grommunio is defined as ‘(previously known as grammm) effectively integrates the needs of contemporary, digital communication and cooperation and is a Calendar App in the Office & Productivity category.
There are more than 10 alternatives to grommunio for a number of platforms, including Online / Web-based, Linux, Self-Hosted solutions, Windows, and SaaS.
The best option is Microsoft 365.
It’s not free, so if you’re searching for a free option, you may consider Zimbra Collaboration Suite or Nextcloud Hub.
Other fantastic programmes like grommunio include Kopano (Freemium, Open Source), Kolab Community (Freemium, Open Source), Kolab Now (Paid, Open Source), and Microsoft Exchange Server (Paid) (Paid).


As a result of the addition of SLES and RHEL,

The new version is expected to be released on August 17th, and it includes support for more Linux distributions and repositories than ever before:
We now have SUSE Linux 15 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 on board, along with its variants.
Debian 11 and Ubuntu 20.04 are expected to be released within a few weeks of each other.

Additionally,  grammm will be able to operate on ARM64, PowerPC (ppc64le), and IBM’s zSeries platforms in the future (s390x).
Additionally, images for VMware (OVA), Docker, and the Raspberry Pi 4+ have been provided.
There are solutions available for individuals who want to migrate from Exchange (PST), Kopano (DB / Attachments), and general mail systems (IMAP / CalDAV / CardDAV).

Instagram is not Linux groupware.

The announcement has further information about the new release.
At the end of July 2021, the company rebranded itself grammm
Instagram’s name is too close to the previous one.
The developer also denies Kopano’s claims, noting that the forked repository’s code no longer resembles anything else.
On the Kopano website, the initial accusations have been removed.

TOP 10 Grammm Alternative 2022

1:Microsoft 365

On-premise or cloud-based usage of Microsoft Office products may be licensed as part of Microsoft 365, which is a subscription-based software service.

Microsoft 365 alternative

2:Nextcloud Hub

On-premises file sharing and collaboration are dominated by Nextcloud.
Easily share and collaborate across all of your devices.
Because it is an on-premises solution, Nextcloud Hub eliminates the compliance and security concerns that come with cloud-based collaboration tools.

Nextcloud hub alternatives


All of these services are integrated into a single user interface in Kopano.

Kopano alternatives

4:Kolab Community

Free and Open Source Software (also known as FOSS) and Open Standards are the hallmarks of Kolab.
We’ll get to the heart of why this matters to us, and we really hope that it does the same for you.

Kolab Community alternatives

5:Kolab Now

As a user-friendly platform, Kolab Now offers a variety of simple applications that streamline your day-to-day online communications while also increasing their efficiency and security.

6:Microsoft Exchange Server

One of Microsoft’s many products, Microsoft Exchange Server, is a communications and groupware platform.
With Microsoft infrastructure solutions, it is a popular choice for businesses that need a high-performance server platform.


In a single solution, IceWarp combines all communication and collaboration functions.
IceWarp is an excellent tool for sharing and exchanging information and ideas online, offline, or through mobile devices.

It is the goal of OpenChange to offer a portable Open Source implementation of the Microsoft exchange server and the exchange protocol set.

9:Kerio Connect

Managing email, calendars, contacts and tasks has never been easier or more cost effective than with Kerio Connect.
It’s simple and cost-effective to have fast and secure access to your conversations with Kerio Connect from anywhere, on any device.




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