Google Meet Grid View

Do You Need A Google Meet Grid View?

Google Meet is an internet conferencing service that lets users hold meetings and classes.
Users may need theGoogle Meet Grid View during a video conference, for instance. Chris risk created a small Google Chrome addon that fixed the problem. To be clear, Google’s grid view. In Google Meets, this plugin adds a grid-view button to the top right bar (next to the chat and the participant list).
Google Meet Grid View gives everyone an equal-sized window in meetings without a lead lecturer.

It also includes many add-ons to help you get the most out of your meeting.
It allows you to submit your video, highlight speaking, and hide individuals without video.

It also includes your video and the ability to highlight the speaker.
Without video, the opportunity to hide participants.
However, because this feature forces every participant’s video to load, it may cause performance concerns in large meetings.

How Accomplishes Google Meet Grid View Work?

Google Meet Grid View (Fix) is a Google Chrome add-on that adds a grid structure to Google Meet meetings.
According to the developer, this attachment can also be a quick workaround for the original Google Grid View attachment.

According to the inventor, customers have been experiencing the Google Meet Grid View not-working issue since July with Chris Gamble’s original add-on.
The same functionality is retained, but the pinning capability is removed, allowing users to preserve the grid feature for larger meetings.

On the desktop, activate the tiled view in Google Meet

  • Join a Google Meet meeting.
  •  Click the three vertical dots icon in the bottom right corner.
  •  Select “Rearrange arrangement.”
  •  Choose “Tiled” to show every meeting participant simultaneously.
  • Use the slider at the bottom of the “Change layout” window to change the number of tiles you see.
  • Click the four squares button to include yourself as a tile with the other participants at the upper right.
  • Google Meet Grid View

How to Select the Grid View Extension for Google Meet

Yet, Google Meet could only house four people in a webcam broadcast. As a consequence, the Google Meet Grid ViewChrome addon has increased in favor. Chris Gamble created a Chrome addon that adds a grid network to Google meetings as a temporary bribe.

Restart Google Meet (method 1)

The most basic solution to any application fault is to restart it.
The Google grid view fix could be found by re-opening the Google Meet program.

  •  Exit the Google Hangout.

Method 2: In Google Meet, enable Google Meet Grid View

Even though Google Meet didn’t enable more than four participants in its camera stream at first, the app eventually added a tiled view function. 

As a result, make sure the tiled layout is turned on. 

To do so, use the Google Meet grid view fix extension and follow the procedures listed below. 

  • Go to the Google Meet website. 

Method 3: Remove the participant’s pin

Google Meet’s pinning function allows you to pin any participant’s camera feed to be accessible to you.
This may interfere with the Google Meet Grid Viewnd and cause conflict.
To build a decent grid, the number of participants should add up.
As a result, follow the instructions to unpin a participant.

  • Find the people symbol with the participant number count in superscript on the Google Meeting page and click on it.


Method 4: Make use of the new Google Meet Grid View Extension. 

If none of the above techniques for enabling Google Meet Grid View in Google Meet worked, you might be pushed to use this Chrome browser extension. 

  • Drop out of the Google meeting. 

Method 5: Extension Update

Google Chrome automatically updates all of its extensions.
However, keep in mind that Chrome merely schedules these automatic upgrades.
It’s also possible that these appointments will be pushed back.
As a result, go through the procedures to manually check and update the extension Google Meet Grid View

Press the Windows key, type Chrome into the search box, and then click Open.

Reinstall Extension (method 7)

Reinstall the Extension if the update and re-enable methods do not work.
Please do the same Google Meet Grid View

  •  As in the previous way, open the Chrome browser.
  •  Type chrome:/extensions into the address bar and click Enter.

Method #8: Switch to a new Chrome profile

Chrome profiles manage bookmarks, extensions, themes, and settings.
Users frequently create multiple profiles to separate their personal and professional browsing.
There’s no harm in using a new chrome profile to make extensions work.
Follow the procedures outlined below to create a new Chrome profile Google Meet Grid View

  • As before, open the Google Chrome browser.

Questions Frequently Asked (FAQs)

Q1. Can I share files with other people during Google Meet Grid View?

You can show your screen to the rest of the group.
Google Drive can be used to share files.
However, you can post the link to the file you want to share in the Google Meet chatbox.

Q2. Is there a time limit on Google Meet?

A Google Meet does have a time limit.
The time restriction for one-on-one meetings is 24 hours.
There is a 60-minute time limit per session for participants three or more Google Meet Grid View


The grid view is ideal for large meetings, but you may also use the Sidebar view to see all meeting attendees.
It’s beneficial if you need to pin one or two individuals who could otherwise obstruct the  Google Meet Grid View

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