while some of the mentioned games are free.

All of these games are worth your time so I hope you can discover the appropriate Geoguessr alternative and strategy.








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