Safety is one of the biggest concerns anyone would have when working in a hazardous area, especially electronic/electrical devices. Such areas can contain corrosive gases, conductive dust, flammable gases, and even a combination of all this. In such cases, pressurized enclosures or purge panels are the best solutions. These panels revolve around the Built Fast Built Right concept keeping in mind all the necessary precautionary and preventive measures or systems.

What are Purged Panels?


The Purged Panels are also known as hazardous location panels, Pressurized enclosures, Purge Panels, or Explosion Proof Panels specially designed enclosures used in hazardous areas. These panels help to prevent outside air or gasses from seeping into the enclosure. Such panels help protect the devices installed internally against dangerous or hostile vapors or gasses in the air.

The Fire Triangle Principle of Hazardous Location Panels

The fire triangle principle helps prevent fire caused by elements like a Fuel Source, Ignition Source, or Oxygen. With Hazardous location panels’ help, you can avoid and cut off factors that can ignite or increase the fire levels. Such panels use a 3-level protection system to help prevent any disaster.

What are the three levels of production used by Explosion Proof Panels?

When it comes to safety, one must be sure that all the necessary preventive or precautionary measures are taken. In the case of Pressurized enclosures, the three levels that revolve around these panels are

Level 1 – Creating Safe conditions

In the case of any fuel flames, these panels are equipped with nitrogen to prevent or reduce the fire. The panels are also equipped with instrument quality air that helps reduce or prevent contamination by automatically flushing them out. 

Level 2 – Maintain safe conditions

The next level of such panels is to maintain safe conditions through safe operations. In comparison to the air outside, the pressure in the explosion-proof panels is high. This helps to prevent any outside gas from entering the panel. 

Level 3 – Prevent safety violations

These panels are equipped with an automatic alarm on/off system. In case of any fire or issues, the system automatically cuts-off the power supply that goes to the Ignition capable apparatus as a corrective action. 

Salient features of Hazardous location panels are:

  • UL/CCOE/ATEX Certified Purging Systems
  • MS Powered Coated enclosure MOC’s
  • X-Type / Y-Type/ Z-Type Purging Systems
  • The size of the enclosure is not restricted
  • Optional Vortex Cooling systems are available
  • Up to 100KVA Purge panels for transformers and/or rectifiers
  • Corrosion Prevention Purge Panels
  • Weatherproof, Flameproof and explosion-proof panel system
  • High Tensile strength
  • Ingress Protection features

A final note on Purged Panels:

We all know that when Purged Panels comes to a very sensitive or hazardous environment, we have to take all the necessary precautions and preventive measures. Explosion Proof Panels are designed, keeping in mind the need for proper safety in such environments. The best part about these panels is that they are customized based on the size of the location where they will be placed. The customization helps to ensure proper safety measures. 

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